Wazifa To Agree Parents For Love Marriage

Wazifa To Agree Parents For Love Marriage


Wazifa To Agree Parents For Love Marriage,

Lovers become enemies to their parents after they come to know that their children had fallen in love. In the rarest cases, parents accept their love and permit them to proceed further. In such times, it’s better to obey parents and do what they suggest to do. Sometimes, the couple may make the wrong decisions even after their parents had agreed.

We cannot expect the parents to accept or reject their children’s love. It depends on their situations and the people they face. Sometimes, parents may take it easy. They may not accept in few cases as well. But, all the parents are not alike. There may be several valid reasons for their rejection.Wazifa To Agree Parents For Love Marriage

Here the issue is, the mistake is not only on the side of youth but also with the parents too. They don’t even try to understand their feelings and dictate their children lived to be of their dreams or wishes. Of course, it’s not a simple mistake, but they have to consider their children’s lives too.

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It is not so easy to convince parents to agree for love marriage. requires an act of great courage to convey the message. It also needs some patience to wait for their answer and tolerate their response. Because all the times won’t be in our hands, the reply might be harmful. At those times, it is better to get calm and quiet. Being gentle doesn’t mean that one is aborting the love life. It purely means that enormous respect given to the decision of parents who sacrificed somethings for the sake of their children.

The problem of disagreement may arise from any of the sides. Either it may be a boy’s side or maybe from the girl’s hand. If it’s from the bottom of a boy, his family verifies the family background and some preliminary things about the girl’s family. They talk with each other about their families, positions, situations, and much more. If the problem is from the girl’s side, they do enquire about the job, financial status, and character of the boy and his family. They also look for the respect given to the boy and his family in the society.

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Only, it clearly shows that it requires much more caring towards each other in love if someone wants their parents to agree with their love life. If it’s a boy, he must be financially stable, secured with a good job, respect in society, polite and obedient towards elders, and honest. He must be mentally healthy to withhold any circumstances and situations rather than aborting the relation.

Nowadays, we see most of the divorce cases processed due to such misunderstandings between the couples. So, the parents want the man to be good at understanding the bride as well. The parents of a boy want the girl to be good at following her husband and also themselves. They want her to be kind, loving, caring, patient, and tolerable. Thus, one must have all the qualities mentioned above to get their parents to agree for their love life.

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