Wazifa For Love Marriage

Wazifa For Love Marriage


Wazifa For Love Marriage, Love is the eternal thing that no one can miss out on in their lives. It’s the relationship that makes a bond stronger. Love gives you all the confidence and support you need. When we were born, we don’t even know anybody on this earth. But when we feel a hand on us assuring our safety, we believe in it. We don’t have an idea about that person. A feeling that makes us think we’re in safe hands. That’s called love. It’s a feeling of an individual.

Nowadays, it has become a fashion for everyone. But it’s the feeling of ancient times. Birth of love took place in the mother’s womb. It’s a lamenting thing to say that we have forgotten all the things which we have to mark them in double-quotes.

Dua For Love Marriage

We see it in the wrong way. People are habituated to see it in the wrong direction. When we listen to the word, our mind clicks to an opposite word called ‘hatred.’ We oppose it. We dislike it. We hate it.

If we experience it, we believe it. Love is nothing but a  belief in another person. Youth are in an illusion that their love is absolute and unconditional. It’s not more than what parents show on them.

But some parents don’t even understand the feelings of their children. They assume all the things in the wrong way. It’s not correct to oppose the youth completely. Some people know the meaning of love very clearly. And we must respect them.

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If a boy talks to a girl very carefully or freely, please don’t expect it to be love. She may be his friend, or he might think of her as his sister. Just stop believing stupidly. Only youth can love all the people in this world.

They are the future rulers of this world. They can do wonders with love. Hence, they can establish peace in this world through love. Don’t disrespect love. They welcome people with their hearts.

They do not have any hatred towards anyone and love it. Love is a boon to humanity. It should propagate around the world. And today’s youth is the lucky medium to spread it all around the earth.

Love is the feeling that has to have arisen when you are impressed by someone’s work or features or maybe love. If a person loves someone by interest on others’ assets or luxury, that shows the love towards their assets but not towards them. They are making someone like you is not a pre-planned thing. Love must be felt by the two who are in relation. It’s not an artificial opinion or decision that one can make on others. If so, no one would bother about others’ feelings as they mind their beliefs and ideas. And this kind of love will take us to marry the one whom we love this way.

The eternal thing which can’t be compared by anything else is love. Love happens for the right person at the right time. It may occur as a feel towards the others or maybe as gratitude towards them. So never disrespect love. Let your love reach your marriage and still be the same over the years.

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