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Did Trust Issues Drive Your Ex Away?

Trust issues are important in relationships today.

Sometimes, it’s past experience that shapes you. But, it doesn’t matter how much someone loves you, there are going to be problems if you can’t extend a little trust to the other person in your relationship — at least until your partner has given you a reason to distrust.


I should add that valid reasons to distrust your partner do not include:
* Talking to members of the opposite sex
* Going to work with other people
* Picking up the kids after school and talking, even smiling, with other parents
* Receiving late-night phone calls from work (some jobs actually require this)
* Being kind to the wait staff at your favorite restaurants
* Smiling and talking to other people at parties
Essentially, being a cordial friendly human being is not grounds for distrust.

The story, however, is a little different if your ex had a history of telling tall tales or stepping out on you. Otherwise, it’s good form to allow the person you’re sharing your heart with a little bit of your trust unless or until said person gives you reason not to trust.


If you’re one of the millions out there who has been hurt by a cheating partner, spouse, etc. then it’s hard to open up and allow yourself to trust. Some people, though, have never witnessed what a genuine, loving, and trusting relationship looks like. You don’t have an example of how to trust or even how to behave when you do trust someone. But, that lack of trust could easily be ruining your relationship if you don’t get it under control fast.

Why does is Have Such a Negative Impact?

The truth of the matter is that trust is as essential to successful relationships as love. Your partner feels a lot of negative emotions when he or she isn’t trusted. The crux of the situation is that distrust leaves your partner feeling:
* Unloved
* Unappreciated
* Unwanted
* Disrespected
* Unmotivated to make it work

The bottom line is that it makes your partner feel bad about the relationship. That’s the last thing you want and it may be part of the reason the relationship ended.

The good news for you is that it’s not too late to turn things around. Chances are good that your ex still has strong feelings for you. Now is your chance to redeem your past, open up your heart, and put a little trust in your ex. The trick though, is in getting your ex to see how much you’ve changed. Let me help you change your stripes in a way that will really make an impression with your ex so you can get your ex back and stop the hurting for both of you.

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Can you Trust a Cheater

If you have ever been cheated on you know the emotional trauma that comes with it. Infidelity is one of the few mistakes in a relationship that is powerful enough to feel on a physical level. It is almost as if someone hit you in the gut with a big fist of disbelief.

Trust is a precious thing that you should treat with the utmost caution.

It’s kind of like the Humpty Dumpty of bonds in a relationship. People tend to toss it around without realizing how fragile it really is.

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Once it breaks they realize how impossible it seems to be to put it back together. Make sure you only give your trust away to people you can rely on. If the person you want to give your trust to has already violated it once, don’t hand it right back to them without making sure they will respect it.

So if someone is a cheater, will they always be one you cant trust?

It would be nice if there was a clear answer to this question. Unfortunately every person in the world is different. Some can change and commit themselves faithfully while others will eventually fall back into betrayal.

Don’t let a simple apology and a seemingly sincere promise persuade you into taking someone back. There are things you can do to find out whether or not someone is capable of being trusted a second time.

The first and most important thing is to determine the reason your partner cheated in the first place. People cheat for a variety of reasons, some of which are clear indicators that it may happen again.

1. Lack Of Respect

– Some people could care less about their partner’s feelings or the commitment they shared. Did your partner cheat simply because they didn’t respect you? Chances are if they cheated and show no remorse, they will continue to be unfaithful.

2. They Were Getting Little Attention

– Sometimes when people aren’t faithful to their partner it is because they want to get noticed. If someone is neglected for long enough, they might take drastic action to make things change. Many people end up finding out they played a major role in why their partner cheated.


3. The Relationship Was Getting Boring

– A lot of affairs take place just for the thrill factor. When a relationship gets boring and dull, people tend to look for excitement.

If you experienced a lack of intimacy and not enough positive interaction there is a good chance this is why your partner cheated.

These are just a few common reasons people cheat.

It could be a lot more complicated and difficult to figure out for certain couples. Once you have the motives figured out you have to ask yourself one question: Can you change the reason? The answer to this question is the easiest way to determine whether or not more cheating could be in your future with this partner.

If you can’t work together as a couple to fix the problem you are out of luck. As long as the problem persists you are bound to experience the same consequences.

There are a lot of people who foolishly think the problem will solve itself and end up falling into a reckless pattern of emotional discourse.

If you can work together to make changes there is hope, but it doesn’t guarantee they will change. Proceed with caution before giving your trust back. Take things slow and pay great attention to the way your relationship is building back up.

Even if you feel comfortable with them again and think you can trust them-

-you need to be positive they have earned your trust. Before you decide whether or not to give your trust back to someone, think about how you felt when you were betrayed.

It isn’t something people like to remember, but it is important to know that it could happen again if they aren’t careful enough.
Sadly, the majority of relationships that ended because of a cheating partner are bound to fail. If the bond is strong enough however, there is no reason you can’t work through it and find your way back to a happy couple again.

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