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Stimulating His…Mind

A stereotype about men focuses on the simplicity of the masculine mind. The good news is most men require more hitting on a couple of bases to be engaged mentally. The bad new is finding the right things to tap into may require more effort than expected to get things going. Taking into account certain steps will bring about the possibility for greater and deeper engagement on many fronts.

Check the Regulars

Popular activities are so named because of their populist nature. It might be easy as a starting off point to look into your guy’s interest in more mainstream activities.

Sports: Does he follow a team? Has he participated in an unusual sport like rock climbing or scuba diving?
Movies: What’s his favorite movie? Does he enjoy old movie houses? Or been to a film festival?
Pets: Has one? Wants one? What’s the most exotic animal he would like to have a pet if there was no law against it?

These and countless other general categories can allow for conversation and questions. They may also trigger other topics or scenarios. You can even pull up pages from popular search engines as a starting off point. One great thing about using this approach is nothing is generally off limits because they can spin to a variety of other areas.
Go Off Track

Taking a risk and going toward more avant garde topics means being ready for what comes next. A censored conversation shuts down any opportunity to truly engage in deeper stimulation. Also, he needs to feel safe to share in the pursuit of these areas. If he senses he may be teased, your man will resist exploring. Almost nothing shuts down real mental stimulation like fear.

Close-up of Couple Holding Hands

Art: Everyone has opinions about art whether they have attended art history classes or not. Talking about the composition of a particular piece or exhibition will be a fun adventure. It will also help if it is something you can explore together.

Music: Live performance excites many because it intersects heart, mind and body. Many guys may resist natural urges to move in rhythm to the music, popularly known as dancing, but they can be tricked into it if they feel good in the setting. Plus, the event will be something great to talk about on the way home.

Read Together: Selecting a book and either reading to one another or together will introduce new ideas and debates into the relationship. Endless tomes exist to explore including histories, biographies, fiction and poetry. Each one expands both of you making mutual stimulation a healthy byproduct.

Ultimately, the best way to stimulate the mind of your man is to ask questions, listen to his answers and share your insights. Nothing is sexier than conversation. It delves deep into what a person cares about while giving opportunities to introduce new things. The longer a couple remains together the deeper and more daring they can be. Topics considered off limits at the beginning may open up into rich and exciting area of growth.

Take the risk and be open to where the journey carries the two of you. You’ll be rewarded for your boldness.

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