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Get Your Boyfriend Back – The Right Way to the Perfect Reconciliation

When you’ve been dumped out of the blue by the guy you know is Mr. Right, the one thing you want more than anything else in the world is to get your boyfriend back.

Unfortunately, the logistics of exactly how to do that are a little harder to lock down than you expect. But, there is a bit of a silver lining to consider.


In most situations, you still have a little bit of time on your hands to work on winning him back. That’s right. All is not lost — at least not yet.

You still have a chance to get your boyfriend back. Here’s what you need to do.

Get Your Boyfriend Back -Hold Your Head Up High

Most women in your situation lock themselves up for days or weeks on end. They cut themselves off from the world and hide.

Don’t let this happen to you. You broke up. It wasn’t your choice. You weren’t the bad guy (well, GIRL). You have NOTHING to be ashamed of.

If you lock yourself away you’re letting him think you’re crying your heart out over him. Even if you are doing more than your fair share of crying, you don’t want HIM to know.

Boyfriend back
Boyfriend back

Going out and rejoining the world with your head high gives him pause. It makes him wonder why you aren’t crying in corner.

It forces HIM to turn his thoughts to YOU! This is a very good thing as far as getting him back goes.

Get Your Boyfriend Back -Invest in Yourself

Now is a great time to invest in YOU! A breakup is a big change in your life. While it may not be the type of change you were hoping for or one you can get excited about, change is not, at its core a bad thing.

What kind of changes should you make? You want to focus on changes that are improvements — changes that make you FEEL better. Empowering changes. Confidence-boosting changes.
1) Makeover
2) Wardrobe update
3) New hairstyle
4) Education
5) Employment
6) Career/Personal coaching
7) Self-help books and recordings
8) Dietary and nutrition changes
9) Fitness and health changes

While it may seem that these changes are all about him, they’re really all about you. If you want to get HIM back, you must approach the process from a position of power.

You can’t return to him on your knees begging for a second chance. If you still want to get your boyfriend back after you’ve done these things then you walk in the door, with your head held high, and fully understanding that you are worth a second chance.

Once you fully understand your contribution to the relationship and the value you add to his life, he’ll have no choice but to recognize it too. If he doesn’t, then he never really deserved you in the first place.

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How To Get Lover Back:Sweet But Boring

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Something that happens more than you would think is when you meet the man that you’re positive is Mr. Right only to discover that there’s no way you can stand to be around this man because he’s so incredibly boring. This is another one of those instances where you really cannot judge a book by its cover. You may see this man across the room that’s the most beautiful person you’ve ever seen in your life. His hair is just right, his eyes are gorgeous and penetrating, and his body rivals that of a Greek god. What’s more, he’s staring back at you!

Your dreams come true as he walks across the room towards you and starts a conversation. Before you know it, you’ve agreed to go out with him that weekend. Over dinner, you and this gorgeous man get to know each other better. He’s such a great listener that you don’t realize until much later that you’ve been doing all the talking. Embarrassed, you apologize and start to ask him more about himself. His answers are pretty straight forward and not very colorful, but you decide that he just may be a bit shy when it comes to talking about himself.

The next day, he sends flowers to you along with a note thanking you for the great evening. You find this a rather sweet gesture, so when he calls and asks you out again, you readily agree. This date is a lot like the first one, almost down to the dinner conversation. At the end of the evening, he doesn’t try to kiss you goodnight so you take matters into your own hands and kiss him. This kiss is rather surprising to you simply because he kisses you close lipped. In other words, he doesn’t slip you any tongue at all. It’s almost like kissing your brother, if you were to kiss your brother on the mouth.


That’s all a little puzzling, but he is cute so you agree to another date. Since the third date is, in many cases, that date where things heat up and move to the bedroom, you’re not quite sure what to expect. You don’t really need to worry because he doesn’t show any inclination in moving to the bedroom or anywhere else. Yet, he still seems to want to see you again.
Eventually, you start to realize that this man is either gay or simply boring. Maybe he doesn’t know how to be with someone. It may be that he just doesn’t have anything to say. As you dig deeper, you don’t find any hobbies or true interests. He simply isn’t an entertaining person to be with. Now, you’re starting to see why he’s single.

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Unless you can tap into some hidden enthusiasm inside of him, chances are he’s not going to improve when it comes to being a bit more entertaining. If you’re good simply having some eye candy, you’re probably going to be just as happy purchasing a life size poster of your favorite “pretty boy.” Some men just don’t have anything going for them when it comes to enjoying life. The sooner you discover that about a boring date, the faster you can put him behind you.

I hope this article give you help and inspiration in your efforts to find your twin soul. Its what we all are longing for whether we know it or not. Check out this great resource that has helped over 50 000 people to find love again!

Have a great monday!

Dick Scott


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Did Score Keeping Ruin Your Relationship?

Good morning all readers; todays article Did Score Keeping Ruin Your Relationship? is really covering an important subject. It is so true that  if  you add up every time you have been hurt in the past you will never stop feeling bad about your relationship. If quizzes aint solved for the benefit of both parts it sure will come back again. Unfortunately we also have a tendence to blame our spouse and then completely forget our own part of the problem; and we often do that as a defence when our partner attack us verbally. Strange as it seems the best thing to do in a quarrel is to ask: what do you really want and what do you need behind your cruel words. That will put the finger on the real reason which often can be something else then what words tell. Our feelings can both be our blessings and our worst enemy; they are both love and sometimes the opposite and then we do have to settle down and ask ourselves and our partner what do we really want with our relationship!

Have a lovely day!

Dick Scott/Admin

No matter what you may have heard, it takes two to make or break a relationship. You aren’t the sole reason your breakup happened. But, that doesn’t mean there aren’t things you’ve done along the way that contributed to the end. One of the biggest problems in relationships, and one that is more common than most people realize, is a practice called keeping score.

You may have a fight and even make up after the fight, but in the back of your mind, you’re marking off numbers on a scorecard your partner has never even seen. When need fights occur, you’re adding fouls and other offenses to this scorecard and the fight grows into so much more than it started out as.

You know what I’m talking about. You’re having a fight over dinner being late and suddenly the fight’s about something that happened last year when he didn’t defend you when his mother was overly critical. This is bad for the relationship for many reasons. These are just a few.


Nothing is Ever Solved

Not really solved, anyway. The other person has moved on and forgotten about the old argument. Then suddenly he or she is being held responsible for something they thought had been sorted out and made up for in the past. To them it feels like a sucker punch and that’s not a good feeling.

Fighting is a normal part of relationships. The purpose is to RESOLVE issues. When you pretend all is well for a while and then bring it up at a later date, it leaves the other person feeling doubly hurt and somewhat betrayed.

It Breeds Resentment

Unfortunately, when you’re keeping score and resolving nothing, you’re rehashing old arguments and emotional injuries just beneath the surface. You’re walking around in a state of unresolved hurt and growing resentment all the time. It’s not healthy for you and may leave your partner scratching his or her head at times trying to understand why you’re so angry all the time.

Compounds the Real Problems in the Relationship

Finally, when you have this running score going on in your head of perceived slights and injuries (some things you’ve probably never even so much as mentioned to your partner), they’re only serving to compound the real problems in the relationship.

This means that when the time comes to begin working on what’s broken, you have to sift through all the clutter to get to the heart and soul of the problem in your relationship. Too often, you expend precious time and energy trying to sort through the old issues that you never get to the real problem.

That’s when breakups happen. That’s when the two of you give up and then, more often than not, live with regrets over what could have been. Is it too late? I don’t believe it’s ever too late. But, you will ultimately have to eliminate the scorecard and leave it behind you for good if you want to have an honest shot at a second chance.

I really hope your relationship is bringing you hapiness and if not i can recommend this proven source: The Magic of Making up!

Wishing you the best!

Dick Scott





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Why You Must Control Your Jealousy if You Want to Get Your Ex Back

I think we all have felt a little jealousy sometimes and that it show our fear for loosing our love. But when jealousy gets out of hand and take over our logical thinking its a problem  and can ruin our relationship. So i hope reading todays article Why You Must Control Your Jealousy if You Want to Get Your Ex Back will be helpful.

Dick Scott/Admin

Jealousy can be a huge problems for relationships. The green-eyed monster is especially problematic when we live in a world that includes Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, text messaging, instant messaging, email and so many other ways for people to communicate with each other – including members of the opposite sex.

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More and more jobs expect professional employees to have ready access to information at all hours of the day and night and many people must go back into the office after hours on occasion, or never seem to leave the office on other occasions. It leaves the doors wide open for jealous spouses and lovers to leap to the wrong conclusions quite often.

Some Jealousy Can be Good for the Relationship

While your significant other is probably glad to know you care enough for the green-eyed monster to rear its ugly head on occasion, it’s important to avoid making scenes, jumping to conclusions, and levy accusations and allegations without proof. The key is to find balance. You want your partner to know you care, but avoid going overboard with displays of jealousy lest they alarm your partner and cause doubts about the relationship. Trust, after all, is also important. When jealousy is too “over the top” it leaves your partner feeling as though you lack trust.

Reigning in the Green-Eyed Monster

The key is to reign in your jealousy before it becomes problematic. Consider these actions to get your jealousy under control.


* Breathe deeply. Whenever your jealous thoughts are about to spiral out of control, take a moment to breathe in and out slowly and deeply. Focus all your attention on breathing for the next several breaths. This not only helps you calm your raging thoughts but also provides important seconds for clearer thinking to kick in.

* Speak calmly. This is not the time to incite violence or make threatening statements. Let your partner know you’re uncomfortable and explain why in a reasonable tone. Most partners will show respect for your feelings, even if your partner believes they are unfounded, and attempt to get out of the situation if it’s possible.

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* Be proactive. When you feel the ugly head of jealousy making an appearance, start looking for thoughts and feelings that will cancel it out. The more active role you take in eliminating jealousy from becoming a problem for your relationship, the less likely it is to become one.
If jealousy has already caused big problems in your relationship, you can still get your ex back once you get your jealousy under control. Then you just need to follow these simple instructions to have your ex back in your arms in no time.

I wish you all the best in love and life! Make this day one of your best!

To Your Success

Dick Scott

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Is Your Passive Aggressive Nature a Relationship Killer?

Todays article: Is Your Passive Aggressive Nature a Relationship Killer? really makes you think twice about relationship quizzes. It can seem to be nobel to walk away from arguing instead of keep on fighting but in the long run it may be improper to do so. Sort things out and stand together even through a quizz is essential for a lasting relationship, otherwise this thing will come back and hit you in the face as long as you dont deal with it. Its not wrong to forget and move on but you also have to forgive and that includes both of you as responsible for the solution in a constructive manner. So just dont walk away.

Dick Scott Admin/How To Get Lover Back

First of all, it’s important to understand that relationship breakups are rarely the fault of one person or the other. It’s generally some combination of the two. You don’t go from love to hate on the turn of a dime. Nor do you fall out of love completely over one argument, no matter how passionate the fight may be.

If there is one thing, though, that drives partners insane, it’s trying to have a productive argument with someone who is passive aggressive. The purpose of arguments is to sort out problems and solve them. Arguments, in relationships, are often necessary for getting feelings out on the table and making progress. When you don’t participate in the fight, progress cannot be made.


The other problem with passive aggression is that it sends a signal to your partner that he or she is not worth fighting for. It says that you’re unwilling to fight to save the relationship. That may not be your intention. In fact, the intention is likely your desire to avoid uncomfortable or confrontational experiences. These are a few of the reasons why passive aggressiveness is widely known to do more harm than good for relationships.

Inhibits Communication

It’s difficult to talk to someone who has checked out of the conversation. Not only are you not letting your partner know how you feel, but you’re also preventing your partner from clearing the air about how he or she feels. How can you meet your partner’s needs and be there for your partner if you’re holding up a huge blinking neon “Hands Off” sign?


Involves Burying Feelings

The other things passive aggressive arguments do is bury your own feelings. You’re not telling your partner how you feel and yet holding that person responsible for not taking care of your feelings. It’s a lose-lose situation where neither of you is truly happy together and no one is really able to have a productive discussion about why you are both unhappy.

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In the end, it breeds resentment on both sides of the relationship. Does this mean the breakup was all your fault? Not at all. What it does mean, is that you’re going to have to make real changes if you want to get your ex back and make it work for you both this time around. It also means you might need a little extra assistance in your efforts to get your ex back. I can help you with that.

Thanx for reading through the whole article Is Your Passive Aggressive Nature a Relationship Killer? and i wish you a fantastic day!

Dick Scott

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Finding A Boyfriend Through Online Dating

Admittedly, the Internet has opened up a lot of options for single people. However, not only single people have benefitted from this easy and unique way to communicate with other people. Married, and otherwise attached, people also now have a way to discreetly meet likeminded people for fun and games without any strings attached. But if you’re single and looking for a real boyfriend that’s not already with someone else, you now have lots of ways to do that. One of them is through a reputable online dating site. There are ways to be successful in doing things this way that will save you time and energy.

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First of all, when completing your profile, be very specific about the type of man and relationship that you’re looking for. In that way, guys looking for one night stands or a sex buddy will probably pass up your profile. Be honest about who you are and what you’re about. If you have any fetishes that are important to you, it’s probably a good idea to mention those, too. You won’t be wasting any time on guys that you have no future with.

dating online

It’s also good to decide what is NOT important to you. In that way, you can open up the door to guys that may not have all things in common with you, but you’ll find that there are enough good things that you both like that it makes it worth a try. If you’re still having fun with him after a couple of months, there’s no need to even consider the things that you may disagree on.

Post pictures of you not wearing make-up. Guys know that women typically only post the very best and most glamorous pictures of themselves, so it’s kind of hard to know what she really looks like first thing in the morning. If you take a picture of yourself when you’re not in make-up, you’ll still get responses. Most men want a REAL woman, anyway; not a mannequin.
Then put up other pictures of yourself in different parts of your life. For instance, if you like biking, post a picture of yourself on your bike, wearing your biking gear. Post a picture of you on vacation in your favorite spot. If you like going out at night, put up a picture of you wearing full make-up and dressed to kill. It’s important to give a full scope of the person you are, and pictures are excellent ways of doing that.

Something else you can do is to immediately delete any responses that seem to completely and totally ignore what your specifications were. Now if you do get some responses from very cute and likeable guys, but they’re not looking for a long term relationship or they’re not into your particular fetish, you can simply send them a polite email back thanking them for their interest. You don’t have to be mean about this, but be firm that you’re looking for what your profile says.

These are ways that have worked out for quite a few women when they were actively seeking boyfriends. If you haven’t had any luck so far, try doing things this way and see what happens.

With this article i wish you good luck with your dating whether its online or offline. Finding someone special to share life with is really important!

To Your Success

Dick Scott

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Your Heart is Breaking – How do You Get Him Back?

Your heart is breaking. That’s a fairly common denominator after a divorce or breakup. You even want to get him back. You still believe that he’s the one. All you need now is to convince him that you’re still the one for him.

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Unfortunately, your confidence, in the days and weeks following a breakup, is at an all-time low. It makes it difficult to sell yourself when you don’t have complete faith in the product you’re peddling. So, what can you do to restore your confidence and win him back?

Start in the Mirror

Look at your reflection and let your inner diva loose. I’m not talking about trash talking yourself or putting yourself down. The last thing you want to do is make yourself feel even worse.

What you need to do by letting your inner diva loose is put a little color in your cheeks, get rid of the bags under your eyes, and stop wearing mascara that’s going to leave you looking like Tammy Faye Bakker every time you cry.

Find ways to bring out the best of your beauty. Then, find new and clever ways to hide your perceived flaws. You know, accentuate the positive. Let that be your focus for the moment.

Rejoin the World of the Living

If you’re anything like most girls after a breakup, you’ve been holed up at home with a pint of Haagen-Dazs and a spoon at the ready since the moment you got the news. The only time you’re out and about is to replenish your ice cream supply and to work (if you don’t have an adequate number of vacation days saved up to cover your time of crisis). It’s time to break out of your shell and get back in the real world.


Even if you’re heart’s not in it, you want to look like you’re back on the market. Why’s that so important? Because it will put him on the defensive. It will leave him wondering why you’re able to bounce back so quickly. It will cause him to examine his role in the relationship and where he may have been lacking as well. Most important of all, because it puts YOU on HIS mind – a LOT. And that’s the one thing you want most right now.

But, how you turn all this around and make it work in your favor to win him back? It seems like an awful lot to go through without actually doing anything to win him back, right? Not so much. Believe it or not, you’re doing things the right way this way and putting the pressure on him to make the first move.

Let him see that you’re still looking good and going out on the town. He’s going to be the one interested in discovering your secret. He’s going to be dying to know why you aren’t more broken up over this.

He’s GOING to call. Do you have any clue what to say when he does? Let me help you come up with the perfect response to leave him breathlessly waiting for your next call.

I hope this article will be helpful in getting your ex back.

To Your Success

Dick Scott

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4 Reasons You Should Not Rush in to Get Your Ex Back

Todays great article 4 Reasons You Should Not Rush in to Get Your Ex Back covers a difficult subject. Do i really want him och her back because of still loving my ex or do i want to end the pain of a breakup.

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Elvis Presley, you know, the KING of Rock-n-Roll, said it best. “Fools rush in.” You love your ex. There’s no doubt about that. You can’t just turn it off because she’s decided it’s over. But if you go all gung ho and rush right in demanding a second chance, you might just end up pushing her into taking out a restraining order to keep you at arm’s length. That’s the last thing you want to happen if you’re serious about getting her back. But, did you know there are other reasons to wait a little while before trying to win her heart all over again? Here are a few of my personal favorites.

1) Absence really does make the heart grow fonder. She needs a little bit of absence from you in order to appreciate how much you did bring to the relationship — and to her on a personal level. She needs the chance to get over the hurt and anger and start remember the fun, funny, and slightly quirky things you did that brought a smile to her face and made her feel loved by you.

2) You get a little distance from the pain. In the moments when your heart is truly breaking, all you can focus on is the pain. You want the pain to end. Since the breakup was what has caused the pain, getting her back should make it go away. Right? Not necessarily. It may provide a temporary balm, but it’s better to get a little distance so you can be certain you really want her back or if moving on might be the better path for you.

3) Allows you time to consider your options. You don’t have to get her back. Even if you do, you may decide that changes need to be made on your end of the relationship. How much, after all, have you really been getting from the relationship? Are you getting as much from it as you put into it? If not, what kinds of changes do you plan to make?


4) Provides you with the perfect opportunity to devise an effective strategy. You may not be up-to-date on the latest strategy to get your ex back, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take a little time to brush up on your technique. You may even be surprised to learn that having a strategy for getting back together with your ex greatly improves the odds of success.

Don’t float around in a haze of pain begging her for a second chance at every turn. It’s not good for your self-esteem or your image. More importantly, it won’t melt her heart the way you hope. Instead, sit back, relax, get your bearings. Then let me help you come up with a killer strategy that will have her eating out of the palm of your hands before she knows what’s hit her.

I hope these four strategies has helped you on your way to a happy and lasting relationship.

Dick Scott Admin/How to get lover back

To Your Success

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How Badly Do You Really Want to Get Your Ex Back?

In the first few days following a breakup, getting your ex back is probably all you can think about. It becomes a mantra playing repeatedly in your mind. Depending on how long and deeply involved the relationship may have been, it may be the only thing helping you hold onto a little bit of sanity as your mind comes to terms with what your heart has already discovered — the pain of loss.

It’s important to allow a little time to pass before you make your move and try to get your ex back. Why is that? Because sometimes it’s best to gain a little perspective and distance from the heartache you’re feeling right now.

Distance makes it possible for your ex to forgive hurtful words and deeds, forget pain, and begin to remember the pleasure of being with you. Allowing time for some of the more pleasant aspects of your relationship to resurface in the heart and mind of your ex buys the time you really need to make a positive impression. Unfortunately, you have to want it really bad in order to do this. It takes a lot of discipline to hold off long enough for the good memories to come back to life.

ex back htlb

That’s the problem most people in your shoes have, though. Finding the patience and strength of will it takes to really let your ex go and wait. Wait, however long it takes, for your ex to come back to you.

However, there are things you can do to fill your time so that it doesn’t feel like you’re waiting around forever for your ex to come back to his or her senses and realize what a catch you really are.

1) Get in shape. Whether you wish you were a little more muscular or want to lose a few extra pounds, there’s no time like the present to get started. Not only will this leave a more attractive package when your ex does come calling, it’s a great way to boost your confidence, restore your self-esteem, and fill the hours that are no longer devoted to spending time with your ex.
2) Go back to school. Even if you aren’t going back for a degree. Many colleges are participating in the open culture of study these days. You can take classes from Harvard, Yale, and other top universities throughout the country free online. The knowledge you gain from these courses is invaluable even if you don’t gain a degree. Some programs offer certificates of completion that can help provide you with greater upward mobility in your chosen profession.
3) Focus on activities and interests that lift you up. We all have areas in our lives where we’d like to see improvement. We all want to be better than we are in some ways. Now is the perfect chance for you to focus on being a better YOU!

While you’re busy doing all these things, your ex is busy missing you. More importantly, he or she is hearing, from others, about all the positive changes you’re making. Your ex is sure to want to be a part of the improvements going on in your life. Now is the time when your ex is most likely to come calling. Do you know what you’re going to say when your ex does?


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Money Matters – Could You Be Spending Your Way to a Breakup?

The number one cause of breakups and divorces around the world isn’t what most people think it is. It isn’t infidelity, in spite of the high number of people in relationships admitting to cheating. Instead, it is arguments over money. If spending is a problem in your relationship, then it’s time to make serious changes or risk losing the love that’s so important to you.

Do You Have Arguments over Your Spending?

There are plenty of things to argue about in relationships today. Most couples don’t need any help finding a few meaty bones of contention. However, arguments over money and the financial foundation of the relationship and/or family tend to be some of the weightiest arguments couples today can have. Before you head on over to Divorce Court or book your stay at Heartbreak Hotel, however, it’s a good idea to try a few simply strategies to keep your arguments over spending from becoming harbingers of doom for your relationship.


1) Focus on a Solution to Your Spending Dilemma. Instead of feeling guilty, angry, or putout; seek solutions that leave you both feeling as though your voice is being heard and your needs are being met. The key is to come up with those solutions together.

2) Create a Family Budget. Whether yours is a family of two or there are children involved in the relationship, there needs to be a budget that covers everyone as much as possible and leaves everyone with a little money to spend on whatever floats your boat. The secret to success is to keep the purchases small so they can continue and avoid purchases that will unseat the budget for necessities within the month.

3) Keep Separate Accounts. It’s one thing to have a joint account for the monthly bills. However, both of you need private money to spend. The best way to do this is to have both of you contributing to the monthly bills and savings from your own accounts and then each of you having a little bit left over at the end of the bills to devote to your own pleasure.

4) Get Help if Spending is Becoming too Big to Handle on Your Own. Some spending issues are simply symptoms of a bigger overall problem. It could be compulsive spending or even a shopping addiction that fills a very real emotional void. If spending is beginning to cause problems with other relationships in your life, then it’s time to get help so you can move on to a more normal life than you’ve experienced in the past.

Spending can be a real problem for relationships — especially if it’s ignored. The problem with spending becoming a problem is that it will never get fixed if it isn’t seen for the problem that it is and addressed as a problem and not a minor annoyance.