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Good Body Language in Dating, Friendship and Conflict Resolution

Good Body Language in Dating, Friendship and Conflict Resolution

by Paul Harrison

The entire world is fixated on words and verbal communication. Many people inaccurately believe that words make up the larger part of communication. Actually, however, 55% of communication is body language and only 7% words. That statistic makes one thing crystal clear: if you would like to have effective communication skills you need to develop body language skills.


Good body language skills are essential to communication across the board. To illustrate the impact good body language can have, let’s look at body language in three different fields: conflict resolution, dating and friendship.

Using Good Body Language for Conflict Resolution:

Negative body language can create conflict even when a person says nothing wrong. If this is you, correct your body language by making sure you::

• Do not fidget with your hair or face

• Do not tap on objects

• Do not show your lower teeth

• Do not clench your fists

• Do not cross your arms over your chest

Body language

Using Good Body Language for Friendliness:

Good body language can produce an image of friendliness which has the effect of making others feel comfortable approaching you and talking to you. For friendly body language:

• Don’t hold your arms or any object in front of your body

• Aim your feet and belly button in the direction of the other person. This shows interest in them.

• Smile occasionally

• Gesture with your hands when speaking

• Mirror the other person’s body language

This is a selection of some of the benefits of good body language. Begin using these tips today, and you will notice a significant improvement in your relationships in both personal and professional life.

Good Dating Body Language:

Many are those who study body language out of a desire to increase their dating success. This is clever. Body language in dating is extremely powerful stuff. Here are some ways to use good body language in dating.

  • Smiling is submissive. Smile sparingly.
  • Splayed legs are a great gesture of confident body language and confident strength and power.
  • Showing the palms of your hands when talking helps build trust
  • Do not cross your arms or hold any object in front of your body as this makes you less approachable
  • Long gazes are great for building intimacy
  • Inconspicuously copying some of the body language gestures the other person makes will make them feel significantly closer to you.

This is a snapshot of body language. Body language is a large field of study with impacts on many areas of life. Begin to discover the power of body language by experimenting with these gestures. You’ll notice that they are very effective.

More Information:

Paul Harrison is owner and author of Arolemodel.com self improvement and entertainment, including the arolemodel.com guide to body language in dating, business and elsewhere.

Source: http://www.PopularArticles.com/article444311.html

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