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Top 7 Tips For Getting Your Lover Back

Is getting your lover back what you really want?

Do you truly miss this person’s mind, body, and soul? Or do you simply want them back because you want what you no longer have? See the difference?

Regardless of how you are currently feeling, now is the time to assess the situation objectively and figure it out without letting your emotions get in the way.


Look at the big picture of you and your ex – past and present. Now, take yourself (and your emotions) out of the picture. What advice would you give yourself about your current situation?

Understandably, this is somewhat difficult to do when you are drowning in a river of tears. But if you can get to this point, you will be able to clearly see what you should do; make up or move on. If you decide to reconcile with your ex, follow these steps to increase your chances of success.

1. Maintain Your Dignity and Do Not Beg

Extreme begging or desperate behavior will only make you look pathetic in the eyes of your ex lover. Also, this may induce feelings of resentment later on. How would you feel if they did this to you? This is the wrong approach. At all costs maintain your dignity.

2. If Need Be, Apologize to Your Lover

Are you one of these people that never apologize or admit when they are wrong? If so, you need to come clean and swallow your pride. Chances are you’ll probably be instantly forgiven by getting off your high-horse, coming down to Earth, and actually saying sorry for whatever it is you did. Not only that, your ex will likely be blown away and see you in a whole new light (respect).


3. Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Talk is cheap, while actions demonstrate motivation. Therefore, stop telling your ex how much you’ve changed – show them. Promises are just dust in the wind if you don’t put action behind them – especially if your ex has heard it all before.

4. Emotional Blackmail Never Works

It may not feel like it right now, but you can live just fine without your ex lover. Letting your emotions get completely out of control and using them against your ex with threats and/or manipulations will likely send them running in the other direction. Also, it will highlight the exact reasons why you’re probably having problems in the first place. Do you want to reunite with someone who is sincere and hopeful about making up with you, or with someone who feels negatively pressured into reconciling with you?

5. Stop Playing Games

Playing games such as pretending you’re with someone new in order to make your ex jealous or even something creepy like stalking, will not bring your lover back. This may backfire once you do get back together and may ultimately harm their feelings of trust in you.

6. Romance Your Way Back to Your Lover

By all appearances, romancing your ex with the intention of getting them back can seem a bit manipulative. However, if performed with a sincere and genuine heart, by all means go for it. Send your ex authentic love letters, gifts you know they will enjoy, or simply remind them of the good times you two once shared. Do not focus on what went wrong, but rather what went right. Remind them either through words or actions the reasons you two got together that initially sparked your attraction to one another.

7. Let Go of the Past

Whatever the reasons were for the breakup (whether you walked away or them), you have to let it go. Let the past go or you will never have a future. People change. Nobody’s perfect. What’s done is done. Forgive and move forward to increase your chances of a loving reunion.

Final Thoughts

You are going to be fine no matter what. Truly, you must make yourself happy before you can make anyone else happy. Also, if getting your ex back means they are unwilling to meet you halfway, then perhaps it’s time to say goodbye. No relationship is worth sacrificing your soul or happiness.

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Immediate Relationship Rescue Mode Can Be Complicated

Every relationship begins with a sense of excitement and anticipation. There’s a lot of fun involved and both men and women enjoy discovering little things about their new partner.

Yet there are circumstances that can drive even the best couples apart. No matter how good you think your relationship is, there are some factors that could destroy even the closest partnership.

When this happens most couples go into immediate relationship rescue mode, trying to repair the damage that’s been done. Unfortunately these measures can sometimes cause your partner to retreat even further away from you. Some couples don’t even bother trying to repair the damage, believing the relationship is over.

Immediate Relationship Rescue Mode Can Be Complicated

This report is designed to look closely at some of the major reasons why relationships fail and what you can do to help mend the situation and put your partnership back together again.

There are a myriad of things that could go wrong in any relationship and sometimes they’re out of your control. Of course, sometimes those reasons might be directly related to something you’ve said or done without even knowing you’ve done anything wrong.

Hopefully you’ll be able to put the pieces together again stronger and better than it was before and continue your relationship with a new-found happiness.

Unfortunately there will be some situations where it may be worth reconsidering if your partner is really the right one for you at all.

Every relationship is different, just as every person is unique to themselves. We each have our little individual traits that sometimes other people love or they hate. This is also true of your partner.

There may also be those situations where no matter what you do or say, the relationship is still doomed to fail. In those circumstances, you need to remember that things happen for a reason. A failed relationship is devastating, but when there are reasons beyond your control for the break-down, the best option might just be to move on and learn from past experiences.

It’s time to look at some of the major causes of relationship break-downs – in no particular order – and what you can do to try and mend them.

Tomorrow’s article will continue the series of articles on “Immediate Relationship Rescue Mode”.

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