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Can You Buy Your Lover Back?

Have you ever resorted to expensive gifts to make up for major misdeeds in the course of your relationship? Many men offer costly gifts to the women they love in hopes of smoothing things over and making it right. It may have started out with flowers and chocolates. Over time, the practice escalated to expensive jewelry, cars, homes, and vacations. The bigger the misdeed, the bigger the buyoff.
Unfortunately, this practice often does more harm for the relationship than good. The relationship becomes a series of highs and lows with each one attempting to outdo the other. Eventually, you’re either out of money or in debt so big that even more problems are being created. All the while, nothing is getting solved. It’s just being temporarily swept underneath the discarded ribbons, bows, and tissue paper.
Here are a few questions to help you get a handle on your gift buying tendencies whenever relationship problems arise.

How Much Will it Really Cost to Buy Your Lover Back?

The costs are not always measured in dollars and cents. Men, especially, will gladly pay the price in dollars to avoid the emotional confrontation required to deal with the real, underlying problem in the relationship. Buying gifts provides a quick, albeit temporary, fix for a problem they don’t really want to face. The thing is, the problem is still there the next time mistakes are made and the price tag for avoidance keeps getting bigger and bigger every single time.

How Much Have You Spent Already to get Your Lover Back ?

The other point to consider is this. How much money have you already spent trying to delay the inevitable? The longer you attempt to put it off, the harder it’s going to be to deal with when the time comes. It’s kind of like an onion. The core problem is still there. Unfortunately, you’re going to have to go in and peel each individual layer, uncovering new problems and hurt feelings along the way, to get to the heart of the matter when the time does arrive to fix the problem or walk away. That money could solve many problems you’re having and would have likely been much better spent building your future together rather than covering up the “sins of the past.”
How much can you really afford to spend? This is the final question for many men in your shoes. There’s never really enough, is there? Love is something that can’t be bought. Forgiveness can’t really be purchased either. Women may joke about it, but the truth is they’d rather fix the problems and save the relationship the old-fashioned way than through gifts and bribes. She’s MUCH rather receive gifts from you as tokens of love from you instead of buyoffs for her affections.

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Is It Really My Fault He Cheated?

If you’ve watched the news lately you’ve probably noticed that there’s been quite a stir over who is at fault when men cheat. A prominent televangelist has suggested that part of the responsibility should be placed on the shoulder of the woman for not making the effort to overcome genetic predispositions.

While the “men are dogs” argument doesn’t fly in all corners of the Web-o-verse, it’s probably a good idea to sit back and speculate over whether there could be some truth in the idea.

Now, I’m not advocating that men cheat or that women blindly forgive men who cheat. I’m not even saying that it’s a woman’s fault her man cheats. I am not even saying that the most diligent efforts by women will prevent cheating completely.

I can definitely say that doing these two things will definitely help keep his attention focused firmly on you and make other woman almost invisible to him. Want to know what they are?

Get His Engine Running

Slip a reason for him to come home at night into his briefcase or lunchbox each day as he sets off for work. Whether it’s a snapshot, a steamy love note, or just a code word you make up together, give him a reason to come racing home after he punches out at work for the day.

And then?

Live up to the promise you made in the morning. No matter how many things happen during your day to drag you down, you MUST make good on that promise so that he’ll know what he’s likely to get each and every time you drop one of your lunchbox/briefcase hints.


Show Him Your Adoration

Among men who cheat, the overwhelming reason why has nothing to do with the physical appearance of the other woman. In fact, most men who cheat have said they do not find the other woman more attractive than their wives. She’s not thinner, leggier, bustier, and she doesn’t have a bigger butt (sorry Mix-A-Lot).

It’s not about looks at all. The real reason men cheat on their wives, and can’t really help themselves, despite the risks it involves has to do with one thing. She makes him feel adored, flattered, admired, and respected. She doesn’t roll her eyes at his corny jokes. She clings to his arms and laughs. She makes the first move. She shows interest. She goes after him and makes him feel like THE MAN. And THAT is his Kryptonite.

How do you beat this?

It may seem like a tall order, but if you work really hard and think back to the early days when you dated, you should remember all the things you used to tell him that you don’t tell him today. You brought out the best in him by showing him that you believed he was the best and he wants that feeling back. He’s trying to recapture that when he cheats. Give him that feeling at home – and give it to him often – and he’ll never have a single reason to stray.

These two things don’t require six spinning classes a day. They don’t require a second job. And, they don’t involve major personality changes. Most of these things are the sorts of things you did when you were first together and in love. Put them to work today and never worry about a cheating husband again. Is it your fault he cheated? No, but you CAN make a difference going forward.

Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back: How To Act Around Him

There is a saying in the film industry. It is “show don’t tell”. In how actions speak louder than words, your ex boyfriend will be looking at how you act around him and perhaps less attention to what you say. With that in mind you must show your ex boyfriend, but acting in the ways we’re going to look at below, that is pleasing to him and even surprise him. You can get back his affection and interest once again if you stick to these guidelines. Make sure you do not send out the wrong signals because they can sabotage your efforts and drive him away. Use all you find useful, but you will see more results and they will be more powerful if you use everything outlined below:

Stay Civil, Cordial, And Nice

Stay focused, just because you heart is broken does not mean it is  time to be nasty to him or use this as the moment to vent anger you may be harboring. He may be going through similar feelings too so don’t think you’re the only one who feels this way. He will not want you back if the first thing that happens, and continues to happen, is if you get angry around him and you end up fighting with him. Be nice to him, be civil, keep the atmosphere between you two positive. There is nothing you can gain from doing this the other way, except to make the mountain higher to climb and make things worse in the long run.

Do Not Act Desperate

Desperation doesn’t look good on anyone. In all the times and to the wrong person to show this now would be that time. You should instead learn to enjoy being single again. Do the things you did before the break up like hanging out with your friends, going to the movies, chilling out at the bar, only this time there will not be a boyfriend on your arm. Desperation will not win him back, but letting it not affect your mind will.

Keep Looking Good

Your physical appearance should not suffer after a break up. This is as much for you as it is for him to see that you are fine and handling it well. Continuing to dress sexy, feel confident, and show that confidence to the rest of the world will make you feel beautiful, sexy, and empowered again, but also can possibly catch the eye of your ex. When your ex sees you looking even more beautiful than they remember they may want to get back together because they can see what they are missing. There are many other fish in the sea too, so don’t be surprised if several of them are suddenly interested in you now. Men like beautiful, confident, strong, and self assured women, not just your ex, and if you keep this displayed with your appearance getting back with your ex may not seem as important if you get your pick from all your new suitors.

Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back

Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Whatever you are feeling inside the image of you the rest of the world should see is that of a woman that is happy, content, and doing fine. The world needs to see that you don’t need a man and can do your own stuff and be your own person. They need to see that your happiness is not dependent on someone else. This attitude and world outlook can be very attractive to other men as well, who are looking for a woman who is in full command of her own life.

Don’t Burn The Bridge

You want to make sure that you never distance yourself too much from him that he feels that you can’t be approached. Of all the advice you’re going to get keeping the line open and accessible is one of the most important. How do you think you will get back together? Did you imagine you asking him to restore the relationship or him coming over to you? This line must remain open and understood so that when the time comes there will be no intimidation or shyness on his end in getting back together with you.

Just Out Of Reach

There is still a bit of a rift between you and your ex so while you want to remain approachable you also want to be a little invisible. You can make yourself become a special thing to him again by remaining somewhat scarce. There is no need to go where he hangs out or be where you are expecting him to be every night of the week. Make yourself missed and something he will look forward to seeing once again. He can’t miss what he used to have if what he used to have is always there. You’re going to move a bit to the sidelines, but never out of view, and never so often that it hounds or smothers him.

Maturity and Class

This will come as a result of the previously mentioned behavior. Since you are not showing you are desperate and needy, keeping your distance, and by being civil, nice, and kind to his friends you are showing your maturity to him. You will display class despite what happened and it’s through this that you will attract him back to you. Maturity and class aren’t just attractive to your ex but every guy and they can sense it. When this is happening you will know that you are giving your ex the right impression of you and who you are.

This guideline should help you in those situations when your ex is around and you don’t know what to do and how to act. Your mind is often not your friend and can leave you hanging in the moment. Follow what is written here and you’ll be on your way to getting your ex back.
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