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Can You Buy Your Lover Back?

Have you ever resorted to expensive gifts to make up for major misdeeds in the course of your relationship? Many men offer costly gifts to the women they love in hopes of smoothing things over and making it right. It may have started out with flowers and chocolates. Over time, the practice escalated to expensive jewelry, cars, homes, and vacations. The bigger the misdeed, the bigger the buyoff.
Unfortunately, this practice often does more harm for the relationship than good. The relationship becomes a series of highs and lows with each one attempting to outdo the other. Eventually, you’re either out of money or in debt so big that even more problems are being created. All the while, nothing is getting solved. It’s just being temporarily swept underneath the discarded ribbons, bows, and tissue paper.
Here are a few questions to help you get a handle on your gift buying tendencies whenever relationship problems arise.

How Much Will it Really Cost to Buy Your Lover Back?

The costs are not always measured in dollars and cents. Men, especially, will gladly pay the price in dollars to avoid the emotional confrontation required to deal with the real, underlying problem in the relationship. Buying gifts provides a quick, albeit temporary, fix for a problem they don’t really want to face. The thing is, the problem is still there the next time mistakes are made and the price tag for avoidance keeps getting bigger and bigger every single time.

How Much Have You Spent Already to get Your Lover Back ?

The other point to consider is this. How much money have you already spent trying to delay the inevitable? The longer you attempt to put it off, the harder it’s going to be to deal with when the time comes. It’s kind of like an onion. The core problem is still there. Unfortunately, you’re going to have to go in and peel each individual layer, uncovering new problems and hurt feelings along the way, to get to the heart of the matter when the time does arrive to fix the problem or walk away. That money could solve many problems you’re having and would have likely been much better spent building your future together rather than covering up the “sins of the past.”
How much can you really afford to spend? This is the final question for many men in your shoes. There’s never really enough, is there? Love is something that can’t be bought. Forgiveness can’t really be purchased either. Women may joke about it, but the truth is they’d rather fix the problems and save the relationship the old-fashioned way than through gifts and bribes. She’s MUCH rather receive gifts from you as tokens of love from you instead of buyoffs for her affections.

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Recreate Your First Date To Keep Your Love Fresh

Recreate Your First Date

Remember your first date?  First dates are so laden with emotion.  You may have planned the perfect first date and then not had much fun on it because you were a bundle of nerves.

Jeremy and Susan had met through the personals and decided to go to a movie on their first date – after all, that’s about as public a place as you can get, right?  It seemed like a safe bet for a date with a stranger.

Well, it was a Tuesday night and the movie had been out for over a month.  The theater was entirely empty.  Susan had trouble enjoying the movie because she was freaked out about being alone in a dark theater with someone she had never met.

But, Jeremy suggested coffee and desert afterwards and she agreed (as long as there were people around).

They found they enjoyed each other’s company and a second date lead to a third.

They had been to many movies since that first date, but never once had the theater been empty again.

Recreate Your First Date To Keep Your Love Fresh

So, for the couple’s eighth wedding anniversary, Susan arranged to rent an entire theater movie screen for a mid week showing and have a movie date all to themselves.  Because it was a smaller screen and it was mid week, it wasn’t as expensive as you’d might imagine.

This time, it was a lot of fun to be alone in the dark together.

One fun thing to do is to recreate your first date.  It has all of the excitement of the first time around but without the nerves.

Sharing your history with each other can give you a perspective that allows you to weather temporary glitches better because of the sense of shared past.  Nothing is more romantic than the sense that you’ve come through troubled times together.  Going on your first date again is the metaphorical equivalent of being cozied up in front of a roaring fire together with a cold wind blowing outside.

If you can’t recreate the date for some reason (the restaurant went out of business, you live in a different city, etc.) Consider reminiscing in a note or conversation to help remind each other of some of the landmarks in your relationship.  These can include your first date, your first kiss, or the first time you knew it was serious.  These are the things that make you feel closer to one another
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Write A Love Note To Keep Love Fresh

Henry wasn’t much of a communicator.  He expressed his love by doing things.  It would take him two months to work up to ‘I love you‘ but he would clean a woman’s gutters after a second date.

But when he fell in love with Sarah, he felt like he needed to really express himself.

On several occasions, he tried to put things into words, but his verbalization’s weren’t working.

So, despite the fact that he wasn’t all that comfortable writing, he took a stab at a love note.  He gave himself plenty of time and worked on it for over a week.  When he finally had the words just right, he copied them onto nice paper, rolled up the note and stuck it in a bottle.

When Sarah received the note she felt that it was the greatest gift anyone had ever given her.  Because it was out of character, because it was hard for him, she valued it always.

You don’t have to be J.K. Rawlings to write a love note.  But if you do, it will be more valuable to your partner than Harry Potter was to Ms. Rawlings.

In these days of email and instant messaging, writing a love note by hand is one of the most romantic things you can do.  Write a short note about ‘what I like about you.’  Write a poem (it doesn’t have to rhyme).  Or, pour your heart out over several pages.  These notes will be saved and cherished for a long time.

We Are Getting Back Together Again

If you have any artistic sense, adding a drawing or sketch is a nice touch.

But, the point here isn’t so much about writing skill or artistry as sincerity.  Write a sweet sentiment from your heart.  Write something gentle and touching.  And, try not to make it sexually graphic.  This is about romance not sex.

It’s a good idea to buy a nice sheet of paper to write the note on.  It makes it clear that you are making an effort.  Don’t type your note.  If your handwriting is lousy, it’s okay to print.  Write in ink – pencil fades and he or she will want to keep this love note for a long time.

You may want to consider writing the letter out first and then transferring it to your nice paper.  Try not to misspell too much and make sure your note is legible.  You’re not looking to score points with an English teacher, but you also don’t want the mechanics to get in the way of the message.

Finally, make sure that your love note doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.  Consider leaving it on his or her pillow or someplace else where no one else will look.  Remember also that X-rated notes may come back to haunt you – make it a love not a smut note.

Don’t send a romantic note to their work place because a colleague is apt to discover it.

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