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Quality : HD
Title : A Cure for Wellness
Director : Gore Verbinski.
Writer :
Release : 2017-02-15
Language : English,Deutsch.
Runtime : 146 min.
Genre : Drama, Horror, Mystery, Thriller.

Synopsis :
A Cure for Wellness is a movie genre Drama, was released in February 15, 2017. Gore Verbinski was directed this movie and starring by Dane DeHaan. This movie tell story about An ambitious young executive is sent to retrieve his company’s CEO from an idyllic but mysterious “wellness center” at a remote location in the Swiss Alps but soon suspects that the spa’s miraculous treatments are not what they seem.


What If Dating is Dead For Women Professionals?

What If Dating is Dead For Women Professionals?

by Max Wright

The advent of speed dating and match making services shows how tired we are of trying to find a soul mate by dating. Busy women who are invested in a rewarding professional career are particularly frustrated with the waste of time and effort associated with the “cast a wide net” approach to dating. I finally met my soul mate and got married when I ditched dating for the worn-out thing it is and pursued a different course.

Stop looking for quality mates in low quality places. The night life and bar scene isn’t the place to find the man of your dreams who wants to have a loving, long term relationship. Look in places where quality people invest their time. Do you like athletics? Start getting involved with running, cycling, swimming, or tennis clubs to name a few. Are you religious? Start going to church and looking for great men (that’s where I found my beautiful wife 13 years ago).

You’re likely to find a man who shares your interests if you do this, and it will be EASY to find common ground, you’ll start by doing what you both enjoy then let it naturally branch out to other areas of life. I met my wife at church and we started running together – 13 years later we’re still going to church together but now we play tennis or bike (kids and running injuries made us shift gears) but we’re still active together.

A Beautiful Rose
What If Dating Is Dead For Women Professionals?

I was deliberate with my relationship. It may sound old fashioned but I started the relationship because I wanted to find an amazing wife, not have fun with a girlfriend. I pursued my wife to see if she was a good fit for me and vice-versa. It took us six months to answer that question and get married. Know what you must have in a relationship and what you can’t tolerate in a relationship. If you know this before you get involved, it will make it easy to determine if it is a good fit. Do not waste your time in relationships that are not good fits – it’s nearly impossible to change people, people change on their own. Love them or leave them for who they are, not for who you want them to be.

Respect yourself enough to save your love for your future husband. Don’t give away your physical affection to men who don’t love you enough to marry you. Getting physical will blur your judgment and his, and you won’t be able to make a good decision. You’ll be able to grow your physical relationship just fine after you’re married. Don’t worry, you can work through any issues if you are committed and in a loving relationship.

I hope your you are able to see some good first date tips based on what we’ve talked about. Remember, whatever you do, don’t be boring on a first date!

More Information:

Jonathan is a student of the relationship between men and women. See his thoughts at http://www.igirlgetsring.com/category/dating-tips/ and first date tips at http://www.igirlgetsring.com/first-date-tip-dont-boring/ which is his blog.

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Good Body Language in Dating, Friendship and Conflict Resolution

Good Body Language in Dating, Friendship and Conflict Resolution

by Paul Harrison

The entire world is fixated on words and verbal communication. Many people inaccurately believe that words make up the larger part of communication. Actually, however, 55% of communication is body language and only 7% words. That statistic makes one thing crystal clear: if you would like to have effective communication skills you need to develop body language skills.


Good body language skills are essential to communication across the board. To illustrate the impact good body language can have, let’s look at body language in three different fields: conflict resolution, dating and friendship.

Using Good Body Language for Conflict Resolution:

Negative body language can create conflict even when a person says nothing wrong. If this is you, correct your body language by making sure you::

• Do not fidget with your hair or face

• Do not tap on objects

• Do not show your lower teeth

• Do not clench your fists

• Do not cross your arms over your chest

Body language

Using Good Body Language for Friendliness:

Good body language can produce an image of friendliness which has the effect of making others feel comfortable approaching you and talking to you. For friendly body language:

• Don’t hold your arms or any object in front of your body

• Aim your feet and belly button in the direction of the other person. This shows interest in them.

• Smile occasionally

• Gesture with your hands when speaking

• Mirror the other person’s body language

This is a selection of some of the benefits of good body language. Begin using these tips today, and you will notice a significant improvement in your relationships in both personal and professional life.

Good Dating Body Language:

Many are those who study body language out of a desire to increase their dating success. This is clever. Body language in dating is extremely powerful stuff. Here are some ways to use good body language in dating.

  • Smiling is submissive. Smile sparingly.
  • Splayed legs are a great gesture of confident body language and confident strength and power.
  • Showing the palms of your hands when talking helps build trust
  • Do not cross your arms or hold any object in front of your body as this makes you less approachable
  • Long gazes are great for building intimacy
  • Inconspicuously copying some of the body language gestures the other person makes will make them feel significantly closer to you.

This is a snapshot of body language. Body language is a large field of study with impacts on many areas of life. Begin to discover the power of body language by experimenting with these gestures. You’ll notice that they are very effective.

More Information:

Paul Harrison is owner and author of Arolemodel.com self improvement and entertainment, including the arolemodel.com guide to body language in dating, business and elsewhere.

Source: http://www.PopularArticles.com/article444311.html

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Why You Should Never Stop Dating

Why You Should Never Stop Dating

by Samantha Knowles

It was 7:30 a.m. on March 19. Like every morning, my focus was 100% on getting the kids out the door and myself ready for work: suit, shoes, coffee, cereal, backpacks and the usual child negotiations, “No, Parker, please don’t bring my toothbrush to show-and-tell today.”

Scott was looking at me funny that morning. He finally gave me that expectant and irritated look, like I had missed something incredibly obvious, and demanded, “Well?”


I racked my brain. What was it? Was my skirt on backwards? Did I have doggy poop on my heel? Was I running late? I had no idea what was on his mind.

“Do you know what today is?” he asked with a frustrated tone.

“Valentine’s Day?” I said hopefully. No, it is March, Jennifer, keep thinking!

“Is it parent teacher conferences?” I tried again. They do happen like every month, it seems. I know this isn’t right, but I’m getting desperate. Try as I might, I can’t come up with anything.


Scott rolled his eyes, and said, “No, Jen, it’s our anniversary.” Then he pulled out a pretty little package from behind his back.

I felt terrible. How could I have forgotten? We have been married for 19 years! Actually, it was easy. I have three kids, a full-time job, and lots of other “activities” taking over my brain: cheerleading, client presentations, t-ball practice, diverting embarrassing show-and-tell moments, and planning preteen birthday parties.

Like so many other working moms, I had let kids and work become our life. When Scott and I went out to dinner, we discussed the kids. When we were together on weekends, we were doing kid things. I’ll even admit that there have been more than a few nights that one of the kids ends up in bed with us. It goes without saying that this does not inspire romance.

Scott is the greatest guy I know. Yet in spite of all of our together time, I realized that we hadn’t really been spending much time together at all. I needed to make him a priority again.

As mothers, we often feel that our children need us more than our spouses do. As working mothers, we also sometimes put our jobs in front of our partners.

It’s true that kids need to be fed, clothed, and cared for, but they do not need more of you than your spouse. Your job also needs your full attention, but not more than the most important people in your life.

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Dating Sites Or Clubs

So you have been single for a while and you would like to get back in the saddle and start dating again.

There are numerous dating ways that you can go about finding that significant other these days, but which one should you put your trust into the most? Everyone knows of the online dating services that are constantly showing commercials on television, and there are more clubs out there these days that have singles nights than you can shake a stick at. That’s why you have to decide whether you want to spend your time searching online, or spend your time going from one club to the next in order to find that right person.

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If you choose to go online and find dating sites, there are some things that you should keep in mind.

There are a lot of companies out there that say they are dating sites but they really aren’t. In fact, there are quite a few that are adult entertainment based services that will attempt to get you in the door by offering a dating service. Once you are there, they will turn into a phone sex or texting service that is only looking to make money off of you. There are some sites that aren’t like this, though, and are actually pretty good to go through.


Something you should keep in mind is that when you talk to someone online, they may not be who or what they say they are.

There have been plenty of people that found love online, got married, and had a glorious relationship. Then, there are the people that have started chatting online and ended up finding out that the 27 year old professional body builder was a 52 year old out of work janitor, or the 24 year old bikini model turned out to be a 47 year old stay at home mom of 7.

Going out to the clubs will at least allow you to physically see the person that you are interested in dating

-although talking to them might end up changing your mind. You will also need to understand that club hopping in order to find a relationship can be difficult since there are rarely people that aren’t out with their friends there. You are going to have to be able to make it past the line of close friends in order to get to talk to the person and find out if they are worth pursuing.

Whichever way you decide to go, there are good aspects and there are bad aspects to both.

You are going to have to either research every dating website that you come across, or you are going to have to lower your expectations when you walk into a club. There are plenty of people out there that are right for you. The only problem is finding the right way of actually meeting these people and how to go about starting a conversation with them. Play your cards right and you could end up happy for the rest of your life. Fumble in the beginning and you are doomed for failure.




Dating Techniques Or Just Be Yourself

Fridays article Dating Techniques Or Just Be Yourself will hopefully give you some good ideas. Whatever Dating Technique you use or have used it has to come naturally from who you are and express your genuine self. If your not relaxed your tension will reflect in your date and minimize your chance to another date. I think the best dating tips is to be yourself and to compliment. Just tell her or him that you feel excitement about getting to know them better. My belief is that if you got feelings about someone its most likely they got feelings for you to. So take a chance and if you are sure of your feelings dont take no as an answer. 

Have a great weekend and a great date!

Dick Scott

gryningsljus fram

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last few years, you’ve heard all about the dating techniques that have been studied and developed for both men and women. The creators of these techniques swear that they work like nothing you’ve ever experienced. They say that if you really want to get the person of your dreams, all you have to do is follow these techniques and you’ll have him before you know it. While that may be true up to a point, there’s a bit of a problem with that situation.

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When you use dating techniques to land someone, do you plan to go on using them to keep that person? You must admit that these techniques have been formulated for the express purpose of getting the interest of someone you’re attracted to. Most of these techniques don’t show the true personality of the person using them. They may be effective in landing that guy to date, but they’re fake. In other words, you’re doing things that exhibit nothing of the real you. When you win someone through the use of techniques, you run the risk of that person no longer being interested in you when he discovers that you’re not who he thought you were.

Something else to consider is that someone that would fall for these dating techniques may not be a person you want to get to know further, anyway. The reason for that is he may not have realized that these are, indeed, techniques and show him nothing of the person you really are. Wouldn’t you rather have someone in your life that’s smarter than that?


Now, when it comes to you simply being yourself when you’re on the prowl for a new dating companion or possibly a potential relationship, this person will get to know the person you really are. There will be no game playing and nothing that you’ll have to hide forever. Things start out on an even playing field and you can relax into the relationship rather than continuing to lie about what and who you really are.

Of course, if you happen to be someone with some bad habits or things that aren’t so desirable, you’ll probably want to think about making some changes. For instance, people expect other people, especially the ones they’ll be dating, to have decent hygiene. Therefore, if it’s your practice to rarely brush your teeth or neglect deodorant, those are things that will be noticed. So if you’re just brushing your teeth and putting on deodorant as part of some dating techniques, you’ll find that you need to keep doing it once you’ve landed this guy. If you don’t, he won’t be staying long enough for you to even introduce him to your family.

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These are things to think about seriously when you’re heading out to the dating arena. Should you use the dating techniques or should you just be yourself? There’s also another choice. It’s possible to mix some dating techniques in with your real personality. That may actually be the best idea of them all! I also copied one of the testimonials regarding Dates that readers of The Magic of Making Up have sent! You can read it below this article.

Thanx for reading! Light&Love 2 You!!

Dick Scott

Dating Again!


“Just wanted to say thank you soooooooooo much for the amazing advice in your book the magic of making up. Yesterday was that all important First Date and it was absolutely fantastic… i just had an email from him saying what a great time he had and how he can’t believe how cool it was to be together. Also back when we split up, your book picked me up out of the mud when I was feeling the worst I ever felt in my life, and doing all the things you advised gave me a life line – now I am so much stronger and happier. I’m still going to take things slowly with my ex (I’m not at the end of your plan yet!!) but I can’t believe how well life is going only 2 months after I felt like I was half dead. Thank you so much.”