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Dating tips:Be Upfront About The Relationship You Want

Too many people enter the dating game not fully sure of what they actually want to get out of it.

Granted, most women are hoping to find Mr. Right so they can get married, settle down and start a family. However, not all women are looking for that type of relationship. Many are simply looking for someone that they can have fun with and relate to on an equal footing. Others only want someone to have a physical relationship with and aren’t actually interested in being involved with anyone.

Nothing is wrong with any of those reasons for dating.

In fact, if all people wanted the exact same things in life, this would be a rather boring world to live in. Everyone is different in their own way and that’s what makes things interesting. However, if you’re looking for a particular type of relationship, it’s only fair that you let potential partners know exactly what you’re looking for. In that way, if you’re someone that wants the white picket fence, you won’t waste your time and the time of someone that only wants to date casually. It also keeps you from getting your feelings hurt.

Also, consider the age group that you’ll fall into when looking for a great person to begin dating with.

Like it or not, there are certain things that each age group is looking for in the majority. For instance, if you’re in your mid -30s, you’re probably going to find that there are a lot of divorced people in this group. They’ve already done the marriage and family thing and will usually come with some “extras,” such as children. So if you want to find Mr. Right and settle down but aren’t necessarily looking for a readymade family, you probably want to get that clear from the outset.


Younger age groups are still in that phase of just having some fun.

They want to party, take trips and just have fun in general when they’re not working. The people that fall into this group are typically not looking for anything truly serious, although they’re starting to understand that they’ll need to be a bit more particular in their dating partners. It just depends on which side of 25 they are.

Older groups such as 40, 50 and 60 years old are usually not hoping to start a family, especially women because by the time they hit 50 they’re going to have to adopt if they want children. Some men like the idea of being a father later in life but most are ready to start enjoying the things that having a career for several years has enabled them to do. They want to travel extensively and just enjoy life.

Then there’s the group that contains all ages. These can get a bit dicey because you can have a 45 year old woman dating a 25 year old man and their future plans can be totally different. On the other hand, they can be very similar in the present but change drastically in the future. So you need to be careful with that.
The most important thing is that, no matter what your age, you’re clear about the things you want in a relationship before you start dating and then there can be no misunderstandings later.

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Dating Sites Or Clubs

So you have been single for a while and you would like to get back in the saddle and start dating again.

There are numerous dating ways that you can go about finding that significant other these days, but which one should you put your trust into the most? Everyone knows of the online dating services that are constantly showing commercials on television, and there are more clubs out there these days that have singles nights than you can shake a stick at. That’s why you have to decide whether you want to spend your time searching online, or spend your time going from one club to the next in order to find that right person.

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If you choose to go online and find dating sites, there are some things that you should keep in mind.

There are a lot of companies out there that say they are dating sites but they really aren’t. In fact, there are quite a few that are adult entertainment based services that will attempt to get you in the door by offering a dating service. Once you are there, they will turn into a phone sex or texting service that is only looking to make money off of you. There are some sites that aren’t like this, though, and are actually pretty good to go through.


Something you should keep in mind is that when you talk to someone online, they may not be who or what they say they are.

There have been plenty of people that found love online, got married, and had a glorious relationship. Then, there are the people that have started chatting online and ended up finding out that the 27 year old professional body builder was a 52 year old out of work janitor, or the 24 year old bikini model turned out to be a 47 year old stay at home mom of 7.

Going out to the clubs will at least allow you to physically see the person that you are interested in dating

-although talking to them might end up changing your mind. You will also need to understand that club hopping in order to find a relationship can be difficult since there are rarely people that aren’t out with their friends there. You are going to have to be able to make it past the line of close friends in order to get to talk to the person and find out if they are worth pursuing.

Whichever way you decide to go, there are good aspects and there are bad aspects to both.

You are going to have to either research every dating website that you come across, or you are going to have to lower your expectations when you walk into a club. There are plenty of people out there that are right for you. The only problem is finding the right way of actually meeting these people and how to go about starting a conversation with them. Play your cards right and you could end up happy for the rest of your life. Fumble in the beginning and you are doomed for failure.




Is It Time To Start Dating Again

The article this sunday afternoon is named Is It Time To Start Dating Again and makes me think about our daily meetings when we sometimes let good possibilities for friendship or dating pass us by. We are to often stressed or in a hurry so that we miss talking to people we meet when we are caught up in our daily routines. I think there are a meaning with everything and those we meet by coincidence may be that angel sent to bring us love. So take care and be aware of every moment.


Dick Scott

How can you tell when you are ready to start dating again? Is there a sign from the gods that tell you it’s time to get out there and see if you can find someone that is somewhat compatible to you, or do you just check the days on a calendar and decide that today is the day? For most people, it’s a feeling deep down inside that tells them they are tired of spending Friday and Saturday nights alone, sitting in front of the television, with a bowl of ice cream in their lap.

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Not everyone determines when they are ready to go out. It could be years since your last date and you suddenly see someone walking down the street that you are extremely attracted to. The only thing you can do is wonder if you should go up and talk to them or continue on with your existence as usual. Even though you may feel like it’s the right time to step up and ask that person out for a date, something inside makes you drop that idea and you go on about your day like it never happened.


A lot of people have that feeling and end up missing out on a lot of fun and companionship. If only there was some kind of alarm clock that would go off inside your head to tell you it was the right time to start dating again. Of course, you will come to find that the moment you decide dating is not something you are ever going to be interested in again, someone will ask you out. This happens all the time with people around the world as if the universe is telling you that it is time for you to get up and try dating again.

Once someone comes up to you and asks you out, then you should probably give it a shot and see what happens. Even if you don’t meet your soul mate this way, you can still go out and have a great night with someone. You might end up finding out that the dating scene is something you would like to try again after all, and that makes you a winner. Never give up the opportunity to go out for a date, unless of course the person asking you is so creepy or strange that you would fear for your life.

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There are times in life when the universe forces you to start dating again whether you are ready for it or not and there are other times when you are going to need to step up and take a chance on yourself. There is no reason why you can’t be happy in your life and sometimes dating is the only way that can happen. You will know when you are ready to put yourself out there again and, if you aren’t sure if it’s the right time, just look towards the universe and you are sure to get a sign that tells you either to go for it or forget about it.

I wish you all love and light!

Dick Scott


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Are Dating Guides Useful

Dating can be HARD. No one is denying that fact. Actually, everyone seems to be so aware of just how difficult dating can be that everywhere you look there are dating guides of some sort. These things sell like hot cakes, too. The problem is that the majority of these guides aren’t worth the space they take up online to advertise them. If you think about it honestly, can there REALLY be that many dating gurus and experts around that are taking the time to write books?

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Many people do purchase these online ebooks. They also order the physical books that promise to help get that man or that woman that you want. Most of the people that author these books should be sued for false advertising because the only thing they’re an expert in is how to make passive income. The books, themselves, are very often a huge disappointment to the people that buy them.
So, are these dating guides really useful? The answer to this question is yes and no. For people that always seem to have bad luck with picking the wrong people to try to date, or those that are simply too shy to deal with the dating arena, these guides can be helpful. There can be some useful advice in these books by the REAL experts on the subject of dating in this new age. The problem is that many of the so-called “dating gurus” aren’t actually experts at all, as readers will notice almost from the first page of the book.


Many dating guides instruct men to behave in such a way around women that they’re more likely to be slapped than dated. Unless men are in a certain part of town and around a particular type of women, they’re not going to be successful by using the “tips” in ebooks written by men that have bedded a significant number of women around the world. Of course, you may just WANT a series of one night stands. If so, by all means, take the advice these Lotharios are handing out.

On the other hand, there are just as many of these devious books for women as for men. Women aren’t going to get a lot from them unless they’re completely new to the dating game. However, is a 16 year old girl REALLY going to buy a dating guide that caters to women that are “legal?” If so, it’s only going to confuse her more than ever.

If you feel that you need a bit of help with dating, you probably have friends that will be more than happy to offer advice. Many times, that’s the best route to take. However, if you’re really serious about the advice you need, do your research before ordering just any dating guide online that looks useful. Dig into the author’s background and find out what their qualifications are for handing out dating advice. Also, keep in mind that helpful advice doesn’t always have to come from someone with “Dr.” in front of their name. Lots of times, someone with “real life” experience can be even more helpful because they’re real and have lived everything they’re telling you. The choice is yours as to what you feel is going to help you the most.

I wish you the best of luck in all your dating efforts!

To Your Success

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Finding A Boyfriend Through Online Dating

Admittedly, the Internet has opened up a lot of options for single people. However, not only single people have benefitted from this easy and unique way to communicate with other people. Married, and otherwise attached, people also now have a way to discreetly meet likeminded people for fun and games without any strings attached. But if you’re single and looking for a real boyfriend that’s not already with someone else, you now have lots of ways to do that. One of them is through a reputable online dating site. There are ways to be successful in doing things this way that will save you time and energy.

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First of all, when completing your profile, be very specific about the type of man and relationship that you’re looking for. In that way, guys looking for one night stands or a sex buddy will probably pass up your profile. Be honest about who you are and what you’re about. If you have any fetishes that are important to you, it’s probably a good idea to mention those, too. You won’t be wasting any time on guys that you have no future with.

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It’s also good to decide what is NOT important to you. In that way, you can open up the door to guys that may not have all things in common with you, but you’ll find that there are enough good things that you both like that it makes it worth a try. If you’re still having fun with him after a couple of months, there’s no need to even consider the things that you may disagree on.

Post pictures of you not wearing make-up. Guys know that women typically only post the very best and most glamorous pictures of themselves, so it’s kind of hard to know what she really looks like first thing in the morning. If you take a picture of yourself when you’re not in make-up, you’ll still get responses. Most men want a REAL woman, anyway; not a mannequin.
Then put up other pictures of yourself in different parts of your life. For instance, if you like biking, post a picture of yourself on your bike, wearing your biking gear. Post a picture of you on vacation in your favorite spot. If you like going out at night, put up a picture of you wearing full make-up and dressed to kill. It’s important to give a full scope of the person you are, and pictures are excellent ways of doing that.

Something else you can do is to immediately delete any responses that seem to completely and totally ignore what your specifications were. Now if you do get some responses from very cute and likeable guys, but they’re not looking for a long term relationship or they’re not into your particular fetish, you can simply send them a polite email back thanking them for their interest. You don’t have to be mean about this, but be firm that you’re looking for what your profile says.

These are ways that have worked out for quite a few women when they were actively seeking boyfriends. If you haven’t had any luck so far, try doing things this way and see what happens.

With this article i wish you good luck with your dating whether its online or offline. Finding someone special to share life with is really important!

To Your Success

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6 Strategic Moves You Need to Make to Get Your Ex-Girlfriend Back

All’s fair in love and war. Believe me, when love is on the skids, it certainly feels like war. We all know that the army with superior forces and sound strategies is the most certain of victors in any war. The same holds true when the war is for the heart of someone who has taken her heart back. These strategic moves are sure to improve your odds.

1) Give her space. It may sound counter-intuitive at the moment, but it’s important to give her a little breathing room to figure out what it is that she really wants. Give it to her.

2) Be absent from her life. She’ll never realize how much you mean to her or how much she misses having you around if you’re always there for her when she needs you. This is not the way to win her back. It’s rewarding her by giving her all the best of you without requiring the same from her in return. That’s not how successful relationships work.


3) Make her come to you. Don’t call, text, email, visit, etc. Don’t go to her. Instead, wait. Then, make her come to you. Let her be the one who sees that breaking up was a mistake. Let her figure out just how much she really does miss having you in her life. Let her come to you.

4) Don’t be overly eager. In fact, work very hard on your composure. Practice what you’ll say if you run into her. Work on the words, the phrases, and the overall message you want to send. Make sure she knows you’re doing just fine without her in your life.

5) Show the world you haven’t fallen apart. Women like strong men, no matter what they tell you. It may be that you have a girl who enjoys your sensitive side, but thousands of years of history show that women are attracted to men of strength, especially in times of adversity. Don’t fall apart. More importantly, don’t let the word spread if you do fall apart after the initial breakup.

6) Stop pretending to be someone you’re not in hopes of getting her back. Any ground you gain by pretending will be lost quickly once you begin dating again. You can’t pretend forever. She’ll eventually see through the exterior. If you want to make real, lasting changes, that’s great. Don’t pretend, however, that you’ve changed core things about yourself just for the sake of winning her back. It doesn’t serve either of you in the end and can set you back even further in your efforts to win her heart all over again.

Come up with a plan before you make your next move, if you haven’t made on already. If you’ve already made a few mistakes trying to get her back, take this time to step back and come up with a strategy before making your next move. Remember these strategies to help you get her back as well.

I really hope this article 6 Strategic Moves You Need to Make to Get Your Ex-Girlfriend Back will help you in the heartbreaking situation it is to brake up with someone your deeply in love with. It may be so sometimes that a breakup make us really feel and understand how much we really love eachother and then the right thing to do is to Make Up instead of Break Up.