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An Ex Longing to Return

An ex might express a desire to rekindle a relationship or they might be acting friendly. How can one know which it is? Acting one way or the other might give the wrong impression. Being cognizant of and reading all the signs an ex puts forth helps determine their intent. From a place of knowledge, one can decide if their desires coincide with their ex.

Sign 1: A Magnetic Draw

Attraction to an ex occurs quite often. People recall how their relationship started and long for the same feelings they felt before. Some might long for the familiar. Or perhaps they have yet to find anyone who stirs them in the same way. One needs to see if the attraction is mutual. Caring for an ex more than they care likely leads to more heart break. Conversely, sensing a lack of feelings for one’s ex creates a recipe for not moving to the next thing.

Sign 2: Easy Conversation

Speaking to an ex who is looking to return often feels easy. Old jokes come up. They ask about how things are. Even surface topics feel richer when talking about them with an ex. As with attraction, the free flow of information and banter needs to be equal on both sides. An ex interested in returning will seek to know about you and share about what is going on with them.

Sign 3: Relational Checking

A common question for an ex seeking to return will be about the status of one’s relationships. Are you seeing someone? Is it serious? Are you happy? While the questions sound innocent on the surface, an ex might be wanting to know if an opening to return exists. Being honest about things is vital. Downplaying a current relationship holds out hope to the ex and makes them bolder. Building up the relational status might scare an ex away.

an ex
an ex

Sign 4: Seeming Different

Change can be the greatest indicator of an ex looking to return. A distrustful former lover may make greater efforts to tone down their behavior to give a better impression. Watch for wild and unsustainable swings. While it is nice to believe a person may move heaven and earth to change, often the same person with all their longings and attitudes wait right outside the door. Hope but verify things are different.

What You Feel

Ultimately, one needs to decide what they want. A warm feeling of being pursued, especially if things ended poorly, has the potential to blind someone to the trouble right around the corner. Search your own heart. Do you still care for this person and love them enough to get back with them? If not, you need to be honest with them.

Reconciling with an ex is a tempting romantic trope. There are books, movies and songs about an ex begging to be taken back. Second chances are important. Great love can grow out of rekindled romance. You need to decide if that is what you want. If not, tell them the truth, so both of you can move toward the future even if it may be without each other.

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You May Just Have To Accept A Breakup

Todays article You May Just Have To Accept A Breakup is about the hardest thing to do when you love someone; to accept a breakup. There are times when that is the last thing we want to do, especially in the beginning of the breakup before everything have settled. I think we go through different phases in a breakup just as we do in all traumatic experiences. I also think it is a natural first reaction to not let go of the one you love but we do have to consider the impact a destructive relationship will have on our overall health. Even if its not easy try to listen to what your heart tells you because there you will find the truth although it can be hard to hear the voice of our heart sometimes. Peace&love to you;) 

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The breakup of a relationship, especially one that has been serious and long term, can be devastating. It gets even worse if you never saw it coming and you weren’t the one that wanted the breakup. You may be in shock at first, then angry and heartbroken. This will lead to crying, screaming, name calling and maybe even throwing things. Most people that don’t want a relationship to end won’t take it well and will not be amenable to letting go of this partner easily.
While it’s a fact that many couples reconcile after a breakup, it also depends on the reason for that breakup as to whether or not this happens. For instance, if the breakup was because of a silly argument, once someone apologizes, the relationship will probably get right back on track. These couples will probably enjoy a lovely makeup session and their relationship will become stronger than ever. Other couples argue as a matter of course so they’re always breaking up and getting back together. This may not make any sense to other people, but it does happen and works for them. They thrive on the drama

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If the relationship ended because of boredom on the part of one partner, there may be a way to reignite the spark that got them together in the first place. Make more time for each other and do fun things together. Go on a long weekend getaway that will give you time to be only with each other and reconnect. Sometimes these couples can revisit the things that once caused them to be excited to see each other and be together. Don’t let routine become an enemy of your relationship. Keep it new and fresh if you want to prevent it from dying a death of boredom.


There’s one reason for a breakup that just may mean that you have to accept it as being the end. That’s when your partner has fallen in love with someone else. This does happen even when you feel that the two of you were made for each other. It doesn’t mean that it’s going to happen to you in all of your relationships. It can mean that the two of you weren’t meant to be together forever. If your relationship was meant to be happily ever after, your partner would not have fallen for someone else. That may be hard to swallow, but it’s something that you must consider. In addition, if your partner left you for someone else, please don’t embarrass yourself by turning to drastic measures to get him back. They won’t work and you’ll only succeed in humiliating yourself and scaring other people.

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Sometimes, in spite of the pain, you’ll just have to accept that your relationship is over and that your partner is now an ex. Do what you need to do in order to move on with your life. This is the only thing that will allow you to be able to find someone else; the person that you are meant to be with.

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