Dua To Convince Parents For Love Marriage

Dua To Convince Parents For Love Marriage


From This Dua You Can convince Parents For Love Marriage

Marriage is a ritual in the eyes of society but it is a lifelong memory and a success in a relationship in the eyes of lovers. A wedding is a best part for a couple who have Been in a relationship since longer.

The thought of spending entire life with the person you love by getting married with him/her gives you the best feeling . Love marriage is the greatest step to strengthen  your love . But the problem comes when you have to convince your parents for love marriage. It is the biggest hurdle in love life when your parents don’t allow you to marry your love.

How to convince parents for love marriage

Marriages are a social ritual where not only two souls unite together but it is also the union of two families. Loving someone and to be loved by the same person is the only thing we all want in our life. Love marriage means a person wants to marry a person according to his/ her wish. But love marriage is not easily accepted in our society because of the mindsets of people.


if your parents won’t agree for love marriage, keep trying. It is difficult but not impossible. The first thing to do is introduce your love In Front of your parents. Try to impress them with your love. But if they still won’t agree, try to convince them with Dua . It is the best possible effective Solution to convince your parents .

Dua to convince parents for love marriage

 Love marriage has the greatest value in one’s life. But the problem is about convincing parents for love marriage. After trying lots of things, still they say no for love marriage, then start performing dua. Dua is prayer to God to ask for something you want. You can perform Dua to convince parents for love marriage. This is the most effective Solution to convince.

In order to  convince your parents for love marriage,

consult best and experienced Astrologer, Molana Hazi ali khan. He has experience of years in solving Relationship problems. Can power to solve your problem with dua. He will give you Dua to convince parents for love marriage.  If you have faith in dua, your parents will surely agree for love marriage. When you try this, your parents will happily allow you to marry your love.

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