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Spotting the Good Guys

The lament of several women centers around finding good guys and how impossible the task appears. While not the easiest process in the world, a few simple tweaks to one’s outlook may bring results where mining online dating sites and locals clubs have failed. Knowing where to look, what you are looking for and your own roadblocks must come into focus before the good guys will begin surfacing.

Where to Look?

This is one of the easiest things to fix. Men are not hiding in a secret location. They are everywhere. The problem isn’t finding guys. It is finding the right guys.

Look Around: Pay attention to the places you are already frequenting. If personal health is an interest, there will be men at the gym, running trails and even the yoga class. If you have a hobby or other passions, there will be a place you visit to get supplies or information. Keep your head up and make eye contact.

Situational Awareness: Being in environments with men who share similar interests is not enough. You will need to sift through to find the ones who will be right for you. Take the gym as an example. Connecting with a body builder hyper focused on free weights if you prefer someone with greater overall fitness will lead to greater frustration than not being able to find anyone. Look for the right mesh.

What Do You Want?

Knowing oneself can be a challenge to meeting the right guy. Everyone possesses things, both known and perhaps hidden, nudging them towards specific men. Like fertilizer for a garden, being aware of what you need, want and will not tolerate make finding the best guy for you much more fruitful than a scattershot approach.

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* Deal Breakers: What must you have or will not tolerate in anyone?
* Deep Wants: Unlike breakers, you have to know what fills your heart drawing you to another person.
* Delightful Lures: Areas arise pulling you into deeper waters and only certain types of men will draw that from you.

What Prevents Your Openness?

When entering into a relationship, a delicate dance begins leading some to shy away from even the best guy for them. More than knowing likes or dislikes or sharing interests, one needs to address real things blocking them from a true relationship. This often proves challenging because no one likes to think they are the cause of their own pain.

Root Out Prejudices: Preconceived notions do more to short circuit relationships than true disagreements. Looking at someone and dismissing them out of hand reduces the number of guys, good and otherwise, out there being considered. Taking a chance on someone gives love a chance to blossom.

Being Real: Presenting false fronts, even to make yourself feel better, gives the wrong impression. You are meeting another person. How they act might be directly related to how you are acting. If being fake and hide what you really feel when you are with them, they likely will respond in kind. The risk of being real offers the other person the opportunity for honesty as well.

Good guys are mixed in with every other kind of guy out there. Also, a good guy for you might surprise you. You need to check in the places you already are, know what you’re really looking for and having an open heart to allow love a chance to grow. Love is often hard to find. You need to help it along.

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Breaking Through Being Ignored

Feeling dismissed and ignored stings deeper than almost any other feeling. One would almost rather feel the highest highs of love followed by the depths of despair of a break up than exist in the limbo of the unknown.

What should a person do when they believe they are being ignored? Taking stock of the relationship, determining the source of the breakdown and fixing the problem will need to occur before anything will resolve for the positive or negative.

Where Things Stand

Though seemingly obvious, one needs to make sure certain things exist before taking offense. Some of the items can be established without a conversation. However, one must often have a conversation with their partner to confirm things.

* Verify the Relationship: Sometimes if you have kept things casual at the outset, everyone might not be aware of the depth of the relationship. Someone who does not know they are in a relationship cannot truly ignore the other person.

* Confirm the Expectations: Once in a relationship, it becomes critical to set a baseline for interaction. Having an understanding about frequency of contact, what forms of communication will be the norm and level of exclusivity help to create the plan moving forward.

* Avoid Being Unrealistic: Applying too much pressure might tend to push a partner away leading to very situation where the act of ignoring happens. You must take into account what you want while allowing for the needs of your partner.

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Where Did Things Break Down

It can be hard to know the true cause of why relationships move in the ways they do. Some of the things blocking the course of the progression grow numerous.

* Fear: Either person can let fear stop them from moving forward or pulling back to keep themselves safe.
* Not Ready: Maybe someone is not ready to commit to a deeper level.
* Purposeless: A partner may feel like they intended to have fun without any of the regular strings attached.

Be aware, these things could arise from either side of the relationship. You could feel any of these things. Also, a feeling you are presenting might push the other person away creating the very distance you fear.

How to Fix Things

The single best way to repair the damage and get things back on track is to have the difficult conversation. Most people prefer to let things languish until they die rather than taking the necessary steps discuss their deep feelings. No one wants to hurt another person.

Addressing fears, feelings, direction and desires means having more than single discussion. Communication proves to be the most challenging thing facing a couple because they have to be honest with themselves as well as the other person. Nothing threatens a relationship more than straight, honest talk.

In the end, growing from a mild relationship into a deeper commitment means facing hurdles like being ignored and overcoming them. One needs to put their own fears in check and become vulnerable with their partner. From a place of trust, any couple can thrive. It only takes a little time and courage. Love means being bold when the heart trembles.

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Knowing if He’s Checked Out of the Relationship

Prognostication within a relationship means being aware of what the individual does and how those actions relate to future behaviors.


Ask anyone seeking to predict the weather or the winner of this season’s Bachelor and they will confess the low likelihood of success. Fortunately, targeting specific ways he acts with you will indicate the temperature of the relationship. Let’s look at these behaviors and the relational result.

Relation Status: Hot

In this zone, everything is hitting on all cylinders. These items will be the best they could possibly be both within the relationship and how things are operating.

Communication: He shares everything. No parts of his life appear off limits or clouded in too much mystery. He is more than an open book. He shares information without being asked, keeps everyone in the loop and listens well when you respond.

Teamwork: When it comes to everything, he possess clear opinions while taking in valuable input. Every decision demonstrates he is part of a team.

Vulnerability: His intentions and heart clearly are on display. At no point is there a question as to who he is aligned with. He confesses both his struggles and victories, his passions and plights.

Prognosis: Everything looks great. The relationship can grow and plumb greater depths from this place.

Relation Status: Warm

Bumps show up at this point. Some can be deep enough to cause lasting damage like a busted tire due to a huge pothole coming out of nowhere. That same thing can do more extensive damage down the road if not repaired.

Communication: He answers the questions posed to him without offering any elaboration. He does not lie or deliberately avoid topics. He is merely less inclined to talk with you about things.

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Teamwork: He may be on board to work with you while keeping other areas completely separate. He might offer excuses like certain things do not involve you. His investment, though not devoid, is significantly less than full.

Vulnerability: His actions and motivations seem to be shrouded in mystery. He might be able to explain certain things. He more often will say he does not know what he thinks, feels or wants in a given situation.

Prognosis: Cause for concern. The way things trend at this point means the relationship is moving toward jeopardy, but it can still be saved.

Relation Status: Cold

Long term problems have fractured the skeleton making support, love and care luxuries rather than regular occurrences. From here, life support for love calls into question if things will survive.

Communication: He keeps everything to himself. Often he gives no basic information. He withholds details about where he is, what he is doing and who he spends time with. He represents the Bermuda Triangle in your life.

Teamwork: His actions point to being a solo player. Not only does he only look out for his interests, he likely never takes into account what you need even on the most basic level.

Vulnerability: He gives no sign of having any sort of emotional life or depth. He guards himself as though sharing anything with you might put himself at risk. He also does not seem to take into account the impact his coldness has on you.

Prognosis: Not good. If hope with tough work exists in the Warm stage, then tripled efforts and a miracle will be needed to rescue the relationship.

Stopping the cooling of the relationship means standing up, calling out problems and working when times get tough. Be brave. If he is not willing to change, you need to take the steps to keep yourself safe and healthy with or without him.

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Gaining More Respect from Your Partner

Respect, like so many other aspects of relationships, flow up and down. While making sure respect remains mutual, one might need to shore up flagging levels. One needs to establish respect at the outset because gaining more can only occur if it exists to begin with. Once with respect, then a few simple behaviors will guard what has been gained and slowly add to it.

Guarding the Line

A good way to increase the respect being received starts with preventing the loss of any gained over time. These behaviors come from strong inner core. The world and partners will seek to erode personal respect for several reasons. They might feel threatened, seek to build themselves up through destruction or make sure their own level of respect does not diminish. Here are some good practices to not lose anything from the bucket holding your respect.

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* Set Boundaries: Attacks to respect happen most frequently when someone does not have healthy boundaries. The best definition of boundaries equates to a line in the sand delineating something not to be violated. Disrespectful people will be inclined to step over the line for any number of reasons including believing their needs outstrip the natural reasons for the boundary.

* Be Independent: People respect those who are capable of existing in a state of sufficiency. This does not mean fierce independence punctuated by an attitude of not needing anyone is called for. Such a hard line stance fails to encourage a partnership. A fine line separates being different from a partner and remaining isolated emotionally.

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* Respect Yourself: The simplest way to maintain respect centers around having it for yourself. Asking a partner, even someone who loves you deeply, to have something you do not have for yourself is akin to expecting a horse to fly. Take the time to assess your own value and stand up for it when challenged.

On the Offensive

Being defensive alone will gain nothing. At best, a steady guarding of respect will prevent any from going astray. Only when combined with active step will aid in building the level of respect. Unlike with vigilant approach, active responses for respect need to be doled out in targeted doses if they are going to be effective.

* Avoid Settling: It can be easy to think the best way to build the relationships centers around getting along. Working together within a couple can be important, but constant compromising pokes holes in bucket holding respect. One knows when they are settling and need to stand up for what is important. Which leads to the next arrow in the quiver.

* Speak Out: Thinking things never bring about change. Only by taking the risk and calling for respect verbally will clarify how important it is to you. Without that tangible conversation, they could claim a lack of knowledge. These types of discussions may cause sparks. Having a plan and sticking to it will help in the heat of the conversation.

* Stick to What You Say: Respect is never gained by grand speeches alone. When a plan has been established or a boundary set, following through is critical. The action alone demonstrates the level of commitment and garner more respect. Being aware of how this will play in the future should also curtail any overly ambitious promises.

Respect must remain mutual. Careful selection of a partner, cultivating the relationship and taking time to consider how each decision will impact the other person builds the reservoir of respect for both people. Hang in there, do the work and revel in what is being formed by sowing seeds in the fertile ground of a respectful relationship.

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Building Trust Again

Trust, a key component in any relationship, faces many challenges. Almost no relationship is not tested in the area of trust. When they occur, couples may look back and say they did nothing wrong and do not deserve this. Understanding the myriad of reasons for broken trust, the key steps to rebuilding trust and the benefits of a restored trust makes the process before a couple clear.

Reasons of Broken Trust

A variety of things attack trust. While it would be nice to think couples only need to defend one area of their relationship in a single way, the relational foundation gets destroyed by fire, flood and neglect. Let’s look at how these reasons rear their heads before addressing how to repair them.

Betrayal: Hearing betrayal, thoughts turn to matters of emotional or physical infidelity. It is a clear break of trust which should never be ignored. However, minimizing the other forms opens couples to numerous other issues. One might hide things to keep their heart safe. Perhaps they keep a secret account just in case. This betrayal burns away a storehouse of trust as any physical relationship.

General Disagreements: An erosion of trust occurs when someone continually disagrees or expresses things contrary to how they once did without any explanation. Think of this as when a river digs the earth out from under a tree on the bank exposing the roots. A partner may feel unsafe as though they need to keep certain things to themselves. This dark, dank environment does not foster an environment of trust.

Time: Neglect of trust weaken the foundation like an old covered bridge with missing boards and gaps in the roof. One is more likely to stay on their side rather than reaching out to the other person. Trust needs feeding and care from both people to keep it strong, vibrant and growing.

Key Steps to Rebuilding Trust

These points will sound simple. Often when facing the task of repairing trust, the process in more labor and time intensive than simple maintenance would have been. Take each step at face value while realizing layer exist underneath making the it important to press forward when times get tough.

* Express: Sharing thoughts and feeling become critical. A partner needs to see, hear and understand what is going on. Take time to investigate these things yourself and then share what is found there.

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* Listen and Gain Insight: Monopolizing the expression phase never builds trust. Because it is a two way street, one must listen to understand what a partner is experiencing from their side. Be quiet and still.

* Give Time and Space: Resist the urge to respond in the moment, especially to negative feedback. The first pass is often defensive and needs to be digested. Avoid rushing toward resolution as this short circuits the true growth of trust.

* Table Big Things and Circle Back: Not everything will be resolved on the first pass. If something huge comes up, acknowledge its existence, promise to return to it and then fulfill the agreement. Promises prove critical and can not be broken.

Benefits of a Trust Repaired

No one would ever say the process to repair trust would be wonderful. Several relationships never face the hard work of rebuilding. They are surrendered to the pile of broken commitments. However, every relationship needs tweaking of their trust which means there is a benefit to the act.

Stronger: A tempered sword stands against the clashing blow. A relationship, similarly forged through the fires of rebuilt trust, remains strong as outside forces attempt to beat it. Trust will give a solid spine to the relationship moving forward.

Safer: Developing a place where each party knows they can be heard allows for them to grow. With the trust of the other, a partner could take a risk because they know the net of love and trust exist to catch them when they fall.

Deeper: From a place of trust, couples love far deeper. They have set aside some of the fears they have about where they stand and who they stand with. They can encourage more and take greater risks with their own hearts.
Trust is both delicate and strong. No relationship survives for long without it. Maintaining trust can be easy and hard simultaneously. Most people rarely think far ahead to stay out of trouble where trust is concerned. This is why taking the time, care and love to rebuild what matters the most will allow couples to stand the test time.

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The Hazard of Happiness from Others

A sensation of happiness arise from countless sources like a fresh baked cookie from a parent, a great nap on a rainy day or the ideal word from the most important person in one’s life. While not bad in and of themselves, only seeking happiness from others leads to numerous complications. Romantic relationships relying solely on one another for any form of validation bring even greater issues. Understanding the reasons why this viewpoint is bad for the other person, the individual and the relationship as a whole must be understood before spotting red flag this reliance has crept into the relationship already.

Reasons It Is Bad for Them

People, even the best and most given ones, do not save other people. Placing someone in a position where they must sustain an emotional well with the potential of never being completely filled asks too much of them. This multifaceted person transforms into a conduit of the desired thing: Happiness. Consider how two dimensional it makes them. When the transition happens, then little concern arises for their needs. They stop being someone and becomes something.

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Reasons It Is Bad for You

No one has ever grown, found satisfying love or even a good friend by focusing on getting something from another person. Even in scenarios where a quid pro quo exists, the transactional nature poisons one’s ability to focus on sacrificially caring for the other person because you are not invested in them and their happiness. Outside of the relationship and the other person, it becomes harder to grow and experience things on your own due to having this great person who is there just to make you happy.

Reasons It Is Bad for the Relationship

Think about a spider’s web. No matter how large the spider or intricate their web, no one has ever witnessed them catching a bird. Relationships are similarly fragile and sticky. If one person becomes selfish and claims the lion’s share of anything, the balance gets thrown off and everything falls down. Also, it is easy for this to become a pattern without anyone realizing. When this happens, it becomes much harder to break the cycle and move forward. Both people must seek the other’s happiness and revel in the joy they receive from being with the other person.

Red Flags of Happiness Dominance

Some signs might peek around the corners letting one know this already exists. Let’s look at these concerns.

* Swinging Up and Down: Responding overly up or down when receiving happiness from one’s partner may demonstrate and overly charged link. Variations should exist in one’s emotions, but it becomes troubling when tied to a specific person and their behaviors or responses.

* Running Off Fear: Fear within in a relationships is like fast food for the body. It can be a good short term solution, but things operate poorly in such an environment. If one only feels the acidic tang on fear when not receiving happiness from their partner, the cycle may have started.

* Rudderlessness: A withdrawal of overall happiness when not supplied by one’s partner might create a sensation of being lost. The best way to identify this is when everything else seems to running well and yet not knowing where to go, what to do or how one feels overwhelms everything else.

Some of the greatest joy one can feel is in caring for another person and receiving the care in return. Watch for a growing sense of selfishness and be quick to talk to each other. This can be difficult for either individual because the temptation to say this is how love is supposed to be displayed. Healthy boundaries mean not siphoning off another person or letting them use you for their benefit. Be partners and love one another well.

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Steps to Potent Passion

Couples seek ways to fire up their lives. Often the word passion denotes a focus on the bedroom. Passion means more than strictly a physical connection.

Passion builds an existing connection. Couples without connection rarely create the heat necessary to spark deep and lasting passion. Taking the small steps permit couples to move toward greater passion and find the right spot to light the fire they need.

Changes Are Key

Routine allows couples to possess a sense of continuity in their relationship. A fine line exists between comfort and staleness. Couples who experience the same things repeatedly have tendency fall closer to complacency. They sense everything is fine and will always be that way.

This makes throwing a little variety critical to ignite passion. Step one is making a change, any change, and see where things go. Some ways to shake things up can include planning an event with a small amount of direct interaction like a concert. Travel provides an easy way to change things up by drastically altering the surroundings, entertainment options and local cuisine making passion a pleasurable byproduct.

Take More Risks

Couples looking to fire things up must do more than just change things. Making an effort by expanding their horizons offers an opening for passion to enter. Risks come in several stripes. What may sound daring to one partner may be dipping a toe in the pool for another.

Talking about what to do, how risky to be and getting comfortable with the expectations assures both people will not be uncomfortable when the time comes to jump in the water.

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One should never force their partner into things they do not want to do because nothing stifles passion like an unwilling participant. Let’s look at some guidelines for stretching the boundaries.

* Make It New for Both of You: No one should be an expert because it allow growth and comfort for both of you.
* Be Open: Saying yes, even with the possibility of appearing foolish, will generate a thrill leading to enriching passion.
* Laugh About the Mistakes: Doing something risky means things might not go perfectly and laughing about the foibles free everyone up to do it again.

Contact Is Critical

Passion grows best in an environment where every level of relational contact is present. Couples who communicate well, trust one another and connect find passion in almost everything they do. They relish the new things they experience while enjoying tasks other may find mundane.

Physical contact is more than merely sexual contact. Hand holding can occur in the grocery store or after an mud run where both people are filthy and tired. Simple touching can grow to more intimate contact. Stolen kisses linger for longer and longer making skin warm to match beating hearts.

More important than mere physical contact is a meeting of a couple’s hearts. Hearts united and open will give each person the freedom they need to share the deepest longings, desires and truths. In the cauldron of deep love, passion blazes bright. Couples are able to maintain a passion like this because of the trust they have in each other.

Passion proves best when maintained and grown over time. Phases of life exist where passion flees. Often outside circumstances rob couples of their passion.

One of the saddest days occur when a couple surrenders their passion thinking it has been lost forever when all they need is a little time and care. Take the steps necessary and jealously guard the passion between you because it is priceless.

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Making up instead of breaking up

Forgiveness within a relationship, whether an ongoing or fractured one, is paramount. Without engaging in the constant dance of risk taking, wronging and repair of the relationship, couples never grow beyond the tiny, safe patch of grass where they graze. This means knowing the right time to consider things careful and when to release things. Most people fall on the side of the coin where a resolution is desired. What drives this? What are some signs it has been long enough? Is there such a thing as a correct time to make up? These and other questions create a possible environment where couples remain in a holding pattern. Understanding each section and then making decisions according to what needs to happen means taking several factors into account and seeing how they piece together.

What is the drive for making up?

It seems natural to say everyone wants to be forgiven. However, we all know people who either seem constantly content to pursue their own whims and desires without a care for the damage this behavior causes. These individuals are sometimes the hardest to forgive because they appear to want it the least.

This points to an important factor in making up. The act rarely, if ever, is for the other person. Think back to the last fight had with someone important and the feelings left in the wake of the disagreement. If being honest, one’s personal feelings dominated the initial thoughts because it grows hard to imagine the other person hurting as much as we do in a given moment.

Because pain is such great motivator, it can push us to make snap decisions. Pain can also be an excellent teacher. Taking a little time to discover the source of the pain, one’s role in its manifestation and how the pain causes us to respond makes us better equipped to change. Part of that change is in repairing the relationship damaged in the disagreement.

What are the signs it has been long enough?

While sounding cliche, one will know when adequate time has passed to bring about reconciliation. One must be aware of the signs because a lack of awareness leads to being locking a cold place where forgiveness refuses to flourish. Let’s look at some possible signs.

Couple Kissing Under the Tree during Daytime
Making up

* Sting is Lessened: Memory of the event or disagreement does not seem quite so fresh. This does not mean all the pain is gone. It just isn’t as sharp.

* Sense of Lack: When thinking of the other person, they come to mind first and not the offense. One needs to be aware they miss the other person and want them back in the relationship fully.

* Ability to Discuss: The processing of things has been done and now the person can talk about it in all the facets necessary without the sensation of being cut by it. One needs to stay in touch with their feelings. Being robotic in their handling of the matter increases the chance for recurrence rather than forgiveness and repair.

Is There a Correct Time?

In short, there is with the caveat it varies from person to person. Far greater damage can be done if one forces a timetable on someone before they are ready. Maybe because of modeling from their family, one person forgives quickly. The other side may need time to ponder everything while getting in touch with their feelings without them being so raw. When enough signs from the area above align for both people, making up becomes an option for both people.

Forgiveness forges deeper bonds within couples. Always bailing on tough conversations or situations only serve to weaken the structure of the overall relationship. One needs to resist rushing the process. Neither can they ignore the opportunity offered by disagreements and reconciliation. Take the right time and then reach out because everyone will feel better afterwards. If you Want Him Back, I’ll show you exactly what to do and what to say to get your lover back in your arms – Especially if you are the only one trying…Click Here…

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