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Single And Loving It


Lets start this new week with a article about being single which seems to be more and more ordinarily in these days. I do believe that we need eachother so if we are single  we need friends around us. From my personal experience i know we need time on our own even when we are in a relationship and that could be a problem if we dont explain such things and understand eachother. 




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It seems that ever since there have been males and females walking the earth that they all try to find their perfect mates and pair up. Even in the time of cave men and women, there were couples that hooked up and became mates. As time went on, girls were married off as young as 13 or 14 years old, usually because of the short life expectancy of the era. That gradually turned the ages for getting married into later ones. Now, it seems that even 25 year olds may not be mature enough for that type of a commitment.

Something else that’s become a bit of a trend is the amount of people that remain single simply because they want to be. This is starting to be much more common than anyone would think. No one really knows the reason for it, but there doesn’t seem to be just one reason, either. Instead, if you ask someone why they’re single, it’s common to get a variety of reasons.

One of the biggest causes of choosing to be single has to do with careers. Women as well as men are involved in high level and hugely busy careers these days, and often there’s just not time to maintain a relationship. These people generally prefer to go out with friends and spend time with their families rather than become heavily involved romantically with someone. They will say that their careers take up too much time for them to devote themselves to building a relationship. Maybe, once they slow down a bit or change careers, they’ll get more serious about finding a partner. But at the moment, their careers are their lives.

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Another reason for choosing to remain single is that some people just don’t like being tied down to only one person. They like their freedom and the fact that they don’t have to answer to anyone. These are the people that just like being on their own. They like being able to come and go when they want, and make their own plans without having to consult anyone else. It’s this attitude that keeps them single and happy about it.

Many people simply don’t wish to be legally tied to another person. When you marry someone, you take on any credit or legal issues they may have. This is particularly true when it comes to debt and credit problems. If your name is tied to that person, anytime your credit is checked for anything, it’s very possible that your partner’s credit problems will also surface. You may want to check into such things as these when you’re considering a serious relationship with someone.

These aren’t the only reasons that people choose to remain single, by far. However, they are the top ones. If you’re a part of the population that enjoys the single life, don’t feel guilty about it. Yes, your parents may be hoping for grandchildren one day, but it’s your life and not theirs. They’ve already made their choices. Now it’s your turn to make yours.

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Being Happy Is the Best Revenge – Happy Together that Is


Being happy really is the sign of love so when our daily life and routines takes that away from us our relationship starts to fall apart. Unfortunately it is so easy to forget what we have until we have lost it. One thing that save us from that mistake is to be thankful for everything in our life. It is also important to show our partner signs of love every day.

Have a great sunday with love and light!


Sometimes, the idea of being happy in your relationship seems elusive. Life gets in the way. You’re always torn between work, family, and love. Unfortunately, love and romance often get placed on the back burner. That’s not good for your relationship.

Sometimes it takes a serious wakeup call, like a breakup, to make you realize just how little attention you’ve been giving to one of the most important relationships you’ll ever have in your life. By that time, most people think it’s too late to make a difference. However, that’s hardly the case.

It’s not too late to make things work for the two of you. In fact, the best revenge you can have on yourself (that will teach you) is to get your ex back and have a relationship that’s better than it’s ever been before. But, before you set out on your mission to get your ex back, keep these thing in mind.

Your Ex has Some Hurt to Deal With

Make sure you allow your ex an adequate amount of time to put the pain behind and start remembering the good times rather than dwelling on the bad before you make your play. It’s hard to wait once you’ve made up your mind. But, waiting in this case is necessary if you want to be truly successful.


Your Ex Still Loves You

It’s important for you to understand that your ex can’t turn his love off and on like it’s a light switch. If he loved you before, he still loves you now. That should help alleviate some of the sense of urgency driving you forward. The fact that your ex can’t turn off these feelings so easily works in your favor giving you time to come up with a plan that will be effective for getting your ex back.

Absence Really Does Make Hearts Fonder

The things about most old sayings that have survived the tests of time is that they are, quite often, true. That certainly applies for this one. The longer you’re away, the more time you give your ex to recover, the more good, fond memories your ex is likely to remember when thinking of you. If you make your move too soon, the negative emotions are still too raw and close to the surface. Waiting allows an appropriate amount of time to pass so that your ex can be more receptive to the idea of working things out.

If you want to be happy this time around, make your relationship a priority for your life once you do get your ex back. That will be the best revenge you can have on yourself and the way things were before. Need a little help coming up with a plan to get your ex back? I can help with that! Click on the link below to read more!

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Will Valentine’s Day Ruin Your Marriage?


I want to wish you a happy and loving Valentines Day with todays article. Make this day a day to remember for yourself and your loved ones. A day to honour the love inside us by showing eachother how much we care.

With Love


Ah, February! Our minds start turning to thoughts of Valentine’s Day.In the middle of winter, romance is suddenly in vogue. The stores are filled with cards, candy, jewelry, and any number of other products touting the opportunity to show your love how you feel.

Are we being set up? Have we bought into the idea of romance so much that we are literally destroying our relationships with expectations? I think we are. In fact, I think we have made a false idol of romance at the expense of true love. We have confused infatuation and erotic love with deep, abiding love that leads to successful marriages.

Let me be clear. I have nothing against romance and romantic gestures. But we have made this the lead, not the result of love. We want to be awash in loving feelings and attraction for our partner. Then we expect those feelings to be the cement, the glue that keeps us together. Hogwash!

I just checked my email. In the last month, I have received 104 pleas for help from people hearing this statement from their spouse, “I love you, but I’m not in love with you.” The translation is this: “I have a feeling of care for you, but I don’t feel erotic emotions toward you.” The problem is that this statement is a lie on the front end (“I love you”) and a misunderstanding on the back end (“but I’m not in love with you”).

The lie, I’ll get to in a moment. The misunderstanding is this: being “in love” with someone is based on the nurturing of a relationship. It is not some emotion that is at the whims of Cupid shooting an arrow. Too often I hear, “I can’t help how I feel.” True, but people can choose how they act. And that is really the crux of the matter.

Love has been confused in our culture. The ancient Greeks were much more clear. They used three words to talk about love: Eros, Phileo, and Agape. Eros was about attraction (erotic love). Phileo was about friendship. And Agape was about commitment. Our society has segregated these three areas. Interestingly, we all want commitment and acceptance from our lover/spouse (Agape love), but too often want to feel attraction (Eros love) toward our spouse.


In other words, we want that attractive, successful, romantic, loving person to accept us, mistakes, shortcomings, failures, and all. We want what we have a hard time offering.

So what is the lie? Love is a commitment. It is an action verb, based on being loving and doing loving actions toward the other person. It is based on making a choice to love the other. Not for a moment, but for a lifetime.

Brain scans show that people who are “in love” (caught up in the infatuation) have very similar patterns to those who are mentally ill. So being “madly in love” is not just a figure of speech. It is a physical reality.

The problem is that this is unsustainable. The love of infatuation has to temper into a choice to being loving toward another person. I love someone because I choose to act lovingly, not because of the constance of a feeling. That moves the whole possibility from being at the whims of Cupid to having a conscious choice over how I participate in a relationship.

Let me be clear here: I am not opposed to visits of Eros. In fact, I think this is a feeling that is important and necessary in a long-term marriage. But I believe the emotion emerges from acting in loving ways. In other words, when I make romance primary, I am lost when it is gone. When I make love a verb, and action I can choose, the romantic feelings will naturally emerge.

Valentine’s Day is a threat to your relationship when you make the romantic feelings the goal. To paraphrase a commercial: card, $3.50; candy, $20.00; flowers, $50.00. Acting lovingly toward your spouse: Priceless (and free!). When Valentine’s Day rolls around, make it an opportunity to show your love, not a day to judge your erotic feelings.

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3 Signs he may be getting ready to leave you


To good to be true as some say but i dont agree on that. If you have a special relationship with love and affection it is to good to not be true, so hold on to what you have and dont make any hasty decisions based on rumors or a bad mood. Every relation goes through changes as a natural part of life and it dont have to make things worse, instead could the both of you could grow stronger together as you support and understand eachother within the difficulties of life that happens sometimes.

Yours Faithfully


It is a sad but true fact of life that not all great things last forever. This saying is especially true when it comes to relationships.

Human interaction is transactional, meaning that it changes over time. When people are around each other more often, they get to know more about each other and the feelings they have may eventually change.
Relationships can feel like a roller coaster at times, constantly experiencing ups and downs. But at times it can be hard to tell if a down is ever going to make its way back up.

It is undoubtedly difficult to differentiate between momentary turbulence in a relationship and a true end. Men can be incredibly hard to read at times, leaving women paranoid that they are planning to leave them.

There are a few things men commonly do before ending a relationship that women can keep their eyes peeled for.

1. An Increase in Irritability and Arguing

It isn’t the end of the world when you have an argument with your companion. As a matter of fact, being open about conflicts of interests is a perfectly healthy part of a functional relationship.

But if your partner is stepping beyond the line of moderation when it comes to arguing, it may be a sign that he is trying to pry his way out of a relationship.

Does he seem more irritable and easily annoyed at small things? Does he start pointless arguments that seem to just pop up out of nowhere? Sometimes when men are looking to end a relationship they want to confirm that it is going nowhere.

They may feel that if the relationship has frequent arguing it will be easier to walk away from. Because of this, it is common for people to subconsciously start arguments and create tension.


2. More Distance Between the Two of You

Every relationship requires time away from each other. It is unhealthy to constantly be around one another, which will most often lead to people getting sick of their partner. If you realize that your partner is becoming increasingly distant however, it may be a red flag for your relationship. If he is interacting less with you and seems to avoid contact it could mean that he is preparing for a breakup.

This is even worse than an increase in arguing because it is much harder to notice. A lot of people who have thoughts of breaking up will try to withdraw themselves emotionally from their partner in an effort to make it easier for them.

They think they can soften the blow of a breakup by slowly prying themselves from the bond. One good way to confirm this is to reflect on the intimacy level of your relationship, which most often is the first area that suffers.

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3. Different Behavior Around Other Women

When men think about leaving relationships, they usually look ahead and try to prepare themselves. If they have been in a relationship for quite some time their flirting skills may have significantly decreased. This is by no means an excuse to be paranoid and jealous of every woman, but you should stay mindful of the way he interacts with them.

If he is much friendlier and forming new bonds with females, he could be preparing himself for the single life. If he is treating other women with more attention and optimism than he is to you, try talking to him about it before making any accusations.

It is important to be careful when doing this since paranoia can easily cloud one’s judgement.

When a breakup comes from out of the blue it can be absolutely devastating. Both men and women are complicated to read at the end of a relationship. If you are skeptical of their interests, the best thing you can do is sit down and talk to them about it.

There is no point in continuing a relationship when one person wants out. On the flip side, you could find out that it is just a rough spot and you were over-thinking it. Just remember that communication is key when it comes to saving relationships. One more thing to consider is a professional resource avaliable online for helping you to make up instead of break up or mend a broken heart. Read more about by clicking the link below.

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He wants you back – How to rebuild the relationship


Today the article He wants you back is about How to rebuild the relationship. First of all it is important to be patient and rebuild your trust piece by piece. If you have to high hopes and may think that everything is going to be fine within a short amount of time then a minor issue could lead your relationship in the wrong direction again. There is no doubt that you will make it if both of you are clear on not to let the past have control over your relationship anymore. Be honest both to yourself and your partner about making a new start with an open mind and a open heart.

Wishing you the best


Going through a breakup can be an emotional battle. Life changes so quickly and dramatically that some people feel they could never be as happy as they once were. Not all breakups have to happen though.

Many people who have felt strongly enough for someone to give them another chance have successfully built back their relationship. With a newfound lack of trust you may find yourself skeptical of things getting any better. These guidelines to rebuilding relationships can help lead you down the right path.

The first thing every couple should consider when they get together is trust. I know, you have probably heard that a million times. People still manage to overlook the seriousness of this obviously necessary aspect. If you cannot build back a strong level of trust, you may never find yourself comfortable in the relationship. At the end of every day, you should be reflecting how strong your trust bond is.

“T Dub” Discovers His “Love Recipe”

Now that you have trust on your mind its time to start working out your patience muscle. You may have to push it further than it’s ever been but it will be completely worth it if you end up re-building a great relationship.

The road to recovery is going to be difficult and take a great while. Try to focus on minor improvements and see them as you moving closer to your goal.

You will also have to be patient with your partner. People don’t change completely overnight. If you had conflicting interests, then you will have to give each other an adequate period of time to adapt the right attitude.

Take your focus off of the person and put it on to the problem. Image yourself teaming up with your partner to achieve the ultimate goal: forming a lasting relationship.


One common issue that couples face when trying to mend their relationship is the return of old problems. Sometimes old arguments seem like they will never die.

Just when you thought you were over something it ends up firing right back up. To avoid this classic pitfall you need to be ready to find new ways of dealing with the issue.

Think about it, if you have had the same argument over five times, the way you are currently handling just won’t work. Stay open to options that you haven’t previously considered. You might have to do things you aren’t completely comfortable with at times but you will see yourself growing closer as a couple.

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You better be ready to open up as well, because honesty is the mortar that holds all this stuff together. It plays a pivotal role in gaining trust. Building up patience also takes a lot of trust as well.

Having faith in your partner and yourself to make serious changes without falling apart is crucial. A heavy percentage of breakups happen because there wasn’t enough honesty to begin with.

Most importantly, be honest with yourself. Do you really want to give the relationship a shot? Are you both putting in the same amount of effort? Do you hide your issues until they overload into a huge fight?

You would be surprised to find out how easy it is to lie to yourself, since the brain tends to believe anything that makes it feel better. With an open mind, and open heart, and an optimistic attitude there is no reason you and your partner can’t fix what used to be broken.

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Why do men leave relationships?


A new week with new possibilities. Todays article Why do men leave relationships? is also the other way around in my opinion. Because some of the reasons applies to both men and women. I started thinking of one thing related to the headline: some men and women do leave the relationship while still in it by not being present mentally and emotionally and that is even worse.  So be there for eachother in mind heart and soul while you still are together. 

Have a fantastic day


After a breakup, women are often left emotionally shattered and heartbroken because they simply do not understand why the man they had been dating could just leave. To get a better understanding of why men leave relationships, take the following reasons into consideration.

– Communication: Proper and healthy communication is essential to any successful relationship. It is important to keep in mind that communication isn’t just small talk at the end of the day, it is how the two of you interact, which even includes nonverbal communication.

Many men choose to leave a relationship because they feel there is no good, quality communication. A lack of communication or its poor quality can leave a man feeling a bit of discomfort. He may feel like the two of you no longer share much affection. Men need solid communication both verbal and nonverbal to remain satisfied in their relationship.

– Conversations and Interests: When a relationship first begins, the two of you are in the exciting phase of just getting to know each other. You begin to learn some of the small details about one another and that slowly evolves into a relationship.

But the truth of that matter is that these beginning butterflies that men feel during the kick off of a relationship usually go away as time proceeds. Most of the time it is nothing personal, it’s just the way he feels.

To keep this from happening women should not spill their whole life story right away – they should keep him intrigued by slowing letting them into their lives.

Interests are also important to men. If a woman does not share his same interests or shows no care in the world about his, that can be a major turn off for them.

Women should not be afraid to try new things, even if it means hopping on his surfboard or playing a couple hours of video games. A little bit of passion and interest goes a long way during a relationship.


– Friendship: Men like to feel as if their girlfriend is just that – their girlfriend. A certain chemistry occurs when a man likes a girl but sometimes that chemistry does not happen, so he may like her, but strictly as a friend, nothing intimate. If men look at their girlfriend more along the lines of a ‘football buddy’ or just a friend, he may begin to look for a way out.

– Trust: Men need to feel as if they are trusted and they need to be able to trust who they are dating. If he feels he can not trust his girlfriend, or the other way around, there is no way the relationship is going to work out. After all, most successful relationships are built on the foundation of trust.

– Praise: Men like attention, especially from their girlfriends. Simple and small forms of attention such as the touch of their upper arm or a sprinkling of compliments here and there shows a man that their girlfriend cares.

If they are not getting the praise or attention they need, they may feel unappreciated which could lead to feelings of frustration and overall disappointment in a relationship.

– Suffocation: Sometimes men leave a relationship simply because they feel suffocated. No man appreciates a girlfriend who is texting them every second of the day and bombarding them everywhere they go – Remember, men need space. Don’t forget to give him some. Watch this video by clicking on the banner below and you will get even more tips.



Should You Give Your Ex a Birthday Present if You’re Trying to Get Your Ex Back?

Should You Give Your Ex a Birthday Present if You’re Trying to Get Your Ex Back? is the article named today. I think that every gift we give from the heart is a blessing both for the receiver but also for the giver. It is important to show your ex that you still hope for a reconciling of your relationship. Have a great weekend and lets read the article.

Best Wishes


It’s not always easy to know the right move to make in the period of time following a breakup. This becomes even more difficult if you’re trying to get your ex back. Most people walk a very fine line between appearing open to the idea of reconciliation and seeming just a tad over-eager.

Getting your ex back is your number one priority. You don’t want to do anything to jeopardize that. Yet, you believe you NEED to give your ex something to commemorate the event of his or her birth. It’s understandable. But, is it the right move to make?

Ask yourself a few quick questions to help you determine whether or not giving a gift at this stage of your efforts is the right move to make.

1) How often do the two of you talk? If you talk regularly and are on friendly terms, then a platonic gift is quite appropriate provided that your ex initiates most of the conversations between the two of you.

2) Is your ex the one initiating the conversations? Your ex should be initiating most, if not all of the conversations between the two of you. If you’re the one making all the effort to get conversations started, then you need to take a step back and reconsider your approach.


3) Would you feel awkward about offering a gift to your ex? If offering the gift doesn’t feel 100 percent natural to you, then it’s a bad idea. End of story. Wait until a stage in your relationship where it feels completely natural to give a gift to your ex.

4) Is the gift appropriate for the current state of your relationship? Here’s the real rub, though. The gift needs to be appropriate for how things are between the two of you now. Don’t go overly sentimental, symbolic, or inappropriate. This isn’t an opportunity to apply pressure, but to stay the course. The gift may be meaningful, but it should not make your ex feel uncomfortable.

Gifts are great for brightening days and celebrating life events. In ordinary circumstances, you’d always want to give someone you’re dating a gift to celebrate a birthday or important life milestone. When you’re trying to get your ex back, though, the wrong gift — or a gift at the wrong time, can easily have an effect that is far opposite of its intent. Tread carefully.

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