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We All Need Somebody to Lean On

We All Need Somebody to Lean On

by Jordan Lee

If you or someone you know has gone through drug rehab, you know it is not an easy road. For many, getting to the point in their addiction where rehab is the best option is their rock bottom. Although it may seem like the end to some, for many it is the light at the end of the tunnel.

Rehab is an invitation, a second chance to get things right.Whether you reside on a beach in San Diego or the hot and humid south, there is a place for you to find light at the end of your dark tunnel.


San Diego, as well as many other cities, is home to state-of-the-art rehab centers that help individuals set and achieve goals of personal progress and well-being. Recovering from drug addiction can be one of the most challenging experiences for an individual.

During many rehab processes, the patient undergoing rehab is advised to not keep in contact with their family and friends until they have reached a pivotal point in their recovery process. The purpose of this is to narrow the addict’s focus on themselves and their progression. This takes time and an extreme amount of patience and cooperation. Even though it is one of the tougher parts of the recovery process, it is possible and rewarding.

Flying bird says youre special
Need somebody

In the beginning of many drug rehab programs, such as one in San Diego, a patient’s support system consists of themselves and their counselors or therapists. Basically, their foundation is themselves and a few strangers. This can be very difficult and emotional for everyone involved.

Although this can be one of the hardest things an individual does in their lives, it is one of the best. Creating time for the individual to rely on himself or herself helps them believe that they can do it and push forward. This also helps individuals learn a lot about themselves, and it helps them become stronger overall.

Once an individual is able to see and communicate with their family, they are able to progress even further with more confidence in knowing that they have a support system composed of the people they know and love who also want to see them do well. This is important to not only the patient going through rehab, but to the family as well. In a drug rehab center, such as one located in sunny San Diego, having family and friends visit is important.

Jordan Leeis a health writer reporter for Fusion 360, a Content Marketing Agency. Information provided by Miramar Recovery Center.


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Date Nights: More Than a Fun Night Out

Couples throughout time and the world recall the one date when everything clicked. In the story of their relationship, this date is they share with family and friends. The pinnacle date proves unique, but it links to every other date like a string of pearls connecting their history and future. Looking at date nights, couples could discount their importance, not see their benefits or be fresh out of ideas.


More Than Optional

Talk to anyone in relationship about the point when things became stale and they indicate the loss of romance, fun, commitment or perhaps all three. If asked at the beginning, the wild passion would have blinded them to a bland future because people rarely plan for the slow decline of anything, much less a relationship. Everyone, even the most stoic, needs these energizing aspects in their relationship. People want to feel valued, heard and considered. The lack of these things cause people to seek it elsewhere.

How Can a Date Night Help?

The act of setting aside time and making a plan permits couples an escape from their routines. Most established and effective patterns aid smooth transitions from one aspect of life to another. Dates are not always about things going smoothly. Running out of gas on a date creates space for a quite conversation walking hand in hand. Time away helps each person see their partner as an individual with interests, dreams and quirks rather than some relational icon. Also a pleasant delay happens within a date allowing intimacy to build. Pursuing each other kindles fun and playfulness. In this fertile ground, romance can blossom.

Don’t Need to Be an Artist

“I’m not that creative.” The phrase of surrender for everyone. Guess what? It does not represent a relational escape hatch. Everyone loves to be seen and known intimately. The agreement struck should never be one sided. The most buttoned up partner can step up because of their investment in the relationship. Before we start with date night ideas, some ground rules need to be put in place.

* Date nights can occur in daylight.
* Be aware of personal tastes meaning don’t take someone involved with animal rights to a bull fight.
* Both partners should participate in spearheading a date night as the responsibility does not fall to one person.
* Not everything requires a bank loan, so look for low cost options.
* Make it fun.

With those as the foundation, here are some ideas to get date night rolling. Be aware all of these options have a variety of commitments and costs. Time taken in research demonstrates care partners have for one another.

Thinking Of You
Date night

Dance Lessons: Several dance studios offer free introductory lessons or packages. What could be more tender and intimate than learning to move in unison with your partner? Also, it might open up avenues for other date nights like monthly salsa dancing at a local club.

Picnics: Preparing a meal, packaging it up and carrying it to local park demonstrates ones knowledge of the other person. No one hates the thought of being whisked away and fed. Selecting a few specialty meats and cheeses would be a nice touch. Though tempting, avoid bologna because this is a date and not lunch.

National Parks: Hiking surrounded by nature and national monuments allow for good conversations. Selecting a time when the park will be less crowded, like a Tuesday morning when kids are in school and others at work, places couples in a grand and intimate setting. Also, look at the previous idea for a combo of park and picnic.

Brewery/Winery/Food Tour: With the proliferation of local artisanal foods and drinks, sites like breweries and ice creameries offer free or low cost tours with samples. Feeding each other a specialty cheese while meeting the goats who produced the milk will open the senses and feel like an adventure. Those raising goats should find another option.

As you can see, date night is a critical part of any relationship. Those who ignore time alone with their partner will do so at the peril of their future. Take the time, do the research and have fun connecting. You’ll be glad you did and so will your partner.

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