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Relationship Help – Money Management Communication is Key to Happy Home

Money isn’t the root of all evil, but evidence suggests it is the leading cause of separations and divorces throughout the world.

Even if both partners agree to the overall idea that they need to manage their money better, problems arise, when they disagree over how to manage the money or have miscommunications regarding who is or isn’t going to do what with the money.

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Here are a few universal truths to keep your money management plan for a happy marriage from falling apart as rapidly as your marriage.

Make Sure Both Partners have Some “Fun” Money of their Own

Invariably there is one person who makes more money than the other in the relationship. Neither partner should be investing 100 percent of earnings into the bill, family, and grocery till. Both of you need a little extra money to pursue things that are important and enjoyable to you without jeopardizing the entire family budget. In order words, you need to plan a set amount for fun money, for each of you, before you do anything else.

Don’t Overlook the Children

Invariably when this happens, the responsibility of giving the kids fun money falls on one parent or the other and it almost always comes from the “fun” money fund – rendering it not so fun. Whether it’s setting aside funds for allowances, school needs, clothing, entertainment, sports, etc. those expenses need to be factored into the family budget and a set amount of spending for these things needs to be determined as well.


Choose Areas of Drastic Spending Restraints Together

Both voices in the relationship need to chime in where major spending cuts are concerned. Sacrifices need to be made on all sides of the equation if you’re going to set financial goals and plan for a financial future together. Otherwise, why are you working to save for the future at all? It’s about togetherness and shouldn’t feel as a punishment for one person while the other person is making few, if any concessions.

Put it All in Writing

Iron out the details. Write it down. Make a copy. You both must be on the same page when it comes to the new family budget and money management efforts if either of you are going to be happy with the outcome. More importantly, seeing the revised plan on paper gives you both the opportunity to see if there are any spending weaknesses, forgotten expenses, or other concerns that have been overlooked in your plan.

It seems like such a simple step, and yet, so much can be riding on working it out amiably. Don’t let your relationship go down without a fight because one of you has a hard time managing money. Sit down and work on a plan that promises success.

Reasons You Deserve Better and Why You Should Ask for it Before You Get Your Ex Back

No matter how down and out you feel about the ending of your relationship, it’s important to understand that it’s not completely your fault things didn’t work out. No matter what your ex tries to convince you, it takes two people to make or break a relationship. It will take two people working together to put it back together again. You need to understand this and ask for things to change before you get your ex back. These are the reasons why you deserve better in the future.

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You Bring Value to the Relationship Too

Everyone in a relationship has a role to play and a contribution to make. Both of you bring something special and unique to the relationship. The key is to learn to value your own contribution to the relationship and ask for the things you need that you aren’t getting out of the relationship. It’s also equally important that you invite your boyfriend to do the same and listen with an open mind when he does.

He’ll Respect You More For It

Respect is important for men. They love being shown respect. Even more, they love it when the woman they love earns their respect. He wants to be proud of you. He also wants to be proud to be associated with you. When you stand up for yourself and ask him to show you the respect you deserve, he will be a little surprised at first, but much more likely to deliver than if you never asked.

eget your ex back
get your ex back

Respect is a Two-Way Street

It’s very important to show your man respect. It’s one of the most important things you can do for your man if you want to keep him happy and make your relationship last. But you also need to expect it from him. Be careful about accepting anything less than the respect you deserve from him and for going back to him if he isn’t willing to give you the respect. Respect should never be given that it isn’t earned and it should never be sacrificed in the name of love.

Because You’re Worth It

Back in the 1980’s, a prominent cosmetics company coined the phrase, “Because you’re worth it.” The slogan was to remind women that they deserve the very best in cosmetics and hair care items because of all the things they do at home, on the job, and in their relationships. While the slogan still circulates, the message has gotten lost in a large segment of women. You forget that you deserve respect. You’re worth it. Say it with me. “You’re worth it!” Now remember that whenever tempers flare and disrespectful words are uttered or deeds are done and demand better in the future – for the sake of your relationship and your sanity.

It’s not enough to go back to the way things were right before your breakup. You need to do better this time around. Better begins with asking for the things you need in the relationship and expecting to get them this time around.

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Learn to Speak Love Language Before You Break Up

Breaking up is hard on everyone involved. If you’re interested in hanging on to your relationship, then the best solution is to prevent the breakup in the first place. Preventative action can save you both the heartache of a breakup and the lengthy recovery and reconciliation process. More importantly, it can help prevent many damaging words and actions before they ever happen. But, how do you stop something that seems almost inevitable?

Communicate More Effectively

Guys and girls have this Mars and Venus issue when it comes to communication. John Gray, Pd.D. even wrote a book about it back during the early 1990’s. The book was on the bestseller lists for an unprecedented 121 weeks because the concept was so simple, and yet, so foreign. Sometimes, the best solutions really are the simplest.

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The problem, according to this book, is that men and women communicate differently. What one person is saying (or intends to say) is not always what the other person in the relationship hears. This miscommunication often causes the perception of problems or issues in the relationship that only exists in the minds of the two people in the relationship. That’s why learning to communicate effectively is so important for the sake of your sanity and your relationship.

Discover Your Love Language

Everyone has a love language that best sums up the way the express love and the way they best FEEL loved. The love languages include:

1) Words of affirmation
2) Physical touch
3) Quality time
4) Gifts of service
5) Receiving gifts

Love Language
Love Language

Taking the time to understand how you best feel and express love in comparison to how your partner best feels loved and expresses love for you can save a lot of hurt feelings, cold shoulders, disagreements, and knockdown, drag out, dish flinging arguments over the course of your relationship.

Learn to Speak Your Partner’s Love Language and Accept Love from Your Partner

You see, people don’t only have a little difficulty feeling loved by partners that speak different love languages. In some cases, they have a difficult time accepting love in that language. This leads to feelings of alienation, confusion, and inadequacy for partners and drives a wedge into the relationship.

Learning to accept the love your partner has to offer while also learning to show love in a manner that will make your partner feel loved and cherished are equally important components when it comes to love languages. They are just as important as being able to make your partner feel the LOVE you have.

Love languages are great, but they do take time to work with and to become effective tools for saving your relationship from impending breakup. There are other options to consider if you need more immediate results.

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5 Things You Must Do If You Ever Want Your Ex Girlfriend Back

My name is Brad Browning and I am known as the “relationship geek”. How did I get this nickname? Well, for the past 10 years of my life, I’ve helped thousands of men around the globe get their ex girlfriends back.

No matter how dire your situation is with your ex girlfriend, there is a way to get her back!

The truth is, I’ve been doing this for so long that I’ve uncovered the secret to the female psychology.
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If you’re reading this and you want your ex girlfriend back, then absorb the information on this page very carefully, because in it, I’ll share with you some secrets that will give you some secrets that most men will never know about women.
1.) Don’t get jealous.
Jealousy reeks of insecurity and this is just the number one killer of attraction. If you are the jealous kind of person, then fight the urge to show this emotion around your ex girlfriend.
ex girlfriend
ex girlfriend

2.) Give her space. Yes, this seems a little hard and counter intuitive, but leaving her alone is one of the best ways of actually getting her back into your life. Though, you have to do it in a very specific way. Simply not talking to her won’t do it. You have to talk to her subconscious and make it seem like you really and truly don’t want to talk to her right now.

3.) Recover emotionally. If you’re rattled that your ex girlfriend dumped you, then trust me, there’s nothing you can do or say right now that will make her love you again. The more you force the issue with her, the less likely she’s going to want to get back together with you. Winning your ex-girlfriend back is going to have to start with you. That means you need to stop pining and get your life back on track. Start working out more. Start picking up some good hobbies that you like. Start hanging out with friends. Do whatever you need to do to “get over her” and you’ll be well on your to getting her back into your arms in your bed.

4.) Start dating other women. This is my secret weapon. By dating other women, you’re killing two birds with one stone. First, dating other women is one of the best ways to get over your ex girlfriend. And second, if your ex ever found out that you’re dating other women, then she’ll start beginning to get jealous and want you again. Once this happens, you’ll be ready to pounce and take her back (without her even realize that you’re using these tactics on her!).

5.) Begin to seduce her (properly!). Once you’ve accomplished steps 1-4, only then can you start making her fall in love with you again by sending her my patented psychological techniques that I’ll tell you about in a minute. By using some of my techniques, she’ll be crying by your side, asking herself why she ever broke up with you. She’ll be begging you to come back to her.

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Sound too good to be true? Well, it isn’t. I’ve seen this happen thousands of times. And it doesn’t matter if you broke up with your girlfriend last week or last year. My techniques don’t discriminate. They’re that powerful.

In the free informational video below, I’ll share with you some mind-bending secrets that will surely get your ex girlfriend to start wanting to talk to you and hang out with you. And, if you follow my instructions properly, she’ll be calling you incessantly wanting you to go out with her.

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How to Win Your Ex Girlfriend Back!

It doesn’t matter if you want to win your ex girlfriend back or you just sleep with her one more time (or even a few more times)… the way you approach both situations is the exact same.

And not only is sleeping with your ex possible, but it’s easy if you know what you’re doing.
What you have to do is appear like you just want to be friends… even if that isn’t what you really want! I know this seems a little counter-intuitive, but it works.
You need to appear as if you’re completely okay with the breakup and that you thought the breakup was a great idea. But be careful, because you have to do this in a very specific way.
If she even gets a whiff that you’re faking it, you’ll completely blow it and she’ll start running for the hills.

And she’ll probably never talk to you ever again.

So what’s the best way to convey these messages to your girlfriend? Well, first, you’re going to have to make sure you are actually okay with the breakup. That’s right, the best way to get your girlfriend to sleep with you again (or be with you again) is to move on.

You need to start dating other women.

You need to pickup some hobbies.

You need to hang out with your friends and enjoy life.

Once your girlfriend sees this (and I have powerful ways of letting your ex girlfriend know that you’re doing these things), then she’ll start to want you back again.

ex girlfriend
ex girlfriend

She’ll be asking herself, “why did I dump this guy in the first place?”

You see, women hate being wrong. And when you send her a message that you’re still a high value, attractive male that has completely moved on, she’ll begin to start getting attracted to you again.

The hamster in her brain will start sprinting, and, if you convey this message properly, she’ll be forced to come knocking on your bedroom door for a night of hot sex.

That’s right, she’ll be the one begging you for sex.

So how do I know all of these things? Let me introduce myself to you first (then I’ll go into detail about how you can get your ex girlfriend back). My name is Brad Browning and I’m a relationship expert. I’ve helped thousands of men around the world get their ex girlfriends back.

And yes, I even helped guys that thought they had no chance of ever seeing their ex girlfriends again. Yes, even if she said that she never even wants to talk to you or see you again, I can help you get her back for as long as you want.

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So whether you want to just have a brief fling with your ex or you actually want to get back together with her, I know the ways you can trick her mind into wanting you again.

She’ll have no choice in the matter, even if she has claimed that she was “completely done with you.”

One of my patented techniques is called the Covert Jealousy… this is where you can use other women that you know to make your ex girlfriend regret that she ever left you in the first place.

You can also use my Rekindling Phase tactic that will force her to be extremely horny for you in a matter of days (and after, she’ll never want to leave you again).

Be careful though, because the techniques that I use in my program are almost illegal. Yes, I have feminists groups wanting to shut down my website because the tactics I use is what they call “manipulative.”

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Why You Lost Your Girlfriend And How You Can Get Lover Back

Yeah, the feeling of getting dumped by your girlfriend sucks. There’s no question about that.

Sometimes, you can go crazy thinking about all the things that went wrong in your relationship.

But the bottom of the line is, the reason why your relationship ended is because your girlfriend’s lost attraction for you.

No, it wasn’t because you left your dirty laundry around the house or that it’s “her, not you…”, it’s because the foundation of her attraction for you faded � and it’s your fault. Though there are ways you can “re-attract” your girlfriend (and I’ll get to that in a second), you have to first understand why she dumped you. Only then will you know how you can get her back.

This is what I like to call The Six Deadly Relationship Sins.

Now, I’m not saying that you committed all of these mistakes, but chances are you probably exhibited at least one of these characteristics that pretty much forced your girlfriend to leave you (even if she’s claimed that she left you for another reason).

The first Deadly Sin is a common problem that over half of men have in their relationships – and that’s being way too controlling.

Women are repelled by men that put unrealistic restraints on their lives. Though asserting your dominance in a relationship is important, you have to know exactly when “enough is enough”. If you don’t, then don’t be surprised that your girlfriend or wife left you.

The second Deadly Sin is a bit of a weird one, but always seeking external validity from your girlfriend is a huge attraction-breaker.

What does that mean? It means that you constantly seek out your girlfriend’s approval. Asking questions like, “Do you love me? Do think I’m fit enough? Is my penis big enough for you? Did you have a good time?” repel women. It’s like saying to her that you aren’t confident enough or good enough… and this reeks of insecurity.

The third Deadly Sin is being jealous all the time.

Were you jealous that she was flirting with other guys? Maybe she was hanging out with a guy friend that you felt a little suspicious about… Well, if you did exhibit this emotion, then again, don’t be surprised that your girlfriend lost some attraction for you. Jealousy is the ultimate form of insecurity.

So now that you know only some of the relationship killers, how do you go about “re-attracting” your girlfriend?


Well, it starts with employing some of my most powerful psychological techniques. Yes, even if things seem completely hopeless right now, you can get her back if you know what you’re doing.

Let me first introduce myself. My name is Brad Browning and I’m known as the “Relationship Geek.” I’ve been helping thousands of men across the globe win back their ex-girlfriends. My success rate is over 90%.

Even if you think your relationship with your ex girlfriend is completely torn

-I can bet you there is a way to make her fall hopelessly in love with you again (or at least make her want to sleep with you again).
You see, what a lot of men do when they get dumped is start acting like complete wussies. They’ll start asking for forgiveness and start begging for second chances. If you’re guilty of one of these mistakes, then you better start listening to my advice… because chances are you’re doing something right now that is pushing your girlfriend further and further away into the arms of another man.

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So do yourself a favor and check out my free video.

In it, I’ll tell you exactly how you can get your ex girlfriend back as soon as possible… and I’ll go over some other Deadly Sins as well.

But you better check out this video quickly because I have extreme feminists groups protesting me to take it down. These women think the psychological techniques I use in this video are too manipulative (in other words, they work too well).

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Dating tips:Be Upfront About The Relationship You Want

Too many people enter the dating game not fully sure of what they actually want to get out of it.

Granted, most women are hoping to find Mr. Right so they can get married, settle down and start a family. However, not all women are looking for that type of relationship. Many are simply looking for someone that they can have fun with and relate to on an equal footing. Others only want someone to have a physical relationship with and aren’t actually interested in being involved with anyone.

Nothing is wrong with any of those reasons for dating.

In fact, if all people wanted the exact same things in life, this would be a rather boring world to live in. Everyone is different in their own way and that’s what makes things interesting. However, if you’re looking for a particular type of relationship, it’s only fair that you let potential partners know exactly what you’re looking for. In that way, if you’re someone that wants the white picket fence, you won’t waste your time and the time of someone that only wants to date casually. It also keeps you from getting your feelings hurt.

Also, consider the age group that you’ll fall into when looking for a great person to begin dating with.

Like it or not, there are certain things that each age group is looking for in the majority. For instance, if you’re in your mid -30s, you’re probably going to find that there are a lot of divorced people in this group. They’ve already done the marriage and family thing and will usually come with some “extras,” such as children. So if you want to find Mr. Right and settle down but aren’t necessarily looking for a readymade family, you probably want to get that clear from the outset.


Younger age groups are still in that phase of just having some fun.

They want to party, take trips and just have fun in general when they’re not working. The people that fall into this group are typically not looking for anything truly serious, although they’re starting to understand that they’ll need to be a bit more particular in their dating partners. It just depends on which side of 25 they are.

Older groups such as 40, 50 and 60 years old are usually not hoping to start a family, especially women because by the time they hit 50 they’re going to have to adopt if they want children. Some men like the idea of being a father later in life but most are ready to start enjoying the things that having a career for several years has enabled them to do. They want to travel extensively and just enjoy life.

Then there’s the group that contains all ages. These can get a bit dicey because you can have a 45 year old woman dating a 25 year old man and their future plans can be totally different. On the other hand, they can be very similar in the present but change drastically in the future. So you need to be careful with that.
The most important thing is that, no matter what your age, you’re clear about the things you want in a relationship before you start dating and then there can be no misunderstandings later.

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Guide to Getting Your Girlfriend Back

Breaking up is especially difficult when it wasn’t your plan. Men handle unexpected breakups in different ways. Some men go all in to get their girlfriend  back. They jump through crazy hoops, make deals, bargain, beg, and come close to stalking in an effort to get their girlfriend back.

Get lover back

Other men decide that maybe this is just how things were meant to be and seek greener pastures elsewhere – at least, that’s what they do in time. It often takes at least a little while to mend their broken hearts and feel willing to put them back on the market again.

But there are still others who want to ride off into the sunset with the girlfriend that got away

-but have no idea how to make that happen. More importantly, they want to get her back but they don’t want to have to jump through hoops to do it.

Fortunately, hoop jumping really isn’t necessary to get the girlfriend back. You don’t even have to do the chasing. You’ll probably be surprised to learn just how easy it can be to get her to come back to you.

Don’t Call Your Girlfriend

Sounds simple enough, doesn’t it? After all, it requires no action on your part. What it does require, though, is dedicated inaction. That’s not so simple when every instinct you have is telling you to go after her.

It’s the primal male drive to conquer all threats to life, limb, and overall happiness. You want to make her see the light. You want to show her how good it really is between you. You want things to be the way they were.


Chasing the girlfriend down might make her swoon in the movies. In real life it nets you a restraining order. Give her a little time to work through her own emotions and take a little time to really think about whether things really were all that good (for both of you) the way they were.

Make Small Changes at Home

You don’t have to become a completely new man. That’s way too much work. But you might make a few small changes in appearance – yes girls really do notice these things. Consider something simple to start with like teeth whitening to brighten your smile.

While you might not be interested in a full blown gym membership, you might want to consider lifting weights at home (within reason) or playing racquetball or even pickup basketball games for a little firming and toning – maybe even skip that second beer at night or cut back from the pizza. Small changes don’t require a lot of effort and can deliver really big results.

Wait for your Girlfriend to Come

Believe it or not, the world is small. Once people start noticing the little changes you’re making, and believe me they will, word will get back to her. Women are curious creatures. Not only in the sense that men have a hard time understanding them, but because they like to know what’s going on.

It will drive her insane with curiosity that you’re doing so well without her. She’ll want to know why you’re looking better, getting together with other people, and making changes for the better in your life – even little changes get big attention in today’s world.

She will call or “bump” into you just to see what’s different. She’ll be desperate to know what’s going on. That’s when it’s really time to work your magic. All you need now is the right thing to say to convince her she was wrong to walk away.


Stop Jumping From A Broken Relationship Into The Fire

So many people coming out of a broken relationship do the one thing that they should never, ever do.

They instantly rebound into another relationship before they’ve had time to possibly begin healing from the last one. There are so many reasons not to do this that volumes have been written to help people stop themselves before taking that leap.

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One of the biggest reasons that this should be avoided at all costs is that you usually end up with someone very similar to the person you’re no longer with. What this translates to is that you’re going from one terrible broken relationship and diving headfirst right into another one. Since you’ve hardly had time to recover from that last relationship, you’re going to automatically be drawn to someone that reminds you of your ex. This can be from a physical standpoint, or the way he speaks, or certain mannerisms that he has that remind you of your ex. It’s not only possible to do this, but it happens all the time.

A couple of great examples of this were covered in episodes from two of the funniest sit coms of all times. Friends had Rachel dating a guy named Russ when she still very much wanted to be with Ross. Of course, these two looked, talked and acted identically because they were both played by actor David Schwimmer. Even though makeup was used to change the physical appearances somewhat, the actions were really similar. Everyone saw this except Rachel until it was pointed out to her what she had done. On the show Frasier, an actor closely resembling the character Niles was brought in as someone that Daphne hooked up with briefly. She never did see what she had done, but Niles certainly did.

Broken relationship
Broken relationship

This is all to make the point that you must be careful not to jump from the frying pan into the fire when you’ve just come out of a broken relationship.

Give yourself the time you need to heal and fully move on from your ex. When you allow enough time to go by after the broken relationship and before re-entering the dating arena, you’ll find that it’s much easier to find someone that will not even come close to the man you left in the dust. You’ll be able to keep your eyes open for others that will intrigue you and tap into different parts of you.

When you reach the point where you’re able to be drawn to someone completely different than your ex, that’s when you’re ready to start dating again. Now, you can give yourself the chance to appreciate new qualities in men that might actually be better for you than your ex. You’ll see the differences and notice how they make your life happier. The problems in your past broken relationship happened for a reason. You certainly don’t want to repeat any part of that pattern in your new relationship. That’s why you just have to let things go, allow yourself to fully heal, and then move as far away from the past as you can.

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