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Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back


There are many ways to get your ex boyfriend back and you have probably already tried some of them. Technology has changed the way we all do things and texting is one of those things that makes our world different than when losing your ex boyfriend happened a few decades ago. Did you know you can harness this technology to get your ex boyfriend back? Most people today spend hours of their day simply texting. You and your ex boyfriend are probably not different in this respect. So you’ve taken the first step and had the thought of getting your ex boyfriend back by texting him.

Your next thought was probably “How do I do it?” and “Can I text my ex boyfriend back in my life?” It is simple enough to compose and send a text message, but you might be at a loss of what to send to him. You’re in luck because we’re going to help you in a few simple steps what you need to do.

Step 1: Remembering The Good Times

Don’t jump in with a serious attempt to get your ex boyfriend back right from the start. This is a mistake. What will serve you best is to text him about the good times you guys have shared. Think of when you were with him and you both were smiling and a laughing together. A moment where you were happier than can you ever remember being. If you can find pictures of these events make sure that is in the text. Pictures can bring up emotions and memories that the written word is unable to do. The moments where you think back on and can’t help but smile should be your filter for what is probably best to send to him. You want to stir in him the feelings and emotions of those good times.


Step 2: Onward To Intimacy

After you have been able to build up the text messaging more and more so you are texting more often together it’s time to take the next step and create some intimacy. Your goal is to make your ex come to the conclusion that the two of you should get back together again. This can be accomplished by reminding him of how close you used to be. This step will be a lot easier if your ex boyfriend is going through a hard time in his life, but if you are careful with your wording and tone in your texts it can still work. Let your ex know that you’re there for him and that if he needs anything you’ll be there.

Step 3: Put It All On The Line

The last and most scary step on this process is to let your ex know how you feel. You have to put everything on the line for the text that says what your heart is feeling. If you do this too soon you may drive him away. This is the last step because now you have nothing to hide behind except the phone you’re typing into. You don’t want to scare him away. You may find yourself typing and then deleting this text message many times. Don’t worry, that’s ok, because this message really needs to get across your feelings and articulate them well. You will want to do this right. You may even want to include a time and place to meet your ex with this text message so that you have an opportunity to tell him in person so he can see just how serious you are about your feelings.

Technology has only changed the playing field and not the processes. If you are thinking of texting your ex boyfriend back then follow the steps above. Pay careful attention to move only as fast as you need to and what you feel is the most comfortable pace with your ex. This is not impossible so don’t lose hope. Stick with it and you’ll text your ex boyfriend back into your life.
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Win Your Ex Boyfriend Back

Do you constantly think about your ex boyfriend? Are you thoughts dominated with what once was? You miss the good times and the memories that you share together. Thinking about it may have made it so you can’t think of anything else. If you want to win your ex boyfriend back keep reading because that’s what we’re going to help you achieve.

One of the first things you need to do is stop feeling sorry for yourself and moping around. You need to turn your mind around before you can get  focused enough to make those changes with your ex boyfriend that you want. Toughen up! It’s time to stop crying and do something positive that will help you. Sitting at home constantly feeling lonely, bitter, and devastated isn’t going to make him come back.

You need to rediscover who you are. You’ve spent a long time with your ex boyfriend and may have lost sight of you; so this needs to be remedied. It can be a bit scary since you feel so much of you is attached to him, but you need to remember who you are without him. You can go about this a lot different ways so use what’s best for you.

Give your girlfriends a call and hang out with them. Maybe there’s a hobby you’ve been neglecting or forgotten since you got into the relationship. What was something that you loved to do that got you excited every time you thought about it? Rediscover these things about yourself.

You will accomplish several things in this pursuit. Your confidence will grow, you’ll feel more alive expressing yourself and doing the things you used to do.  Your ex boyfriend will be able to see the confidence in you as well. It’s easy for someone to look at you and see that you’re happy and getting fulfillment when you’re doing those sort of tasks. He will feel it too.

The next step is to bury the hatchet of the past. When you make the decision to let it go you need to be serious about it and let it go. The past is over and happened. You can only live in the now. And in the now you need to examine yourself and any mistakes you made in the relationship.

You do not have the power to change your ex but you can change yourself. You may discover that you were too clingy, so work to become the opposite, more independent. The ideal way to make these changes is to leave your ex alone for awhile. Limited to no contact.

During this time you may bring things up within you that you aren’t ready to work through yet. This is not wasted time because it will give your ex time to miss you being around. Through this time apart the communication between the two of you will be that much better when it happens.

After this period of self discovery it’s o.k. to let your ex know that you still think about him every once in a while. You could be doing something the two of you used to do. Tell him that you think of him whenever you do this. It will go a long way.

Remembering the good times is a great technique to use too for the same reason. You are getting at his sentimental side and how great things used to be. The times you’ve shared together are something completely unique to the two of you. So understand that the good times are important to you to get him back, because no one else will have that experience in the way you two shared it.

When you reach this vital point in the process, realize that there is nothing wrong with telling your ex that you miss him. There is a good probability that he misses you too. Do your best to not come off as desperate since that will only hurt what you’ve worked so hard to earn back.

Confidence in yourself and that you can win your ex boyfriend back and a well planned strategy will put you in the best position possible to win him back. There is a right time for all the moves outlined, so make sure you have a complete understanding of each step, before moving to each subsequent step to wining your ex boyfriend back.
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Tips To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back Quickly

If you have just broken up with your beautiful ex girlfriend you want to get her back as fast as you possibly can. Getting your ex girlfriend back will be your number one priority and something you think about every day, if not every minute. Before you stop reading and decide that you’re going to do it you need to keep reading for some tips on what are the right and wrong things to do.

There is nothing in the world that can stop you from getting your ex girlfriend back, but you must know the right moves to make and the right time to make them. Here are some tips that can help you get your ex girlfriend back quickly.

Tip 1: This is a mistake a lot of people make, but do not terrorize your ex girlfriend with constant calls, texts, emails, or any other form of communication. Your heart is guiding you more than your brain is right now so take a moment and think. This is not a good idea and will only annoy them, causing them to push you away, even block you or un Friend you on the social media sites.

You want to take some time first to just let things be. Give your ex girlfriend some space and time to think on her own, time that would be well spent if you did the same thing, and let the situation cool off a bit. Both guys and girls do crazy things after breaking up and can get so crazy that they end up with a Legal Restraining Order slapped on them by the ex. Whatever you do don’t let that happen

Tip 2: Since the break up has happened and you are reading this now then there were definitely some mistakes and misunderstandings that took place; on the part of you both. Before going any further you are going to look at the relationship, with as objective eyes as you can, and figure out what went wrong.  Be sure to remember the old adage of “When you point the finger of wrong at someone, you have 3 pointing right back at you.

Why did it go wrong? What can you do to assure that this does not happen the next time? These are questions worth asking and finding the answers for. Think about what she’ll want to know the next time you talk. She’ll ask if anything is different. Are YOU different? How are you different? What have you done to make sure you don’t just break up again with the same problems? Find these answers. Whatever you find that caused this relationship to end address it, fix it, change from it.

                                    Tips To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back Quickly

Tip 3: You’re going to need to occupy yourself before making first contact with your ex girlfriend again so also use this time to recharge. Now is the time to find a new hobby, read that book you’ve been putting off, go to the gym and work out, discover some other interests you may have. One reason for the break up may be that you became boring to her, that you had nothing more to talk about. Guess what?

These diversionary tasks for your mind will also reignite conversation topics again and make you more interesting. Refresh yourself. Refresh your look, keep your mind occupied. All this time will be useful later on when she finds you interesting again with the new experiences you have.

Tip 4: At the time that is decided to meet with her for the first time after the break up it’s important that this meeting be cordial, light, and brief. You are working to restore the lines of communication that may have suffered after the break up. You do no want to bring up old relationship issues now. That can create arguments, fights, and ill feelings toward each other that neither of you are ready to deal with yet.

What you want is small talk. You’re just checking in on her, letting her know you’re still around, and have made some changes in your life. That is all you want out of this meeting.

The bridge must be rebuilt and it can’t be rebuilt in one meeting and definitely not in the first meeting. Be polite, brief, and try to make it fun, but also keep it short. There will be a time and a place to explore this deeper when you meet her again.

You can follow these tips and get your ex girlfriend back quickly if you stick to them and understand why they must happen the way they do. It will take work from both sides. Since you can only change yourself, and have no power to make you ex change, you must change what you have control over first. These steps will set you on the proper path to getting your ex girlfriend back.
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How Do I Get My Ex Boyfriend Back Three Answers To A Tough Question

I have to admit, when my boyfriend of several years decided he needed a break from our relationship, just about all I could think of was “How do I get my ex boyfriend back now?”

I was as stressed out as any other woman would be in that situation, but when I really sat down to think about it, I saw there were basically three different answers to the old question of “How do I get my ex boyfriend back?” I’ve listed them all for you here.

Option #1: Go to him

If you’ve just broken up, this is probably the method your heart’s telling you—no, screaming for you—to use. You want to drive down to his house with French maid’s outfit and a bottle of massage oil and apologize, beg, and bat your eyelashes until he forgives you.

Unfortunately, next to actually running over his dog, this is probably the very best way to make sure the break up is final. It makes you look emotionally unstable and like someone who can’t really handle life on their own.

Sometimes those tearful, lovelorn pleas work on us gals, but they usually have the opposite effect on men, who aren’t as comfortable with open displays of emotion as we are. For this reason, even a little thing like sending a mushy love letter is just a bad idea. That’s why I decided this wasn’t the answer to the question of how do I get my ex boyfriend back.

Option #2: Let him come to you!

No! I don’t mean sitting by the phone all night praying for him to call. I mean going about your life as if you’d never met Mr. what’s-his-name, only stopping to let any mutual friend of yours know that you’re still single and theoretically willing to speak to your ex.

If you honestly think your guy will soon come to realize what a mistake it was to let you go (eg. he’s done this before), you’re probably safe with this route. Otherwise, though, it’s fairly risky.

You’re counting on the fact that he’s still thinking about you when in fact he could be off on Caribbean cruise thinking about anything but his ex girlfriend.

Option #3: Work through friends!

Recruiting mutual friends to help in reuniting you and your guy is not only effective, it’s also a perfectly respectable, unlike the French maid outfit thing. The reason this works is because his friends will be able to frame your outpouring of longing in the way your guy can relate to and, more importantly, that doesn’t freak him out.

The trick here is to choose one and only one of his friends to help you out. Don’t start calling everyone whose number you have in hopes of overwhelming him with attacks from all sides.

You’ll both dilute the effect and make yourself look desperate. Just pick one friend and ask if they’d been willing to convey a message to your ex. If they are, be as open an honest as you can be about what happened and how you’re feeling.

I can tell you, sitting home wondering “How do I get my ex boyfriend back?” won’t do you much good. Ultimately, you have the best chance of winning him back by enlisting a friend of his for help. But, you can improve on the options above by seeking the advice of a professional relationship therapist.
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