Royal Treatment Begets Royal Results

Royal Treatment Begets Royal Results

While men strive to appear to the outward world as unflinching heroes, their armor falls away exposing them for the creatures they truly are. Most men long to be respected, given space to not let stress consume them and then reflect those same things back upon the one they love. Taking this approach can be challenging as it means placing trust in the eventual outcome. Often the rewards far outweigh the effort.

Stepping to Royalty

Relationships and moving within them operate within a paradigm giving the impression of ease. As with most things, the nuances of these steps require far more energy than first expected.

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* Listen to What He Says and Does Not Say: Everyone, even those who turn out to be the most guarded, end up disclosing exactly what they want. Taking note of what is being shared gives a window into the other person’s heart. Unfortunately, the window is often opaque requiring occasional questions to make sure things are on the right track.

* Time with Other Guys: Encouraging him to spend time with his friends proves important. Some men either bury the part of them which needs masculine friendship or they selfishly rip it away from other things. Imagining how he would respond if the pressure was removed by granting him freedom to do it as he decided makes the gift bestowed even sweeter. He will be glad even if he does not understand why.

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Royal Treatment Begets Royal Results

* Share His Experiences: By making sure to do things with him, he will notice a desire to be included. There will be times or events he may not wish to share, but his appreciation may grow with the offer. Approaching these things with an open mind shows him how invested you are in him and what he likes.

* Let Him Hear from You: Knowing their woman fights along side them, sees the things they do and wants the best for them bolsters men and feeds them with confidence they sometimes feel fading. Being encouraging seems like a small thing. Good men only need a little nudge to remind them how much better their life is with you in it.

Royal Benefits:

Seeing direct responses to actions leads to positive outpouring from one partner to another. Let’s see how they manifest themselves in relation to the four steps.

* He Hears You: A man heard by his partner will extend the same courtesy.
* He Treasures Time with You: With time away, he will see how nice it is to be around their partner.
* He Pursues Your Interests: With a lack of securing things for himself, he will be more inclined to experience some of your interests without any cajoling necessary.
* He Encourages You: He, filled with confidence and security, will pour the same qualities out in return.

These qualities on both sides need to flow from a place of love. No one should ever feel compelled to only give and never receive anything in return. Also, taking these steps with only a view toward the outcome poisons what is growing within the relationship. A man who feels safe, secure and respected will want to make sure you feel the same things and much more.

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Speaking to a Partner’s Love Language

Gary Chapman, in his best selling book, outlined the concept of love languages. He broke them down in general categories and posited everyone has a particular language to which they respond. Most people give in a language they desire. Unfortunately, being paired with someone possessing an identical love language is quite rare. More often than not, a partner needs something requiring sacrifice and practice to speak to them in a ways they truly value. This makes understanding all the love languages critical for open communication and deepen intimacy.

Gifts In some ways, this seems like the simplest love language

because one buys something for their partner and it is done. Those who respond to this language do not point to the gift itself. The gift represents everything else involved. Things like time, attention and effort all meld to elevate the item from a “gift” to a representation of the the other’s heart. In a gift card obsessed culture where no one wants to get the “wrong” thing, a thoughtful, specific item speaking directly to a partner’s interests goes a long way to bring two people closer together.


For this group, the presence of the one they care about can be enough. Think of a cold day when the wind blows and sleet hits the windows. Sitting next to a fire and having one’s partner there warms more than the body. It warms the heart. Too often, a person can get too focused on doing things or providing an experience. Those with the love language of time only want to know they matter enough to be with.

love language
love language


Words trip people up as society moves ever farther from a place where words hold sway. Take all sorts of social media with their emojis or pictures substituted for a well timed word. People who need words do not seek eloquence. They only want to hear the truth about themselves from their partner’s heart. It can take the form of a poem, a song or a simple whispered “I love you” followed by a pet name. Because of this, they feel seen and heard by the one they love.


This sounds really big as a love language complete with grand gestures or arduous tasks. The simplest way to understand this is think of the worst household chore. It varies, but everyone has one. Now, imagine arriving home with the task completed unexpectedly. Service is doing things for the partner they may always have to do or put off doing. This lightens their burden. But deeper than merely doing a chore for them, the partner sees how the rest of their work is acknowledged and seen.


Before this turns to more adult topics, because almost no one can resist those touches, this love language centers on more G and PG touching. Holding hands, snuggling on the couch and a good old fashioned hug passes affection to those with this love language. One of the biggest challenges for people with this love language occurs when the relationship has been well established and most of the early playfulness and touching vanishes. They need skin to skin contact to know their partner is close and cares.

Almost everyone has a dominant and secondary love language where they receive the majority of the reinforcement of connection. However, everyone should receive a variety of love from all these categories because it touches them in a variety of ways at different times. Words of love can impact those longing for touch as much as a tight hug. The important thing is to take the time, get to know what a partner needs and then strive to fill them with as much love as possible.

Your Ex is Dating Again…Is It Too Late to Make Up?

Your Ex is Dating Again…Is It Too Late to Make Up?

A common truism for couples who have separated is the door on any future romance has been closed. While true in most respects, one does not need to surrender to an inevitable condition when an ex begins dating someone new.

Realistic expectations, relational growth and mature friendship must exist if things will return to a place where romance rises again. Seeing these roles for what they truly mean and implementing key changes offer a chance for love.

The Ex pectation Experiment

People often believe they possess a clear understanding of what they want. Unfortunately, they rarely take into account how their view might be skewed. Several things kick expectations from realistic to unrealistic.

Wrap him around your finger.

* The End: A blind eye to how the relationship ended may cause either an overly sunny or cloudy view of things.
* A Hard Inward Look: Most individuals find evaluating their part in the end of the relationship too great a challenge.
* Outside Factors: Stress caused by finances, differing worldviews and countless other factors shrink when seeking to reestablish the relationship.

Taking all of this into account, one must spend an adequate amount of time assessing both what happened and their part in the relationship and its dissolution. Those willing to work hard to secure a clear vision will be in a place to take the next step if the relationship can be renewed.

Being Whole and Solid

At the end of a relationship, people can long to rush back into the comfort of any coupling. People may find themselves back in situations seeking unhealthy things for themselves, hurting those they are with or both.

Youve had my heart since hello ex

Keeping a clear vision, someone needs to come from a place where they are healthy including the body, mind and heart. This means finding other connections which will prevent their ex from assuming the only reason for their presence is romance. The hardest part of this step centers around genuinely seeing others and not using them to hold a place for the relationship they are waiting for.

A Friendly Foundation

For there to be any chance of a rekindled romantic relationship, a true friendship must exist. The prospect of being friends sounds easy on the surface because of the dynamic affection once existing between the two people. Unfortunately, several small patches lead to perilous pitfalls.

* Can’t Be Fake: Pretense of friendship will always be discovered because it cannot be maintained.
* Honest Talk: Good friends share in the ups and downs of one another’s life and hearing about growing love stabs deep into the softest places.
* Willing Joy: More than hearing alone, a friend will cultivate the happiness of the other selflessly, even when they are not the source of joy.

Only from a place of honest friendship can one hope to return to the deep held place of love in the heart of a former lover. This bears out because you will demonstrate your care for them. By witnessing it first hand, they may be warmed beyond what once existed.

This process will never be easy because it requires a strength and selflessness most people would prefer never to test. But then love is often the sweetest when borne through sacrifice, honesty and care. Being that for someone allows for old wounds to be healed and a future to flourish.

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What To Expect As A Modern Woman Going Through A Divorce

What To Expect As A Modern Woman Going Through A Divorce

by Leeanne Kunnert

No one going through a divorce is an expert on the subject. Every divorce is unique and offers a different set of challenges. There are common mistakes that are frequently made with unexpected results that occur in one form or another when a woman is going through the divorce process. In this installment our divorce attorneys will share information that they have been given that helps women het through their own divorces both financially and emotionally.


Not only does the divorce itself take awhile the finality of it tends to take a long time to recover from. This is natural and should be taken in stride. You will recover from your divorce. It may take you a longer period of time than it did your best friend, your sister or co-worker, but it will happen. There will be days you can barley function while others where you are concurring the world. Surround yourself with a variety of support systems and continue to move through the process until one day you wake up, and it is not the first thing you think about.

The divorce attorney you choose is important. Don’t settle for a criminal defense attorney, a probate attorney or any other type other than a family law attorney that specializes in divorce, child custody, alimony with a focus on women’s rights in divorce. A local divorce attorney specializing in family law will get you a better settlement than anyone else. They are versed in divorce proceedings, local judges and other local attorneys. They will work the system to make sure you come out on top.

Away From Each Other

Dig into your finances. Don’t let your spouse tell you what you have and what you don’t have. It is important to gain access to all financial documentation that either one of you possesses. So many divorces occur because of financial disagreements. Before you even file or your spouse gets wind that you plan to leave start to organize and access all of your joint accounts and all of the single accounts you both have. Online passwords should be documented along with the name and account number of all accounts that are held by either of you or jointly. The more information you gather the better off you will end up financially once the marriage dissolves.

Consider how much it will cost you to live independently. The well being of you and your children will depend a lot on the financial aspect of the divorce. Estimate high on living expenses and such. Don’t let the emotions of the divorce get in the way of ensuring that you are your children will continue to live the lifestyle you have become accustomed to. Keep in mind incidentals that may not be able to be kept after the divorce such as health care. If your spouse is currently carrying insurance on you and the kids it needs to be specified that this will continue or that they will compensate the loss out of pocket.

The goal in any divorce is to split from one another. It is not important who is at fault and trying to get back at one another only leads to more problems in the end. Leave the complicated stuff to the divorce attorneys to work out and start fresh. Your ex will more than likely be willing to comply with what you are asking for if the proceedings are coming along without a lot of drama. Both parties are looking for a clean break and a fresh start to move on. Your divorce frees you from any obligation you had to your spouse. It is a perfect time to head out into the world and become the you that may have been oppressed in your marriage.

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The Extraordinary Magic of Self Love!


 The Extraordinary Magic of Self Love!

By Jafree Ozwald & Margot Zaher

“Love gives you the first insight into eternity. Love is the only experience that transcends time. That’s why lovers are not afraid of death. Love knows no death.” ~Osho

How often do you have unconditional love and deep acceptance for yourself just they way you are? Many of us get wrapped up in looking for approval, appreciation, acceptance and love from the outer world, and don’t realize that there is a vast infinite supply of it already within. Self love is one of the most powerful habits and healing gifts that you can learn to give yourself. You are truly the only one who can be there 100% for you, and accept who you are no matter what happens in your life. While other people may have a deep appreciation for you, only you have the power to let in their love and feel it inside. The interesting thing is that you are only able to feel another person’s love for you when self love is present in your life. By loving yourself, you allow in love from “outside” yourself.

“Appreciation of others and the appreciation of your self is the closest vibrational match to your Source Energy of anything that we’ve ever witnessed anywhere.” ~Abraham-Hicks

When you activate the habit of letting in deeper feelings of self acceptance and self love, the world becomes a truly magical place. By bathing in the vibration of love, you actually experience the entire world from a softer more empowered perspective. The mundane becomes sacred, and everyone you meet feels deeply connected with the Divine. The simplest of experiences you have each day become doorways to the Divine. There is a higher awareness in you of a natural effortless connection with your Divine Essence. This helps you to receive the most loving relationships, abundant wealth, peak health, and most satisfying career in your life!

One of the magical aspects of practicing Self Love is that it becomes super easy to manifest anything you want into your life. The vibration of love is the foundation for manifesting the highest levels of success in this material world. When you completely love and accept all aspects of yourself, you send out such a strong energetic vibration into the Universe that you become a massive manifesting magnet! You’ll experience that everyone and everything around you simply wants more of whatever you’e got! Even if someone just receives one brief glance flowing from this deeper self loving feeling inside, they can be intimately impacted for the rest of their life.

“You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.” ~ Siddhartha Gautama (The Buddha)

The energy of love physically vibrates at a much higher frequency than any other emotion we can choose. Those lower vibrational feelings such as fear, greed, lack, impatience, or frustration only block you from manifesting everything your heart desires. Through increased levels of Self love you will naturally shift the vibration within your mind-body, transforming yourself into a powerful Source of magnetic energy that attracts those divine experiences, relationships, and financial opportunities into your life! We’ve found that the more love you shower onto yourself, the more the Universe showers its abundance of every kind onto you.

Youre my passion love you forever
The Extraordinary Magic of Self Love

The people who don’t make loving themselves a priority in their day are usually caught in a belief that loving yourself is selfish and egotistical. This type of self love we’re referring to is not egocentric, yet one that truly goes beyond the ego and can heal every needy, wounded, angry, prideful part inside you. This true self love is more heart-centered, and is about moving through those feelings of being a separate needy ego. It’s about finding that direct connection to the infinite source at the very core of your being.

“The more you judge, the less you love.” ~Honore de Balzac

Discovering this true Self Love is like believing you were the moon, who needed light and warmth from others on the outside, so that you could reflect that energy back to everyone. Then one day you realized that this love is not coming from outside you, but inside, and that you are truly the Sun who is always radiating, and shining its light onto everyone and everything. When you turn you attention to WHERE the source of love is right now, you simply find out that you were always the Sun and forever will be this brilliant loving light.

“If the light is in one room, the only way to light up the other room is to open the door. The only way to discover new things is to open your mind.” ~Allen Steble

What’s even more interesting about loving yourself is the physical impact it has on your health. The vibration of love has also been scientifically proven to alter the shape and structure of actual water molecules. Since your physical body is made up of more than 70% water, it is continuously impacted by vibrations of negative or positive words you send into it. According to many scientific studies done on water molecules, your physical body is directly affected by the words, sounds and thoughts it is exposed to. When you send your body loving thoughts and energy, each cell in your body actually relaxes and takes on a healthier more powerful configuration. It has also been proven that strong states of Self love boost the immune system in our body, allowing us to more effectively fight off invading mirco-organisms and viruses.

“Love is letting go of fear.” Gerald Jampolsky

You may equate imbuing your body-mind with Self love like putting high performance rocket fuel into your body’s engine. It supports the entire organism in running more smoothly and operating at a peak state of health and well-being. Self love will literally create a physical healing in the body. The more loving energy you send towards yourself and towards each cell in your body, the healthier you will be and the more energy you will have.

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Sending you soooo much love,
Margot and Jafree

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How to Manifest An Amazing Intimate Relationship!

How to Manifest An Amazing Intimate Relationship!

Written by Jafree Ozwald & Margot Zaher

There are many things you can do to manifest an amazing intimate relationship, yet one of the fastest and most effective methods is keeping your attention on what you LIKE about the person, instead of what you DON’T like.  Whatever you put your attention on expands and grows, so why not look for what is Divine rather than hideous?  Whenever you find something negative in someone there’s that judgmental part in you secretly holding an attachment to what they “should” be.   Everybody is exactly the way they need to be right now.  The Universe is always exactly the way it should be in every moment!  Realize the deeper truth in this and you’ll free your energy up to attracting that amazing intimate connection that feels like you’re living in that sacred special loving paradise everyday.

“We waste time looking for the perfect lover, instead of creating the perfect love.”  ~ Tom Robbins

The Universe is really quite brilliant in many amazing ways.  It is designed to awaken each of us to our infinite path, purpose and potentiality.  If you are going to discover your deepest spiritual depth and truly learn all the life lessons you are here to learn, you MUST open up and deepen in intimacy with someone.  An intimate open loving relationship is your ULTIMATE teacher, because it forces you to go deeper inside and heal all those wounded parts that feel unworthy of love.  Without true intimacy the mind will just make up stories that your relationship is O.K. as it is and while deeper inside you really feel disconnected from your partner.  Only through opening up to deeper intimacy can you discover total healing and the real reason why you are on this amazing journey called Life.

“If you want a place in the sun, you have to put up with a few blisters.” ~Abigail Van Buren

Intimacy (into-you-me-see) can be uncomfortable at first, especially when you have to look at parts of yourself that you don’t like to look at.  Yet, it invites you to release attachment from any protected, defended, velvet rut of an ego-trip, and forces you to reveal the most Divine aspects of your Being.  Sharing your heart openly, vulnerably and freely with another is the strongest and most courageous thing a person can do on this Earth.  The ultimate result is total freedom from suffering.  Sure, intimacy is like anything in life, it contains both the negative and positive aspects depending on how you view it.  Yet, on the path that truly fulfills your soul, intimacy creates a depth in understanding your real self that goes beyond anything you can do in your cave alone.

If you want to start manifesting a more intimate relationship today, here are some helpful techniques to get you started:

1.  Ask the Universe for what you want!  Yes, go ahead and simply ask for more intimacy (and the courage to ask for it) instead of just settling for the connection that you may be tolerating and coping with.  If your relationship is not satisfying to your soul, you are not standing up for what you want.  Imagine what that connection FEELS like and request the Universe sends it your way A.S.A.P!  Be brave!  Start by first focusing on the highest Source of consciousness, ask it to help you find what you honestly want, know that the Universe is listening and trust in whatever happens next!

how to manifest an amazing intimate relationship
how to manifest an amazing intimate relationship

2. Create intimacy with yourself first.  A deeply intimate loving relationship with anyone always starts with discovering a intimacy within yourself.  You can only attract intimacy on the outer if you find it first on your inner world.  Someone can only love and respect you when you love and respect yourself.  If you are afraid of getting hurt by opening to more intimacy, it means you haven’t yet been intimate with this part of you that is still afraid and protecting itself from being hurt.  By being intimate with your inner world, you open the door for others to come inside and help you to discover the Divine Being you truly are.

3.  Practice being more intimate everyday.  One thing we don’t have is a shortage of human beings on this planet.  There are over 6 billion people here today and some will instantly be intimate with you, while others currently have the ability to be cold, distant, prickly and protected.  You deserve the fuzzy warm heart connection you want today!  Affirm to the Universe that everyday you are opening to more intimacy with whomever can open to you.  Don’t wait forever for the one you are in relationship with to open up to you.  If they are blocked, send them lots of love, be with them as deeply as they’ll allow you, and continue on your journey to discover who you truly are.  Once they see that you are FREE and finding heart opening connections with others they will have to break through their inner armor and melt those barriers to love inside.  Finding intimacy for yourself helps them to initiate their healing process.

4. Let go of ALL expectations. Your mind probably has many preconceived ideas of what intimacy should and should not look like.  Remember that these are just concepts about love and ANY attachment to these concepts will limit your ability to experience a deeper intimacy within yourself.  The purpose of intimacy is to be able to fully HEAL all your hidden wounded parts and constantly BE this open unlimited unstoppable loving being.  Why else are you are?  Stop playing small and living under the thumb of others expectations of you!

Start noticing how free you really are.  When you drop these expectations you’ll be able to manifest a soul-to-soul connection that has TONS of intimate eye/heart contact and have healthy boundaries with them. This is your life, if you don’t start living it today you will just postpone it forever and never be alive.  You may miss one of the greatest experiences of life if you don’t create a heart felt open minded intimate connection with another person.  If you’d like assistance creating this connection, apply the secrets found in Chapter 11 of our Manifesting Manual found in our 90 Day Manifesting Program!  Instantly download this amazing program by Clicking Here Now!

Sending you much love and many blessings to you,
Margot and Jafree

Overcoming Common Obstacles

Overcoming Common Obstacles

No relationship escapes unscathed from struggles. Cemented into the DNA of people, relationships and most complex mechanical systems – consider a delicate household appliance like a refrigerator – is the potential for entropy. This makes maintaining a relationship infinitely more troublesome. Those involved must look ahead to stressful events, communication and behaviors in order to prevent being enmeshed in a state of decay. Awareness alone will not prevent these events. They do offer an initial path for couples to tread.

Events obstacles

Any number of milestones or interactions for a couple can be stressful bringing about arguments, hurt feelings and miscommunication. Individuals carry their own insecurities into these areas. Sometimes the fears become supercharged in the environment.

Starting Out: After the hurdle of securing or agreeing to a first date, people find themselves stressing about the things they need to do in order to present the best side of themselves. They may suppress aspects of their personality. Someone might also, in a bout of nervousness, come across as more passionate about a minor issue projecting an overly passionate part of who they are.
* Solution: Take the pressure off and strive to get to know each other. It is also wise to put aside excessive analysis in the early stages.

As a Unit: Once established, a couple, longing to present a united front, may come off as overbearing. Friends are an excellent gauge as to how suitable another person seems. Defending the relationship, especially early on, is natural. It should never take the tone of repellent.
* Solution: Consider the opinions of friends and the other person. Friends might have insight while wanting to keep things as they are. A new partner may be hurt by emotional static and lash out to defend themselves.

Overcoming Common Obstacles

The Parents: No couple relishes the prospect to taking the a new partner to meet their parents. Emotionally, it can feel like the friends introduction dialed up to 11 because the partner is on extremely unfamiliar turf. Combine their uneasiness with the presenter’s own feeling and the wheels can wobble or fall off before the relationship is out of the garage.
* Solution: Wait until things are stable in the relationship. This is not a week one or two action. Also, prepare both sides by encouraging them both to be open to one another.

Communication obstacles

Several couples struggle with communication, especially early on, as they are trying to be heard. It is important to remember this and a few simple ideas.

* Less talking, more listening: Take the time to hear and understand the other person before reacting.
* Say what you mean: Expressing oneself in a careful, clear manner can be difficult, but saves feelings and time.
* Watch for problem issues: Assess issues while avoiding the spiral of convincing the other. That way lies madness.
* See their side: Everyone tends to assume they have the clearest insight. Second looks are good. As are thirds and fourths.
* Take a minute: If things get heated, step away and cool down because these words cause the most damage.

Behaviors obstacles

People present themselves most often as infallible or smooth or without blemish. Each person in relationships seeks to do this even after they have been with one another for long periods of time. In light of this, it is important to recall everyone has bad days, feels insecure, possesses embarrassing bodily functions and a myriad of other difficulties. Just as no one should be elevated to the pinnacle of personhood on their very best of days, neither should they be cast to the pit when accidentally breaking wind at a dinner party. Remembering to extend sufficient grace makes the other person feel safe and loved.

Hurdles happen in relationships. No couple will bypass them all. For this reason, everyone needs and should extend gentleness, kindness and love to each other in equal measure to what they need. And then a little extra because everyone needs more than they realize.

Financial Pairing

Financial Pairing

Finances prove to be one of the hottest of hot button issues for couples because money, like many other items, reveal a great deal through a subconscious vector about an individual’s beliefs and needs.
Couples sometimes are unaware of what their fighting about when money comes into the picture. Being aware of potential pitfalls and finding the correct ways to address them gives couple the ammunition they require to come out the other side stronger and better prepared for the future.

Potential Pitfalls

By their definition, couples faced with areas of concern need to spot them before they engulf their vision. While possible to slog through a deep puddling, it is always much easier to walk around it remaining dry. The best way to redirect is through seeing the obstacle approaching from the horizon. Let’s look at some concerning areas.

Values: Individuals may value money differently. Often this comes from the example set at home when they were growing up. The strange thing is a full disclosure of the past will not indicate where those values lie.


For instance, someone growing up with a great deal of financial security may cause them to devalue or overvalue money. The same can be said when someone grows up with very little money. This sort of conversation requires couples to dig into more than the financial setting they desire.

Fighting: With the varied values, a fight about money causes deeper emotions to be stirred. If a person feels their being judged for decisions they make with money, this could cause them to lash out. Couples need to accept the person for where they are, seek to understand one another and minimize the tendency to shame the other person.

Familiar Patterns: Growing up, certain pattern will have been established. Couples who saw their father keeping a strong eye on the finances may see their role in relation to the history.

This becomes challenging when one or the other excels at an area where they expect the other to take the lead. Couples need to avoid doing what is expected because it places their financial security and relationship at risk.

Excelling Beyond the Pitfalls

Couples possess keys to succeeding with their finances. None are more important their unity and communication. By discussing the problems at hand, couples can combat the financial problems they face.

Financial Pairing
Financial Pairing

* Connected Finances: Though frightening, couples who meld their finances into a single account stand a better chance of succeeding.

* Debt: There is no their debt or your debt. There is only debt. Couples need to attack the debt as a unit to be free of it sooner and possess a common goal.

* Budgets: Both partners spend, so both partners need to have a hand in budgeting. This prevents confusion or possible fights about perceived overspending by one partner or the other.

* Invest: While planning for the future, this includes investing. One may do the research and take the lead, but this is not a one person show because both lives are tied to what happens with the investments.

* Secret Free: Not hiding spending from the other person is important. These types of secrets, though appearing harmless on the surface, undermine the financial trust and places the relationship at risk.

Couples heading into the future with open eyes and strong partnership stand the best chance of surviving. Attacking finances as two independent contractors leads to greater strife.

Talking about the things they face and remaining unified in the face of all tendencies to the contrary ends up being the best course. Be strong and talk. The result will be happier and more stable home.

The Journey Of Forgiveness

The Journey Of Forgiveness

by Peter James Field

Are you coping with a damaging scenario that may be taking much too much emotional energy? It’s possible you have been hurt in a love relationship or cheated monetarily. Possibly the damaging mindset or behavior of a friend, member of the family, co-worker or neighbor continues to antagonize you at the same time.

Reaching farther back, do concerns from childhood still haunt as well as cause you a great deal of harm?

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There’s a method to reduce your load, claim back your life and have things back on track. That way is forgiveness. Working through a process that leads to forgiveness is a potent antidote to psychological pain. Releasing negative emotions along with arriving at that place where forgiveness can be done is the obvious way to move forward with your life.

For those who have been hurt by another, you might pause to ask, ‘Could forgiving somebody end up being self-defeating — even dangerous? What if I forgive and then find this person returning to hurt me yet again?’

Keep in mind that you are able to implement measures for self-protection and still work towards forgiveness. You can decide to ask for suitable safeguard in the event another person is harassing you, for example. Or maybe, it is possible to move away from the person who’s interfering with your life. Forgiveness does not imply foolishness. It may have been a pricey lesson, but the learning is yours now.

By learning the way to forgive, many of us take back whatever strength we might previously have lost. If it’s appropriate to tell the other person that we choose to forgive them, this may diffuse tension also. Once verbalize our forgiveness, it can alleviate tension, bringing with it a calmness that had previously been denied. Alternatively, wemay choose to forgive and not tell the person who has injured us, and this also is fine, too.

Perhaps we can see forgiveness like a boundary, a thing that restricts negative energy from actively poisoning our personal space. Once we forgive, we’re proactively stating, ‘I release my self as well as my emotions from your grip. I’ll not hate you. I will not allow that damaging energy to influence my life.’


Most importantly, remember that forgiveness is for you – not really for the person you need to forgive – something that frees you from the debilitating emotional weight of the past and its damages. In forgiving you really will find the inner equilibrium that you deserve.

The process of forgiving, of shifting from anxiety and hurt to a much more tranquil, balanced internal state, requires us to consider what took place. The person or people who have hurt us had reason behind what they did, whether or not they or we understand those reasons. Most likely they too, in their own special way, have been the victim of others, harmed or damaged by their own particular past. While there may be missing parts and pieces in the puzzle, it is we, and not they, who make a decision on how we choose to respond to what has took place.

Through this process we may reach a far more profound understanding: though we’ve been treated unjustly or unkindly, it is now firmly in the past. And it is there that it needs to remain if we are to move forward with our life in a much more balanced, and much freer manner.

Reaching the place where forgiveness is possible cannot be accomplished immediately. It can take time to work through the pain. Therapy, support groups, or self-help tools can all be profoundly helpful. It’s perfectly okay to fully recognize the true impact of what the person or people did. Anything less is not honoring ourself. It’s healthy to get all of it out in the open.

Taking the high road is always the mature, benevolent and sensible thing to do. However, proactively choosing to let go is different from ignoring the facts. To forgive does not mean that we forget. The purpose of forgiveness is to release yourself from the anger, the hurt and the hate, not to deny what took place.

For anyone who is hurting and filled with anger, perhaps forgiveness really is the key that can unlock those shackles that are keeping you in pain. Finding your own way to forgive may not be straightforward, but it is one of the most liberating things you can possibly do. Maybe now is the time to let go of the past and forgive. Your life awaits you, and there is no real need to delay. Begin your journey of forgiveness right now and move forward a much wiser, more balanced person.

This really is your life, isn’t it finally time to live it?

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Peter Field is a leading British therapist, and Fellow of the Royal Society of Health. His hypnotherapy Birmingham practice provides hypnosis services throughout the West Midlands. For more information please visit his hypnotherapy website at Peter’s ‘Letting Go of the Past’ self hypnosis MP3 download and CD is now available at


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Mind Secrets Exposed

Mind Secrets Exposed

I am no stranger to self-help books. I’ve read dozens of them over the past few years and I’ve come to same conclusion most of you have – they don’t really work.

Well, that’s not quite true. There are some shining gems that actually give what they promise and actually provide quality content. And Mind Secrets Exposed is one of those few examples of a great self-help book that actually delivers on its promise.

Greg Frost is the brains behind Mind Secrets Exposed and his latest offering focuses on the enhancing the power of the mind so that it can accomplish great things. Mind Secrets Exposed is a comprehensive guide on harnessing the power of the mind and tapping into its hidden potential and channeling it into success and happiness.

With Mind Secrets Exposed, readers are promised the ability to gain success, wealth, happiness, peace and anything else they would like to accomplish or have. I am glad to say that it doesn’t disappoint. Mind Secrets Exposed comes in two formats – an e-book and an audiobook, the standard for self-help books.

The book is written in a personal and casual manner, such that even the most novice of readers can grasp the concepts easily. Each chapter ends with action steps that provide tips and advice on implementing the chapter’s lessons into the reader’s daily life. These action steps are a welcome addition to the book, as it provides impetus and direction for the reader to take action – this way, the lessons in the book become more than just words and concepts and is turned into actual results.

mind secrets exposed
mind secrets exposed

Mind Secrets Exposed does not provide a quick and dirty scheme for becoming a better person – those books generally deal in myth and are typically not worth your money. Instead, Mind Secrets Exposed can turn you in a better person and a success machine with some investment in time and effort.

Beyond the book itself, Greg Frost has also included Quick Wealth System, which is a fast and easy training program on creating wealth in your life and a monthly newsletter that provides even more content dealing with success, the workings of the brain as well as a motivational and success coaching program.

The monthly newsletter, known as Success Monthly, is another highlight of Mind Secrets Exposed. It is a comprehensive guide on success, motivation and becoming an achiever and its articles and videos cover a wide range of topics that self-help enthusiasts will find incredibly useful. Probably the best feature of Success Monthly is a coaching program that aims to harness and improve your ability to achieve success and greatness. The coaching program is a great addition and supplement to the book itself, adding a more immediate and constant guide for readers who want to accomplish their goals.

Success Monthly is offered via a monthly membership scheme, but the first month is free for anyone who buys Mind Secrets Exposed. While paying a monthly fee might sound like too much of an investment for some, the content provided in the first month is enough to convince me to maintain my membership.

All in all, Mind Secrets Exposed is a fantastic addition to any library and is a must-read for anyone who is interested in unlocking the mind’s full potential. The book promises to turn you into an achiever and a person capable of accomplishing anything and it delivers on that promise in spades.

I heartily recommend this book and it’s a great investment – don’t lose out on your chance to join the ranks of the elite!