Critical Concerns for Opening Dates

Critical Concerns for Opening Dates

Several comedians state most of the early dates occur between a couple’s representatives. While a humorous assessment, this should not be a stealth operation to pose as something other than oneself. People need to be aware of possible pitfalls to avoid accidentally hurting the other person’s feelings and hampering a future relationship with a potential partner. Taking basics into account may ease things in the right direction.


Restaurants can be tricky for initial meetings. Individual tastes and atmosphere create either a lovely setting or a maelstrom. As a rule, select a quiet and reputable location with a wide variety of dining options. It is also wise to ask questions of the person’s tastes and food allergies.

Outdoor settings can be excellent for spring, early summer and fall dates. Some cities or towns have gatherings of food trucks, art fairs and concerts. The casual nature of these events permits couples to pick and chose activities, find an out of the way place for a conversation and keep moving when things slow down.


Making a plan may sound overly complicated or lacking spontaneity. While over planning or falling into a familiar pattern can be a risk, many people note several positive aspects when someone takes the time to plan ahead.

* Respect for the person being wooed.
* Flexibility when things don’t go as planned.
* Illustrate individual interests.
* Gives both people a chance to witness one another in a unique setting.


While on the date, one needs to permit multiple levels of conversation to occur. Such an environment disseminates more than information. Things like personal tastes, life experiences and much more flows out of discussions. More conversation always allows for the couple to secure a clearer picture of one another.

Asking questions is the greatest way to find out about a person. It sounds simple. Unfortunately, people overlook well placed questions because they might be too busy sharing what makes them special. But be careful come across as an investigative reporter. Some people, out of genuine interest, ask numerous questions without sharing about themselves leaving no impression. There needs to be a balance of give and take.

It would be easy to enter into the date as an open book willing to share anything and everything. Bear in mind, not everyone may share such a free spirit. After hearing about a particularly bad break up, they may opt out of any future dates. Politics, past relationships and family traumas are best shared later when a good foundation has been set.


A polite ending to the evening often provides an opportunity for future closeness. This does not mean offering a handshake at the door. But a passionate kiss, like those seen in romantic comedies, should be saved for later. An important thing to recall is the scant amount of information shared leading up to and during the date. Making too strong show of affection might make the individual uncomfortable in an unsuspecting way.

Early dates, thought critical, rarely provide a full picture of what comes later in a the fullness of a relationship. Going slow, taking an interests and creating a best location for sharing clear the way for future growth. Patience and respect are often rewarded with greater intimacy. So take it easy. There is plenty of time.

Importance of Relational Respect

Importance of Relational Respect

In the early stages of a relationship, couples latch onto ethereal feelings of love, affection and physical attractions. When asked for key planks in a strong relational foundation, most long term partners state mutual respect as a source of strength and endurance. Researchers point to a link between love and respect in promoting healthier relationships. Seeing the power of respect, how it can be shown and its supercharging impact on love proves the critical nature of respect in a relationship.

Respect’s Power

The definition of respect notes “esteem for an intrinsic sense of worth.” Partners in relationship see the value of one another and this value flows from their essential person. Some may possess certain qualities respected by others like intelligence, compassion, wit or generosity. When asked to distill what they respect about a partner, a list of features morphs over time into the essence of the person. With a holistic view of respect, separation from qualities to the partner ceases to exist within the relationship.

Demonstrating Respect

The challenge in exhibiting respect for a partner centers around several behaviors issuing forth from a single heart. Respect proves impossible to show when it comes from a place of insincerity. The best avenue to demonstrate respect is by keeping the acts simple.

* Pay Attention: Awareness of what is happening shows care for the other person.
* Mean What You Say: Though it sounds simple, doing what one says and being on time points to the focus of respect.
* Remember Kindergarten: Be kind and polite because no one feels disrespected when treated humanely.

A kiss to say youre special and i respect you

* Build Them Up: Supporting a partner lets them know how strongly they are cared for and respected.
* Share Time, Energy and Thoughts: Hearing how they are being considered when not around cements a feeling of being seen.
* Apologize: Judiciously acknowledging a wrong done helps a partner know their feelings are being considered.
* Stand Guard: Act as a shield when they are not present to defend themselves and stand by them when they are.

In a mutually respectful relationship, both partners will be acting in this way, so it should never feel like a burden. The sensation will be closer to a strong team responding in unison to strengthen one another. A risk only exists when sincere respect erodes creating an imbalance. Communicating respect in verbal and non verbal ways will maintain a couple’s bond.

Love and Respect

Love powered by respect proves unstoppable. A relationship where the partners possess mutual respect means frank discussions about things occurring within and outside the relationship can take place. A disrespectful partner may resort to hiding feelings or undermine the other around friends and family. A lack of support eats away at the foundation of relationship leaving it vulnerable and unstable. Even the strongest love may buckle under repeated acts of disrespect leading to a collapse of the relationship.

Respect, like love, challenges a person to look outside of themselves to what their partner needs and deserves. While easier to take care of oneself, respect rewards couples with longer and more fruitful relationships. Both partners need to earn, receive and foster respect for the betterment of themselves, each other and their future together.

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How Do Endorphins From Exercise Help When You’re Depressed?

How Do Endorphins From Exercise Help When You’re Depressed?

by Samantha Knowles

Did you know that the hormones released when you exercise can actually help relieve depression? Endorphins are special hormones secreted in your brain, and also your nervous system, and they have a great deal to do with your mood. These peptides actually activate the same receptors kicked off by powerful, illegal and addictive drugs, without the dangerous and negative side effects. Put quite simply, working out and exercising can boost your mood, and make you feel happy and self-assured.

So, how do endorphins released when you exercise help improve your mood when you are depressed? It was in the 1970s when scientists began to study how the human brain interacts with opiates. Drugs like morphine and heroin cause a very pleasurable experience, but have obvious downsides. Researchers wanted to know how to duplicate the euphoric feelings which opiates deliver, without the accompanying damage and danger.

They found that specialized receptors in your cells, located primarily in your spinal cord and brain, block pain signals when endorphins are released. And endorphins are delivered when you exercise, workout, or eat hot peppers and some chocolates. Even when you have sex. Consider endorphins as your own private narcotic which is natural and healthy.

Unfortunately, even though this natural depression defense system can’t wait to go to work to improve your mood, make you feel happy and fulfilled, when you are depressed, working out or exercising is often the last thing on your mind.

How Do Endorphins From Exercise Help When You're Depressed?
How Do Endorphins From Exercise Help When You’re Depressed?

Just remember how good you felt the last time you exercised. Those “feel good” brain chemicals which are released, endorphins, ease depression, and actually reduce the bad immune system chemicals in your body, which can worsen depression. As you exercise your body temperature rises, which gives you a calming effect.

And emotionally, you gain confidence as you feel better and see your exercise goals and challenges achieved and overcome.

Endorphins are naturally released because of your inherent fight or flight response. Your brain thinks that your intense physical state may mean that you have to defend yourself. Because of this, your pain receptors are blocked, and your mood is enhanced. And all these powerful, positive mood boosters need is a little exercise to get them started.

Feeling down? Rather than doing nothing and miring in your blue mood, go for a jog, practice Pilates or yoga, lift some weights, or just turn up the music and dance. The endorphins released by your physical exertion and exercise will have you feeling happy and positive in no time.

More Information:

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Choosing A Healthy Divorce

Choosing A Healthy Divorce

by Leeanne Kunnert

Is there such thing as a healthy divorce? Does working with one attorney over another make a difference in the health of your relationships once your divorce is finalized? Believe it or not the attorney you choose to help you throughout your divorce really does change the outcome of your relationships with your ex and your children. Divorce is difficult. It is a time that catches you at anything but your best; that is one of the main reasons you need to find an attorney to compliment your end goals and desires. A divorce attorney that understands this will help make the process and end result easier to handle.

The first thing to understand is that your divorce is not a battle. Take the right approach from the start. Find a family law attorney that has this same mindset. Find an attorney that also doesn’t believe that divorce must be a combat situation. If you or your attorney go into the process concerned only with winning your divorce turns into a situation that is hurtful, angry and heated. This is especially harmful if children are involved. It is important that you work together with your ex. This will lead to a relationship after divorce that is cohesive and benefits the emotional well being of both you and your children.

There will be many things that will need to be divided up within your divorce. Consider joint assets for what they are and nothing more. Yes, the blanket that covered your couch may be super comfy but is it really worth fighting for? If your ex is really attached to a piece don’t fight them for it. It is more important that the division of assets is fair. If you choose to be cooperative throughout the process you will find this may entice your ex to do the same. Who cares if in the end you need to buy new dishes or sheets?

 Choosing A Healthy Divorce
Choosing A Healthy Divorce

It may be difficult to begin talking with your spouse about dividing your joint assets. One way to help ease this conversation is by starting out with a written list. Divide the joint assets up into three categories: things you really want, things you would like and things that don’t really matter. Compare the list you have created with the list your ex has come up with. What this accomplishes is a starting point. You may compare lists and realize that the things you both value are completely different and therefore easier to split. It also allows for a bit of negotiation as you may choose to give up some of those things that you would like in favor of more important pieces that you really want. You will find this true of your ex as well. Your divorce attorneys can set up a time for mediation where this can be discussed in a non-hostile manner.

It is important that you seek legal advice from an attorney that also believes in ending your marriage in a healthy manner. Having an attorney that helps you remain level headed throughout the divorce process will only help to facilitate a healthy end to your marriage and start to your new life.

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Womens success = Gender role reversals


by Lee Johnson

According to the Census Bureau(1), 685,000 men and 916,000 women graduated from college in 2009. That is 25% fewer men than women that graduate. In 2010, about 47% of the workforce was women. As women become the doctors, attorneys, and CEOs, the social culture around us will change. Since this educational trend is expected to continue, it will result in a gender role reversal as men realize the earning power of women. As women earn more and spend more time with careers, men will naturally take on more of the domestic responsibilities.

The result is a female culture that is moving forward by making society more humanitarian and less male oriented. Women infuse a more a compassionate and supportive role in relationships. Men tend to be a more business or task oriented. This transition has been going on for years, of course, but should reach a turning point as women surpass men as the primary household breadwinners.

Expect some male resistance to this re-balancing of leadership. Men have a long history of feeling dominant over women in the working world as evidenced by the existing wage gap and glass ceiling. Men have enjoyed a social culture that has rewarded them first. But, all cultures evolve based on survival needs and better social equality and understanding. This evolution is based on the practical needs of survival for the family unit.

Gender role reversals
Gender role reversals

As this male resistance occurs, women can explain that this change increases the security of the family unit financially and socially. Also, the male can now improve their relationships with their children and form a deeper bonds with increased time at home. To counter any resistance, men are more likely to enjoy domestic life with a little encouragement from you. You simply explain the benefits: no getting up early, no fighting traffic, no boss watching over you, no social pecking order to fit into, and no constant anxiety to perform better. That’s a lot of benefits just by staying home!

This natural social evolution is a win for both genders. The woman can more easily achieve her occupational and financial dreams, but still be involved at home at key times. The man will realize his deeper needs for bonding and care-taking in general and feel more connected his family. I expect our relationships with our partner will improve since equality is a better balance for cooperation and stability going forward. From: L. Johnson at


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Avoiding Conflict During Your Divorce

Avoiding Conflict During Your Divorce

by Leeanne Kunnert

The entire process of divorce is unpredictable. For many, divorce can feel like death. This is especially true for women who tend to process loss in a completely different manner then men. Women are filled with grief and a feeling of guilt. They feel as if they should have seen this coming and should have been able to fix it before it fell apart. As a divorce attorney one of the first things that we set out to do is to help women accept that their marriage is over and that there is nothing that they could have done to change the outcome.


Women must come to terms that they are simply not meant to be together any longer because they no longer bring happiness to one another. We also help them to understand it is possible to be decent to one another while proceeding through the divorce process. Below you will find some tips to help you, as a women/mother going through a divorce.

It is important to tread lightly and take each step of the divorce process as it comes along. Take time to finalize one relationship before getting involved in another. Your focus should be on transitioning your family unit into two pieces. No matter how cordial you are your ex are the process of divorce is challenging and confusing for all vested parties.


Time should be shared equally while reaching a custody agreement. If you choose not to spend time with your children they will resent you. If you take them away from their father and never allow them time to visit they will resent you. It is important to balance time with your children between the two of you. This will be difficult and may take time to understand but trust that it is beneficial for the unit on whole to keep a united front where your children are concerned.

When it comes to communicating, especially when children are involved, talk face-to-face, and never place your children in the middle. Talking face-to-face to one another makes it more difficult to slander one another. It is easy to text negativity to your ex but much more difficult to look someone you once loved in the eye and spew negative comments.

Going through a divorce is never easy. It is important that you seek counsel from a local divorce attorney as soon as you realize reconciliation is not going to occur. A divorce attorney will help guide you through the steps of the divorce process and will lead you to healthy support avenues along the way.

More Information:

Longton DM, a subsidiary of Longton Law Offices is a divorce attorney specializing in Women/Mom’s in divorce throughout Trenton and the surrounding Michigan areas. Find us at


3 Reasons Why Relationships Won’t Last Without Vulnerability

3 Reasons Why Relationships Won’t Last Without Vulnerability

by Shauna Holdaway

At the start of a relationship, vulnerability (or openness) is relatively easy. Both partners are on their best behavior, still in the infatuation phase. Once long-term relationships set in, however, vulnerability can take a back seat.

Although it may not be a natural reaction for humans whose internal instinct is self-preservation, vulnerability is vital. Even if marriage therapy is needed to help bring vulnerability into a relationship, it is worth it.

Here are the reasons why:

Vulnerability Begets Vulnerability

The natural reaction to an uncomfortable situation is to hole up and protect oneself, shielding any imperfect aspects from the world’s eyes. However, this often results in isolation. Especially in a marriage, vulnerability is needed in order to connect.

What most people don’t realize is that vulnerability begets vulnerability. An author known in Utah and nationwide for her research on vulnerability, Brené Brown, discusses this phenomenon in her book, “Daring Greatly.” She describes how we constantly seek vulnerability in other people. Meanwhile, we are not willing to display those emotions ourselves.

However, in order to receive that vulnerability from our partner, we must be willing to put ourselves out there first. Marriage therapy practices often urge one partner to open up first, and from there, the other partner usually feels better about opening up too.

Vulnerability is the Key to Intimacy

“There can be no intimacy—,” says Brown, “emotional intimacy, spiritual intimacy, physical intimacy—without vulnerability.”

Will be Eternal vulnerability

Not only does vulnerability beget vulnerability, it begets intimacy. Without intimacy, relationships can never reach their full potential and partners will be left feeling empty. Often, while undergoing marriage therapy in Utah or elsewhere, people blame this emptiness on their partner’s behavior.

Most of the time, any intimacy that was lost over the years from putting up personal shields can be quickly brought down with the freeing hammer of vulnerability. There is no getting close to someone without showing them who you really are.

Vulnerability Ultimately Prevents Divorce

Terry Gaspard, a licensed clinical social worker and writer for the Huffington Post, says that in over 20 years of conducting marriage therapy in Utah and across the U.S., she has realized that vulnerability is the key to making a relationship last.

She says that shame and fear often lead to power struggles between couples and ultimately divorce. Vulnerability is the medicine for this common plague among married partners. Whether from Utah or anywhere else, shame and fear are present in everyone. There is no way to get around it without the aid of vulnerability.

Keep these three reasons in mind for why vulnerability is not an option in relationships—it is an imperative part of making any marriage last.

Shauna Holdaway is a relationship writer reporter for Fusion 360, an SEO and content marketing agency. Information provided by Swinton Counseling.


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The Journey Of Forgiveness

The Journey Of Forgiveness

by Peter James Field

Are you coping with a damaging scenario that may be taking much too much emotional energy? It’s possible you have been hurt in a love relationship or cheated monetarily. Possibly the damaging mindset or behavior of a friend, member of the family, co-worker or neighbor continues to antagonize you at the same time.

Reaching farther back, do concerns from childhood still haunt as well as cause you a great deal of harm?

There’s a method to reduce your load, claim back your life and have things back on track. That way is forgiveness. Working through a process that leads to forgiveness is a potent antidote to psychological pain. Releasing negative emotions along with arriving at that place where forgiveness can be done is the obvious way to move forward with your life.

For those who have been hurt by another, you might pause to ask, ‘Could forgiving somebody end up being self-defeating — even dangerous? What if I forgive and then find this person returning to hurt me yet again?’

Keep in mind that you are able to implement measures for self-protection and still work towards forgiveness. You can decide to ask for suitable safeguard in the event another person is harassing you, for example. Or maybe, it is possible to move away from the person who’s interfering with your life. Forgiveness does not imply foolishness. It may have been a pricey lesson, but the learning is yours now.

By learning the way to forgive, many of us take back whatever strength we might previously have lost. If it’s appropriate to tell the other person that we choose to forgive them, this may diffuse tension also. Once verbalize our forgiveness, it can alleviate tension, bringing with it a calmness that had previously been denied. Alternatively, wemay choose to forgive and not tell the person who has injured us, and this also is fine, too.

Perhaps we can see forgiveness like a boundary, a thing that restricts negative energy from actively poisoning our personal space. Once we forgive, we’re proactively stating, ‘I release my self as well as my emotions from your grip. I’ll not hate you. I will not allow that damaging energy to influence my life.’

Butterfly on The Flower

Most importantly, remember that forgiveness is for you – not really for the person you need to forgive – something that frees you from the debilitating emotional weight of the past and its damages. In forgiving you really will find the inner equilibrium that you deserve.

The process of forgiving, of shifting from anxiety and hurt to a much more tranquil, balanced internal state, requires us to consider what took place. The person or people who have hurt us had reason behind what they did, whether or not they or we understand those reasons. Most likely they too, in their own special way, have been the victim of others, harmed or damaged by their own particular past. While there may be missing parts and pieces in the puzzle, it is we, and not they, who make a decision on how we choose to respond to what has took place.

Through this process we may reach a far more profound understanding: though we’ve been treated unjustly or unkindly, it is now firmly in the past. And it is there that it needs to remain if we are to move forward with our life in a much more balanced, and much freer manner.

Reaching the place where forgiveness is possible cannot be accomplished immediately. It can take time to work through the pain. Therapy, support groups, or self-help tools can all be profoundly helpful. It’s perfectly okay to fully recognize the true impact of what the person or people did. Anything less is not honoring ourself. It’s healthy to get all of it out in the open.

Taking the high road is always the mature, benevolent and sensible thing to do. However, proactively choosing to let go is different from ignoring the facts. To forgive does not mean that we forget. The purpose of forgiveness is to release yourself from the anger, the hurt and the hate, not to deny what took place.

For anyone who is hurting and filled with anger, perhaps forgiveness really is the key that can unlock those shackles that are keeping you in pain. Finding your own way to forgive may not be straightforward, but it is one of the most liberating things you can possibly do. Maybe now is the time to let go of the past and forgive. Your life awaits you, and there is no real need to delay. Begin your journey of forgiveness right now and move forward a much wiser, more balanced person.

This really is your life, isn’t it finally time to live it?

More Information:

Peter Field is a leading British therapist, and Fellow of the Royal Society of Health. His hypnotherapy Birmingham practice provides hypnosis services throughout the West Midlands. For more information please visit his hypnotherapy website at Peter’s ‘Letting Go of the Past’ self hypnosis MP3 download and CD is now available at


Top Romantic Meals

Top Romantic Meals

Food shows love in the most unique way. A meal can transport a person to the time when they felt safe and warm. Taking time to prepare something for a loved one requires time, planing and patience. Going on this journey with a partner opens the relationship with opportunities for growth and sharing.

What to Make?

Considering the options available, people receiving a homemade, romantic meal almost never find the gesture empty. The only wrong answers revolve around personal tastes, dietary restrictions and lifestyle choices. For some, a huge slab of beef cooked over an open fire is the pinnacle of care. But a practicing vegetarian would view the offering as an affront. A key is to be aware of a partner’s preferences and tastes.

Simple and Challenging Options

Chicken: A versatile ingredient with a long history of accepting a variety of cooking styles and sauces while pairing with several side dishes.
Simple: Roasted Leg Quarter-A well seasoned quarter roasted in the oven with the skin and bone locks in moisture and flavor.
Challenging: Chicken Cordon Bleu-The contrasts of a ham and cheese stuffed chicken breasts offers a palette of flavors and displays a level of sophistication.

Seafood: A light main course when prepared properly gives an indication of a cook’s skill and flair.
Simple: Pan Seared Scallops-This firm shellfish remains tender and accepts a light, garlic butter sauce while bursting with natural flavor
Challenging: Seafood Stew with Cod and Shrimp-A dish requiring time and attention to mingle the subtle spices while keeping the individual ingredients from losing their integrity.

Connecting Hearts

Vegetarian: A well designed meatless meal for those whose diet excludes animal proteins demonstrates creativity and willingness to think outside the box.
Simple: Mushroom Tart-Earthy flavors served on a light, flaky crust and topped with goat cheese provides a tasty and filling main course for a romantic evening.
Challenging: Hot Italian Peppers Stuffed with Herb Risotto-A layered dish demonstrates a melding of textures while offering a break from more routine vegetarian fare.

Pasta: An all in one meal focusing on the balance of simple, fresh ingredients to create a display of care greater than the sum of its parts.
Simple: Pasta Carbonara-While easy to view this as a simple bowl of pasta, a powerful impression is made in proper cooking and sauce presentation.
Challenging: Lasagna-Preparation is where romance is generated in this dish as pasta, tomato sauce, cheese and meat or vegetables meld into a single mouthful of love.

Dessert: Romance and creativity can be encapsulated in the sweetness of the final course.
Simple: Berry Cobbler-Fresh berries, sugar, butter and flour combine to wrap a couple in a warm hug chilled with only a dollop of vanilla ice cream.
Challenging: Chocolate Lava Cake-The first ingredient screams romance and its decadence only increases as heat transforms it into lava form.

Food links people. Couples can share meaningful conversations over a well planned meal. The important thing to remember is it is not the cost, time or fanciful foods causing the greatest impact. It is the implicit care placed into the meal. The same care elevates a bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich through the infusion of love.

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